Curse Of The Reborn Luna Novel by Margaret_Sophia

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Curse Of The Reborn Luna Novel Summary.

Maggie, daughter of the leader of the Dark Storm pack, was a wolf promised in marriage to the son of the Lycrox pack’s heir.

Though skeptical at first, she eventually falls in love with Lance and swears to be his perfect Luna until her arranged marriage ends in disaster when she is betrayed and killed in a planned attack by her pack and her husband’s.

However, she is reborn with a fierce determination to reclaim her rightful place as the leader of her pack. As she navigates the complex politics of the pack,

she discovers that her betrayal was orchestrated by a larger enemy that seeks to take over her territory.

She begins to recognize her enemies and when she finds herself at crossroads, Maggie must decide whether to seek revenge on her former pack or to ally with them to defeat their common enemy

when they come running back to her with their tails between their legs. Along the way, she discovers her true enemy and it is a much larger enemy than she can ever imagine.

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Phoenix, the moon goddess, mother of all wolves, wants to reverse the creation of wolves. The power to stop her lies in Maggie’s hands.

Curse Of The Reborn Luna Novel by Margaret_Sophia
Curse Of The Reborn Luna Novel by Margaret_Sophia

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