Cyberpunk 2099: Alien Extraction System Novel

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Cyberpunk 2099: Alien Extraction System Novel Summary

“Terranoids, malicious malware and viruses with mechanical bodies made of metals and steel, created by a violent AI known as Omni-cast.

During the year 2079, Terranoids ran rampant through out the world and war between cybernetic humans and Terranoids broken out.

Wuth the insane combat cyberwares and skill wares and mods, the Terranoids were almost wiped out by humans.

But they learned, they evolved, the war was quickly reversed as the Terranoids managed to learn Quick hacks, disabling the very cyberware the humans relied on and turned them against each other.

Humans were almost wiped out, that is until they figured out a way to mix technology with the body, inserting nanobots to assist in reshaping and evolving the genes beyond the gjven limit, creating the Altered ones.

The war was once more put under control and in a stale mate.

Under the slightly peaceful era, corporate enterprises rose up once more and greed enveloped thw world with these new knowledge of power.

Another path to evolution was hence created, they are called Mechanoids!

Mechanoids, humans who are made up of pure steel! Their cells, genes, flesh and organs are all pure nano machines!

Their strength even stronger than Altered ones but their minds became corrupted and with power, comes greed.

Hence, another war between The altered Ones and Mechanoids broke out eventually dividing the entire planet into two continents ; Origin Continent and Mechatroy Continent

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On Origin Continent, Michael, a young teenager, lives in a slum, where he makes a living by producing and selling illegal substances. Despite his hard work, he struggles to make ends meet and dreams of a better life.

Michael hears about a rare and powerful gene-editing nanobot being sold on the black market, which can grant incredible physical abilities to its host.

Hopeful about becoming a Spliggen and escape the cruelty of the slums and the oppression from the High-born, Michael used his earnings of ten years, finally purchasing the gene-modifying nanobot, the trader gifting him a useless assistant nanobot.

However, before he can use it, the nanobot is stolen by a rival gang in a violent confrontation!

Cyberpunk 2099: Alien Extraction System Novel
Cyberpunk 2099: Alien Extraction System Novel

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