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Best Culinary Schools in Chicago | Cost, Requirements, How to Apply

Attending culinary schools in Chicago is an excellent approach to learning the fine arts required to prepare and cook delicious meals.


Chicago is a place with beautiful restaurants and eateries, and wherever there are many food locations, there are also culinary schools that teach food making.

You can therefore learn about the various facets of professional cooking at one of the many Culinary Schools in Chicago.

This article shall examine the various Culinary schools in Chicago.

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Are there Culinary Schools in Chicago?

Yes, there are Culinary schools in Chicago and these schools are outlined below;

  • The French Pastry School of Kennedy King College
  • The Chopping Block
  • Kendall College
  • Saint Augustine College
  • Triton College
  • Harper College
  • Joliet Junior College
  • Lincoln Land Community College 
  • College of Dupage
  • Moraine Valley Community College
  • Washburne Culinary and Hospitality Institute and French Pastry School at Kennedy-King College-Chicago, Illinois
  • The International Culinary School At the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago

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How Much Do Culinary Schools Cost in Chicago?

At Kendall College, the cost of tuition per program is $56,287. 

Lincoln Land Community College costs 10,469 for tuition, additional fees of $541.92 for tools/uniforms and $957.85 for Books.

Furthermore, Saint Augustine College cost $29,280 for tuition, $1200 for books and supplies and a graduation fee of $50. 

What are the Requirements for Culinary Schools in Chicago?

College of Dupage requires only an application fee of $20 for admission

Similarly, Harper college also requires an application fee of $25 to process its admission.

Therefore, Culinary schools in Chicago require only the payment of application fees as admission criteria.

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What are the Best Culinary Schools in Chicago?

1. The French Pastry School of Kennedy King College

In the culinary arts field, pastry meals have grown significantly in popularity. At least four programs about making cupcakes are available on “The Food Network.” 

One of the best culinary schools in Chicago for pastry is the French Pastry School at Kennedy King College. 

For its students, it offers two separate curricula. The 24-week L’Art de la Pâtisserie program is also offered. 

The program emphasizes cleanliness and various baking-related topics, including its theory, history, and science. 

Furthermore, The L’Art du Gateau program lasts for only 16 weeks. It is intended for anyone with an interest in cake baking and decorating.

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2. The Chopping Block

This Culinary school is one of the biggest Culinary Schools in Chicago.

It focuses on various culinary topics, including baking, cooking in the house, making vegetarian meals, cooking according to the seasons, and much more. 

Also, several of the best culinary arts instructors in the world teach at The Chopping Block, including Lillian Chou, a writer, chef, and food stylist. 

Moreover, to demonstrate its commitment to practical learning, the Chopping Block regularly throws private parties to provide its students with practical catering experience.

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3. Kendall College

It is no news that the most prestigious colleges occasionally offer the best education. 

One of the most renowned and admired colleges in Chicago is Kendall College. 

For decades, students have been motivated by their selection of top-notch programs. The same holds true for their culinary arts curriculum. 

Consequently, an in-depth study of the foundations and essential methods of culinary arts is conducted over the course of a rigorous four-year curriculum. 

The Culinary program emphasizes a variety of cooking techniques, particularly those used in other countries. 

Also, Kendall University graduates learn to be familiar with Middle Eastern, European, and Latin American cuisines. 

In conclusion, to give students a foundation in effective restaurant management, Kendall offers courses in the restaurant sector.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best Culinary Schools in Chicago.

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4. Saint Augustine college

This College is one of the top-ranked Culinary Schools in Chicago, and it equips its students with the core abilities required to land a lucrative job in the food service sector. 

Also, a culinary arts associate’s degree from Saint Augustine College can help students land jobs in eateries, hotels, and other businesses. 

Furthermore, those who successfully finish the degree can also earn an Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts. 

Lastly, graduates with experience in the kitchen can begin working as sous chefs, first cooks, and line cooks.

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5. Triton College

Enrol in Triton College’s culinary program to train for a career in the food service sector. 

Learn how to prepare food by receiving extensive hands-on instruction in baking labs and kitchens. 

Students who acquire a degree in hospitality industry administration and culinary arts are prepared with the knowledge and abilities needed to operate kitchens, manage dining establishments, determine the cost of food, and apply safety and sanitation standards, among other things. 

After graduation, culinary graduates can find employment at eateries, hotels, country clubs, and other businesses in the same industry.

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6. Harper College

This college provides a 32-credit Culinary Arts Certificate program for those who want to work in the food service sector. 

Also, after completing the program, students who are eligible for an apprenticeship program can find full-time employment and graduate debt-free. 

In addition, culinary school graduates are prepared to work in restaurants in entry-level roles like cook or chef’s assistant.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best Culinary schools to be.

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7. Joliet Junior College

Joliet Junior College is a place to attain a top-notch education at one of Chicago’s most prestigious Culinary schools.

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The culinary arts department at Joliet College has a broad curriculum that teaches students various cooking methods, pastry and baking skills, sanitary management, nutrition, costing, and more. 

Also, some of the most renowned chefs with international accolades are taught by them. 

The American Culinary Federation Education Foundation, Inc. The Accrediting Commission has granted the Culinary Arts Program at Joliet College accreditation.

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8. Lincoln Land Community College

Lincoln Land Community College equips its students to be the best candidates for the Culinary jobs they compete for.

An associate’s degree program in Culinary arts trains students for jobs as line cooks or pastry chefs. 

Also, students can take on a managerial position in the kitchen if they take leadership and financial management courses. 

Furthermore, with both cooking instruction and a necessary internship program, there is a strong emphasis on food production and preparation in this college.

In conclusion, Lincoln Land College teaches its students everything they need to know about the culinary arts!

This is a good reason why it is one of the best Culinary schools in Chicago.

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9. College of Dupage

While the DuPage culinary arts program is fascinating, it can be difficult at the same time. 

Its students receive a great deal of individualized training in small classes. The school offers courses on the weekends, during the day, and in the evening. 

Also, there are numerous options to learn at DuPage, including a skills room on campus, a chocolate factory, and a culinary amphitheatre.

In addition, students take cooking classes together with the ones that teach management, supervision, and kitchen upkeep. 

Practical experience is gained by cooking in the Wheat Cafe and the upscale Waterleaf restaurant, two student-run kitchens on campus. 

Therefore, the greatest method to learn about the culinary world is through hands-on experience and classroom instruction.

These are reasons why this College is one of the most prestigious Culinary schools in Chicago.

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10. Moraine Valley Community college

The Moraine Valley culinary program trains its Culinary students to work in various hospitality settings. 

Enrolling in a certificate program is another quick way to acquire a culinary education as students learn to work in restaurants, hotels, catering settings and even hospitals. 

Also, the skills and knowledge necessary to fully understand the hospitality field are gained for job positions.

Moreover, for individuals who desire to learn more about this particular area of the hospitality industry, the Hotel Restaurant program is special and one-of-a-kind. 

Hence, there are huge chances of succeeding in the culinary industry with simply a Moraine Valley Community College degree.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best Culinary schools in Chicago.

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11. The International Culinary School At the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago, Illinois

The International School of Culinary Arts, Illinois Institute of Art, which is situated in the centre of Chicago, gives students fascinating chances to engage with others and showcase their culinary skills. 

Students and teachers are active in the use of the culinary arts to improve the community, whether they are cooking meals to help people go from homelessness to self-sufficiency or serving food to collect money for the food bank. 

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Furthermore, to succeed in entry-level roles in the culinary sector, students learn culinary preparation methods and business management abilities in the AAS degree program.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best culinary schools in Chicago. 

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12. Washburne Culinary and Hospitality Institute and French Pastry School at Kennedy-King College-Chicago, Illinois

One of the oldest culinary schools in the nation, Washburne Culinary and Hospitality Institute and French Pastry School offers a wide range of curriculum options for culinary students. 

Faculty members provide mentoring and assistance for students to succeed in the sector since they are skilled professionals in the field. 

Notably, the demands of the courses are severe, and they mirror those that students could encounter in a workplace setting. 

Moreover, graduates are equipped to work at some of the nation’s best dining facilities and restaurants.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best culinary schools in Chicago.

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How Much Do Cooks Make in Chicago?

A cook in Chicago makes an average of $17.99 an hour. 

How Do I Become a Cook in Chicago?

To become a cook in Chicago, there are conditions to be satisfied. These conditions are;

  • Obtain a high school Diploma or GED
  • Apply to a entry-level restaurant or kitchen to improve on skills 
  • Attend a Culinary school
  • Get practical work experience 
  • Obtain higher certifications

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Best Paying Culinary Jobs in Chicago with Salary?

In Chicago, a personal chef makes $23 an hour

A pm Sous chef gets paid between $50,000-$70,000 a year in Chicago.

An executive chef gets paid between $75,000 – 90,000 a year.

A chef instructor earns between $42,000- $59000 per year. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does culinary school cost in Illinois?

Overall, the average cost of tuition in Illinois is $9,497, which is partially offset by the average scholarship award of $2,765. 

With an average acceptance rate of 58%, it is clear that there are some schools with competitive admissions processes.

How many years does it take to become a cuisine?

Culinary and cooking school can take anywhere from a few short months to four years, depending on the chosen length of culinary school. 

There are different options you can choose when you enrol, and factors that can affect the length of your studies. For instance, professional culinary training can take 2 to 4 years.

How much does it cost to get an associate’s degree in culinary?

An associate’s degree in culinary arts typically costs $35,000-$56,000.

Is it hard to get into Cordon Bleu?

As you can see from the data above, Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts-Scottsdale is exceptionally difficult to get into. You should be aiming for a 3.15 and SAT scores around.

Is becoming a chef worth it?

As of 2019, Executive Chefs nationwide earn an average salary of $68,000 per year, though that number is higher in major cities like Los Angeles ($77,000 per year) and New York ($82,000 per year).

What is the difference between Culinary Arts and culinary management?

Unlike culinary arts programs, which focus mostly on the cooking aspect of the restaurant industry, culinary management goes beyond food preparation to include restaurant management, human resources issues, safety in the kitchen, menu development, and front-of-the-house issues.


This article has also shown that in higher education in Culinary arts, many options exist for students to choose from the Culinary schools in Chicago.

Therefore, begin your exploration of the best Culinary schools in Chicago and select the school that you feel would help groom and develop your career.

Bearing in mind that no matter the choice of school you make from all the Culinary schools in Chicago, you will receive immeasurable music training that will last for a lifetime!!



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