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Controller of the Battlefield Novel

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Controller of the Battlefield Novel Summary

Olivier Williams was someone who never got his time to shine in the limelight. Despite being recognized as the best technician and strategist of the famous E-Sports ‘Echoes’, he was someone who had long lived past his prime years.

When the time for the official E-Sport tournament for Echoes came around, Olivier had long given up on his dream to compete professionally. His importance had been reducing as a coach and the team aid. But despite his superb knowledge and experience, Olivier was never able to guide his team to victory in the past ten years.

Finally, after having his student prodigy lose the world championship for the tenth year in a row, Olivier broke down and decided to quit. But the world and a mysterious stranger gave Olivier a second chance to re-live his dream.

Somehow, when Olivier opened his eyes the next day, he was no longer a man in his 30s, but a young teen of barely 14 years old. It was his new start, his time to shine.

But the world is a cruel place for a 14 years old who has nothing but his previous knowledge. and instincts to take care of themselves. It will take everything Olivier has to not only survive the world but also thrive in the harsh world that is Esports.

With the glory comes the ugly. And the waters that govern the politics behind his beloved game is a dark and dangerous place.

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Moreover, the mystery behind Olivier’s death will also come to light in a slow but important manner. But will Olivier be able to overcome his obstacle and achieve his goal?

Controller of the Battlefield Novel
Controller of the Battlefield Novel

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