Davidson Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admissions

Davidson College’s acceptance rate should be your first consideration if you wish to attend the school. A 19% Davidson acceptance rate indicates that admissions are competitive. 

It is advised that candidates diligently adhere to the instructions and properly fulfil all requirements to prevent rejection due to technicalities given the college’s low acceptance rate and the simplicity of securing a place. 

Moreover, do not let the Davidson acceptance rate deter you from showing your skills and academic prowess in your applications.

Notably, there are 29 majors and 40 minors available to undergraduate students at Davidson College. There are also 14 minor interdisciplinary courses in these institutions’ interdisciplinary programs as well. 

A total of 1,837 international undergraduate students attend the college.

In addition, the number of educational resources that a college or university offers its students is sometimes determined by looking at the student-faculty ratio. 

This ratio is 15 to 1 on average nationwide, however, at Davidson, it is substantially better at 9 to 1. 

This is wonderful news for students who wish to develop a more personal relationship with their lecturers.

What to know about Davidson Acceptance Rate in 2024?

There are about 200 student organizations at Davidson College. 

Groups include a variety of topics, including religion, politics, sports, and the arts and culture. 

New organizations are more than welcome on the Davidson campus, and the department of student activities supports their formation. 

The Trade Union Board plans most of the student activities; they include movie nights, welcoming ceremonies for freshmen, and concerts during the fall and spring semesters.

Also, the Davidson campus offers numerous chances for progress for undergraduate students. 

Students benefit from a close-knit community thanks to the small class sizes and the variety of extracurricular activities available. 

Furthermore, students can express themselves through Greek life or community organizations despite the demanding coursework. 

Additionally, people looking for a top-notch liberal arts education should investigate the various benefits offered by Davidson College.

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What is Davidson’s Acceptance Rate in 2024?

Notably, Davidson University has a 25% acceptance rate. 

In terms of the lowest acceptance rate, it is ranked second in North Carolina and 55th overall. 

Normal applicants have a slim chance of being 

accepted to Davidson because admissions there are extremely difficult. 

Out of the 5,621 candidates, 1,124 were accepted the previous year. 

Also, the school has extraordinarily high SAT and ACT score standards for admission; it typically accepts students who score in the top 10% (SAT 1300/1460; ACT 30/33). 

Additionally, high school seniors with an average GPA of roughly 3.82 are frequently accepted and recruited by Davidson College. 

The majority of first-year students graduate in the top 10 percent of their typical class. 

Finally, 46 percent of those accepted chose to enrol in the institution.

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What is Davidson’s Transfer Acceptance Rate?

24 students were accepted by Davidson College out of 146 transfer candidates in 2019. 

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Therefore, Davidson College’s (DC) transfer acceptance percentage is 16.44%. 

Students may apply to transfer to Davidson College once they have completed at least one full year of admissible college work after enrolling there. 

Also, student enrollment at Davidson must be anticipated for at least two academic years (16 courses). 

Furthermore, your application will be regarded as a transfer applicant if you went to college and received credit toward a bachelor’s degree.

Transfer students are qualified for fall and mid-year enrollment. 

Moreover, international transfer students are regrettably ineligible for financial aid and scholarships due to the highly tough admissions procedure at Davidson.

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Is Davidson Hard to get into?

It is important to state that It is challenging to enter Davidson. 

Only 1,124 of the 5,621 applications for the class of 2025 were accepted by the college, which represents an acceptance rate overall that is roughly 25%. 

For the Class of 2025, Davidson has an early decision process in which 655 students submitted, and 307 were approved, representing a roughly 47% early decision ratio. 

Although Davidson College has a low admission rate, your chances of getting in personally depend on how strong your application is. 

In general, the College favours candidates who score in the top 12 percent of SAT takers. 

The institution consistently reduces SAT total scores to 1300 on a 1600-point scale, which is the threshold below which admission should be deemed affordable.

Hence, we predict that some applicants might be admitted with just a 1220 SAT score. 

For incoming freshmen, the expected average SAT composite score is 1380 out of 1600. 

Moreover, with the greatest average SAT composite score in the US, Davidson is ranked #64 overall and #3 in North Carolina. 

Lastly, the school receives SAT scores from 60% of applicants.

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Does Davidson Require Test Scores?

The requirements for standardized tests differ from school to school. 

Most schools require the SAT or ACT, and many also require the SAT subject tests. 

Prospective applicants must take the SAT or ACT to apply to Davidson College.

More importantly, success is necessary for a strong application.

Davidson SAT Requirements 

On a scale of 1600, the typical SAT composite score at Davidson College is 1372. 

With this result, Davidson College is only somewhat less competitive for SAT scores. 

The New SAT’s 25th percentile score is 1290, while its 75th percentile score is 1450. 

In other words, a score of 1450 puts you above normal, while a score of 1290 indicates you are below average.

Davidson ACT Requirements 

At Davidson College, 31 is the typical ACT score. 

With this result, Davidson College is highly competitive for ACT scores. 

Even though Davidson College states that they do not have a minimum ACT requirement, if you apply with a score of 29 or lower, you will likely struggle to get accepted unless you have other extremely strong application materials. 

Additionally, your test-taking method is significantly affected if you decide to take the ACT rather than the SAT because you have a significant advantage in how you submit your scores.

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What are the Admission Requirements for Davidson in 2024?

Admission into this school requires having a good GPA and SAT/ACT score due to its strict admissions requirements. 

If you don’t have the necessary SAT/ACT scores and GPA, you’ll probably be rejected outright. 

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You should aim for the 75th percentile with a 1450 SAT or 33 ACT to have the highest chance of being accepted.

Additionally, you need a GPA of 3.93 or better. 

You must compensate for a lower GPA with a better SAT/ACT score. 

You’ll also need to make an impression on Davidson College with another component of your application.

However, if you apply with a score below a 1450 SAT or a 33 ACT, you’re starting at a disadvantage and have little chance of being accepted. 

Moreover, applicants will compete with the numerous kids who have good applications and high SAT/ACT scores. 

The admission requirements for Davidson College are;

  • Average grade point in high school 
  • High school diploma (or transcript) 
  • Finishing a college-preparatory course 
  • Recommendations 
  • Scores on admissions tests 

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Transfer Requirements for Davidson in 2024

  • Successful transfer applicants must have at least a B+ in their present college or institution, exceptional high school grades, and high test scores to be considered. 
  • Official transcripts are required, including those from all schools and universities attended before as well as those from high school. 
  • SAT Scores: If your high school transcript does not list your SAT or ACT scores, you must provide them directly from the testing organization to us. 
  • Recommendation letters: A report from a college official, a second teacher recommendation (from a high school teacher, guidance counsellor, or adjunct professor), and an instructor evaluation are necessary. It’s not required to recommend peers.
  • Essay: Both the Common Application’s statement and the Davidson Supplemental Application’s essay are required.
  • $50 is the non-refundable application cost. 
  • Interview: Interviews are not required nor are they evaluated. 
  • Additional requirements: We also consider candidates’ potential to contribute to the college community as well as their character, integrity, and promise.

Davidson College GPA Requirements in 2024

At Davidson College, the average GPA is 3.93. 

Davidson College expects you to be at the top of your class with a 3.93 GPA. 

To compete with other applicants, you’ll need to earn close to As in all of your classes. 

Also, to demonstrate that college-level academics are simple, you must enrol in challenging subjects like AP or IB courses. 

It can be challenging to change your GPA in time for college if you are now junior or senior. 

You will need a better SAT or ACT score to make up for a GPA that is at or below the 3.93 required for graduation from high school. 

In addition, you will be better able to compete with applicants who have GPAs that are higher than yours thanks to this.

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How to Apply to Davidson in 2024

The application to the university is the initial step in the DC admissions process. Interested candidates can phone the college at (704) 894-2000 or submit an online application. 

They can also go straight to the university admissions office, which is located at 405 N. Main Street in Davidson, North Carolina 28035, as an alternative.

As an alternative, individuals can phone the admissions office at Davidson College to take part. 

In the second stage of the admissions process, the candidate must present specific papers before receiving an admissions decision after submitting the application and paying the application cost. 

The following papers must be submitted by the applicant to Davidson College:


Also referred to as a personal statement, it encourages candidates to list their personality traits and accomplishments. 

Applications are also expected to provide tales and personal experiences. 

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Applicants must submit the necessary high school and college transcripts as part of the review process. 

Transcripts can be sent by the applicant via Parchment (or similar platforms)

Official Exam Scores:

Students can apply for a spot at Davidson College by submitting their official test scores. 

This is not a requirement, though, and not all students submit their results. 

After the evaluation process is finished, the College may ask candidates for more paperwork or information.

Step 3 requires the candidate to attest to attendance. A confirmation of enrollment at Davidson College is required of applicants. 

They will also need to select lodgings and go through the financial registration process. 

Note that some of the steps in the application process include checking and validating your account and financial assistance resumes, selecting your housing option, selecting your payment plan, and making your first payment. 

Before enrolling in classes, candidates must also pass the math and English exams. 

Also, candidates must enrol in classes at step 4. 

Finally, candidates must enrol for the courses after finishing all of the aforementioned procedures.

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Alternatives to Davidson

  • University of Richmond
  • Washington and Lee University 
  • Duke University 
  • Elon University 
  • Furman University
  • Emory University 
  • Haverford College
  • Kenyon College
  • Lafayette College
  • Lehigh University 
  • Denison University 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many faculty members are full-time at Davidson College? 

Davidson College has 95%, full-time faculty members. This is above the 47% national average. 
Some people enjoy examining the proportion of full-time academics to determine how much access students will have to them. 
This is so that part-time faculty can spend less time on campus than full-time faculty.

What is the Freshman Retention Rate at Davidson College? 

The majority of first-year full-time students appreciate Davidson College enough to stay for another year, as seen by the 93% freshman retention rate. 
Compared to the national average, this is a little higher (70%). This is undoubtedly something that a decent school-related piece should mention.

Is the graduation rate at Davidson College high? 

Graduates who complete their degrees in less than four years are regarded as on time. 
90% of Davidson’s first-time, full-time students graduate on schedule. Considering the 33.3% national average, that’s excellent.

Is Davidson College a prestigious institution

Davidson is considered to be one of the best and most prestigious liberal arts universities in the country. Our academic and residential community is controlled by a crucial Honor code that sets the tone.

Is Davidson a member of the Ivy League? 

Davidson College, Pomona College, Carleton College, and Oberlin College are just a few of the many small colleges that make up The Hidden Ivies. 
Other notable institutions include Georgetown University, Vanderbilt University, Washington University in St. Louis, and the University of Southern California.


In conclusion, in the Class of 2025, 732 applicants applied through Mandatory Early Decision, and 312 of them were accepted, according to the most recent Davidson College acceptance data. 

The acceptance rate of 43% is significantly higher than the average for applicants in the normal round. 

In the last freshman class of 2021–2022, 57% of the students submitted ED applications. 

Notably, there are two early decision periods offered by this school, one in November and one in January. 

Additionally, the average 50% SAT EBRW range for incoming freshmen in the Class of 2025 was 670-740; the math range was 660-750. The SAT’s composite range was 1310–1460.

Also, the ACT ranged from 30 to 34. 

Lastly, it is significant to remember that Davidson started a three-year pilot program in March 2020 as an optional testing school. 


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