Darkness Consumes Me Novel by Faith

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Darkness Consumes Me Novel Summary.

Sure this story starts off slow but once it gets started it will be amazing. I’m faith and that past year I’ve been through.

Just when I thought It couldn’t get worse it did. I was just trying to get my confidence back when I decided to go clubbing with my friends.

That’s how it’s started now I’m his slave. I say slave because at his will at all times. At first I was terrified and hated every second of it. But he…his amazing in every aspect.

I don’t have any reason to argue when he wants love. I drop on my knees for him anytime now. I know it’s bad I feel like this but I can’t help my feelings.

Sometimes I think about my old life but then I look at him and forget about it this was the new normal.

Darkness Consumes Me Novel by Faith
Darkness Consumes Me Novel by Faith

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