Created by the Mafia Novel by Dani_Palmeira

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Created by the Mafia Novel Summary.

In the year 1980, a mafia gainin strength in northern Italy and became increasingly known for its big business,

the Veron family quickly dominated the entire region with their ruthless fame, everyone feared their powerful boss, a calculating and cold man known for his merciless sentences.

Malcon Veron discovers that the wife of his faithful advisor Felix FBI informant who was infiltrated among them. They argue and Malcon, overcome by rage, accuses him of treason.

Felix knows that Malcon will show no mercy and that he will kill his family, so he rushes home to see his wife and daughter on the balcony, then he screams but it’s too late,

Malcon’s henchmen arrive first and shoot his wife in the back, his daughter runs and hides, Felix pulls out his gun and shoots his comrades who shoot back and kill him.

Malcon enters the house before they kill Akira, he looks into her eyes, she is trembling, crying and hugging her father’s body lying on the floor.

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He loved him like a brother, so he spared the child’s life and took her to live in the manor house where she was raised as his daughter and grew up with his children.

After 30 years, Akira becomes a beautiful, intelligent, and determined woman. She spent some years in the United States where she studied and graduated, and is now back in the house of the most fearless mafia in Italy,

the Verons. Living in that house will reveal the true history of that family, Akira will discover everything about his adoption and his real parents.

A dispute for power, full of secrets, pushing feelings of love and hate to the limit. Akira will get involved with his mysterious chauffeur Marco and the domineering Victor Veron, son of a powerful mafia boss.

Created by the Mafia Novel by Dani_Palmeira
Created by the Mafia Novel by Dani_Palmeira

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