Daddy’s Gurlz 3 Novel by Diamond D. Johnson

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Daddy’s Gurlz 3 Novel Summary.

The main question that everyone wants to know is, “Who shot Uzi?” With the lifestyle that Uzi lives, it could be anyone. We’re talking about a woman here, who has grown men that envy her because of her status in the streets.

She’s quick with her tongue and could care less how bad she hurts your feelings and some people may not be able to handle Uzi, which is why someone felt the need to shoot her.

With the amount of bullets that entered into her body, will she able able to survive it? Her journey with Loco has pretty much just begun and the two of them have to be able to do all of the things that they set out to do.

Then, there’s Wesson Diaz. A strong man that is hanging on to life for the strength of his daughters and his grand children that he has on the way. Can he beat cancer, or is he ready to rest now?

What’s the deal with Caine and Nyne? Nyne just came out of a terrible relationship, so is she really ready to move on so fast?

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This final part of Daddy’s Gurlz will take you through every emotional possible. It’ll make you cry, laugh, smile, and even scream. Let’s take a ride with these daddy’s gurlz and see what’s in store for all of them.

Daddy's Gurlz 3 Novel by Diamond D. Johnson
Daddy’s Gurlz 3 Novel by Diamond D. Johnson

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