Dangerous Romance Novel by Zion Writes

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Dangerous Romance Novel Summary.

For 22 years, the walls of wealth shield Emma from her so-called lovers until her father’s sudden demise.

When Tim appeared in her life, his cuddling fantasies romanticized her soul; his elegant presence occupied her mind. They became lovers but Tim’s cowardice magnified her fear (of losing her fortune) until he suddenly confronts her enemies.

However, despite discovering the brain deficiency that enables him to defeat her obstinate foes, she cleaved to him and persuaded him to be her protector.

The flow was interrupted when Emma realized that Tim masterminded the unfavorable circumstances that ended her father’s life.

How would she deal with the dilemma that Tim’s two-edged sword pierced into her innocent heart?

Dangerous Romance Novel by Zion Writes
Dangerous Romance Novel by Zion Writes

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