21 Coding Bootcamps with Highest Job Placement in USA, UK, & Canada

If you want to start a career in IT, any coding bootcamps with job placement in the USA, UK, or Canada is a terrific place to start.

Coding bootcamps with job placement can be a quick and effective way to start a computer business if you don’t have a traditional background or experience. 

With so many alternatives available, deciding which program to select and what to look for can be difficult. A coding bootcamps with job placement is one option if you’re concerned about making the financial commitment in a bootcamp and finding work.

We’ll discuss a job guarantee and what to look for in a coding bootcamp. We’ve compiled a list of the top 21 coding bootcamps with employment guarantees, outlining the essential features and benefits of each. You should be able to make an informed decision and start your career in technology.

What is a Coding Bootcamp with Job Guarantee?

A job guarantee is a money-back guarantee provided by a bootcamp provider that states you can get your tuition repaid if you do not find work within a particular amount of time.

A bootcamp provider, for example, may guarantee that you will get a job paying at least $40,000 per year within 180 days. Bootcamp providers who provide job guarantees may have eligibility criteria.

Most bootcamps that offer employment guarantees require you to live within a specific radius of a large city. They are unlikely to guarantee you will find work in the middle of nowhere.

Other obligations include applying for a specified number of jobs and participating in the career services provided by the bootcamp provider.

You may be required by the bootcamp provider to meet with a career counselor regularly or to attend group meetings with others in your cohort. Each bootcamp provider has their own set of requirements.

Read the tiny print carefully to ensure you understand what you must do to be eligible for the job guarantee.

There are conversation starters to keep you away from sounding like a nerd like me; this will help; Unexpected Questions to Ask Students to Get to Know Them.

How Likely Will I Be to Find Work After Coding Bootcamp?

Most students that attend one of these top boot camps are successful in coding. Based on the coding boot camp job placement statistics provided, it is not unreasonable to expect to feel confident in landing a role after completing one of the boot camps and participating in their career development programs.

All the boot camps featured are well-known and can be classified as the finest online coding boot camps for job placement. Because each student and specialization is unique, believing that some of the top coding boot camps for jobs are superior to others can be misleading. 

With so much at risk, these job placement prospects following coding boot camp are genuine. Students can expect networking and connections to assist them in advancing to the next level and finding a position in their new skill set.

Nothing in life is guaranteed, but these boot camps do an excellent job of assisting their students in making the most of their investment in pursuing a new career.

While having an outlet that may link you to organizations and businesses, looking for someone with your skillset is always a good idea, it is also a good idea to be proactive. Starting a portfolio from the beginning allows you to examine how your talents have evolved.

Furthermore, having your network can provide you an advantage over individuals who do not have any networks. Joining professional organizations and learning as much as possible about the sector will assist in properly steering you. 

According to the statistics, the likelihood of landing a job after completing a coding boot camp is high in most circumstances, especially given the market’s high demand. Getting a job should be easy as long as demand is high.

Coding Bootcamps with Job Placement in the US

#1. Springboard

Springboard is an online coding bootcamps with job placement that offers career guidance and helps students get the skills needed to pursue professions in technology. Springboard’s online career track curricula range from software engineering to user experience design.

As part of the program, students can access on-demand personal mentors, which has been complimented in multiple Springboard evaluations.

Click here to study at Springboard

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#2. Flatiron School

Flatiron School is a learning institution that offers immersive technology bootcamps with work placement. The School offers online programs in software engineering, data science, cybersecurity engineering, and product design (UX/UI design).

The identical courses are available on campus at several locations across the United States. Flatiron School programs attempt to propel students into successful careers with rigorous, market-aligned courses and the help of seasoned instructors and dedicated career coaches.

Flatiron School is the primary force behind the Access Scholarship, which will invest $1.5 million in over 500 students’ futures across all its locations and online courses in 2020.

The Access Scholarship gives possibilities to young entrepreneurs who have struggled in school.

Click here to study at Flatiron School. 

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#3. Thinkful

Thinkful is another online coding bootcamps with job placement offering deep and flexible training in various in-demand IT fields.

They offer full-time and part-time software engineering, data analytics, UX/UI design positions, part-time data science, digital marketing, and technical project management.

The application process is simple. So, once Thinkful has rapidly reviewed your credentials, you can start attending Thinkful online.

Thinkful allows students to learn to code without breaking the bank. Thinkful ranges in price from $5,341 to $16,000, depending on the program. The school offers a monthly installment plan and deferred tuition, even for the most expensive alternatives.

Thinkful’s deferred tuition option allows you to enroll now and pay later, with the loan not becoming due until you find work that pays at least $40,000 per year. Certain underrepresented groups may be eligible for a Thinkful scholarship in the form of a tuition reduction.

Click here to study at Thinkful

#4. App Academy Open

App Academy Open is a division of App Academy, one of the most prestigious online coding bootcamps with job placement.

They offer the same rigorous curriculum as its 24-week online software engineering program. This is a wonderful option if you want to learn at your own pace using free internet resources.

When you sign up, you will gain access to 500 hours of instructional material covering topics such as JavaScript and Python.

App Academy Open is free and online, allowing you to track your progress with built-in features that provide information such as estimated completion times and course progression.

Click here to study at App Academy Open.

#5. Ada Developers Academy

Ada Developers is a coding bootcamps with job placement that you should look into. The Academy is a coding school that aims to teach people from underrepresented populations full-stack development abilities.

Those from low-income families with permanent work permission in the United States and at least 21 years old are eligible.

Ada Developers Academy is a Seattle bootcamp that offers a free eight-week online education to beginners in Python and other coding essentials. Those with more experience are strongly encouraged to enroll in Ada Core.

A comprehensive 11-month program focusing on full-stack development. The program covers Python, SQL, JavaScript, and React topics.

Click here to study at Ada Developers Academy.

#6. Launch School

Unlike other coding bootcamps with job placement, Launch School is designed for students who want to learn software development slowly and intelligently. Its program is intended to begin with basic coding skills and advance to projects and portfolio development.

Students looking for a fully comprehensive online education to help them land the greatest IT jobs should consider Launch School. Launch School reviews commend the school’s affordability and accessibility and the quality of its revolutionary video-based platform.

Click here to study at Launch School

#7. Coding Temple

Coding Temple is another coding bootcamps with job placement in Chicago; this coding bootcamp provides online courses in software engineering, data analytics, blockchain development, and front-end development.

This school is an excellent choice if you want to be a web developer, designer, mobile app developer, or data analytics expert.

Coding Temple has a high job placement rate due to its comprehensive career services personnel. Instructors provide each student with individualized attention, and students learn through projects that can be used in a professional portfolio.

Click here to study at Coding Temple.

#8. The Data Incubator

If you’ve learned the foundations of coding and want to advance your career, The Data Incubator provides coding bootcamps with job placement for experienced programmers. This is a fellowship program that offers one-of-a-kind training.

The skills demonstrated are intended to be the final stage in gaining the qualifications needed to advance professionally. 

Accepted students can participate in this eight-week full-time fellowship for free. The Data Incubator works with hiring partners to place its alumni in appropriate positions. This free networking opportunity makes it easier to transfer your skills to your next employment.

Click here to Study at the Data Incubator.

Tech Bootcamps with Job Placement in the UK

#9. Maker’s Academy

Maker’s Academy charges £8,000 for a 12-week, full-time, onsite bootcamp course that includes four weeks of pre-coursework and three months of onsite training. Women and gender minorities are eligible for a £500 tuition reduction. 

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The average Maker’s Academy alumnus makes £32,000 immediately after completing the program and £45,000 one year later. Maker grads have worked at Monzo, Trainline, and The Financial Times. 

Furthermore, Maker’s Academy guarantees a job offer, implying that students who complete the bootcamp but cannot find full-time employment can get a tuition refund.

There are constraints (such as demonstrating that you made an effort to get a job during the program), but it may be beneficial if obtaining employment post-Bootcamp is your primary goal. 

Click Here to study at Maker’s Academy.

#10. HyperionDev 

HyperionDev provides three, six, and twelve-month online coding bootcamps with job placement that can be part-time or full-time. With the notion that machines cannot compete with human engineers, our online coding bootcamps distinguish themselves by incorporating human-led code review.

Our extensive knowledge can help you improve your coding abilities and attain career-related goals. You will participate in customized courses and coding exercises covering full-stack web development, mobile app development, software engineering, and other topics.

HyperionDev has collaborated with organizations such as Google, Facebook, The University of Edinburgh, The Computer Science Association of South Africa, Oracle, and the South African Department of Education to assure the highest quality standards.

To apply, students must be motivated and dedicated to learning and applying their thoughts to more complicated programming tasks. The bootcamps are written and delivered entirely in English.

After completing their bootcamp, students will receive career coaching, job search assistance, and a HyperionDev certification.

Click here to study at HyperionDev.

#11. Wild Code School

Wild Code School is a five-month European training program in 17 cities that teaches in-demand digital skills. Their program incorporates online learning, in-person work, and hands-on projects into a blended learning method.

Wild Code School offers candidates the opportunity to learn all the fundamentals for free by completing tiny remote assignments on their web platform, Odyssey.

Even if they don’t know anything about coding, they are guided step by step, and students or alumni are on hand to assist. This is an excellent opportunity for applicants to discover whether or not they are passionate about the subject.

Click here to study at Wild Code School.

 #12. Codeworks

Codeworks offers intensive coding bootcamps with job placement to help aspiring software developers and web designers land their dream jobs because of well-planned curriculums. The school offers courses to help you develop important technical skills.

Codeworks’ facilities in Barcelona, Berlin, and London provide online and in-person classes.

It only teaches software engineering and web development to students in the United States. It offers intensive, full-time programs to guarantee that students have a deep understanding rapidly.

Click here to study at Codeworks.

#13. Founders & Coders

Founders & Coders is a coding bootcamps with job placement in the United Kingdom that offers tuition-free instruction and apprenticeship possibilities to those wishing to enhance their careers in technology.

It offers a 12-week Skills Bootcamp, a part-time, pre-apprenticeship education delivered online. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Git/GitHub will be introduced to you.

It also allows individuals to develop their skills further and find employment in technology through its Software Developer Apprenticeship program.

Click Here to Study at Founders & Coders

Tech Bootcamps with Job Placement in Canada

#14. BrainStation

BrainStation is one of the coding bootcamps with job placement in Canada. They provide full-time and part-time web programming, data science, and UX design courses.

The program is available Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at their offline offices in Toronto, Vancouver.

Afternoon projects follow morning lectures. According to BrainStation, 91% of full-time UX graduates find work within 180 days of graduation. Furthermore, 88% of web development graduates are employed, earning $95,000 per year.

#15. CodeCore College

CodeCore College, New Westminster, is another on our list of coding bootcamps with job placement in Canada. The objective of CodeCore College is to assist students from around the world in navigating new technology, new vocations, and thriving futures.

It aims to provide excellence in education, empower individuals to carve their paths, be recognized for the quality of its programs by both domestic and international students, and constantly adapt to industry demands.

Click here to study at CodeCore College

#16. Concordia Bootcamps

Concordia Bootcamps, Montreal, is one of the online coding bootcamps with job placement in Canada with their office in Montreal, Canada. The bootcamp collaborates with institutions to provide online coding and data science bootcamps.

These bootcamps train students for professions in technology and provide a university credential upon completion. Students are also taught how to negotiate the job market, sell themselves, and network at bootcamps. Concordia Bootcamps is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Concordia Bootcamps was previously known as DecodeMTL and Journey Education.

You shouldn’t be surprised that General Assembly made our list of tech bootcamps with job placement in Canada.  

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Click here to study at Concordia Bootcamps.

#17. General Assembly

The General Assembly, present in Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary, is a technical education provider that gives students the skills, career advice, and networking opportunities required to transition from a non-technical profession to a tech role in at least three months.

General Assembly provides bootcamps and courses in online and mobile development, product management, data science, and other disciplines.

Click here to study at General Assembly.

#18. Juno College

Juno College of Technology, founded in 2012 as HackerYou, provides full-time and part-time Web Development, Data Analytics, and UX Design courses both live online and on campus in Toronto, Canada.

The College of Technology’s bootcamp curriculums emphasizes hands-on learning and portfolio-worthy projects, making it suitable for Career Changers or Career Accelerators.

The school is here to help students achieve their goals by providing an inclusive community, passionate industry experts, 1:1 career counseling, and flexible financing options such as Income Share Agreements.

Juno College of Technology is also a top choice for underrepresented students wishing to start or advance their careers in technology. 

Click here to study at Juno College.

#19. Le Wagon

Le Wagon is a global technology training provider that provides full-time, in-person, and online bootcamps in Web Development, Data Science, and Data Analytics.

Part-time courses in Web Analytics, Python & Machine Learning, Growth & Data Automation, and Data Analytics Essentials are available at Le Wagon.

Le Wagon is designed for people who want to change occupations or learn new skills. Over 18,000 students have used Le Wagon training to advance their jobs, transition into IT, or build enterprises.

Le Wagon was started in Paris in 2013, and it now has a physical campus in Montreal and over 40 other cities across 25 countries. 

Click Here to study at Le Wagon.

#20. Lighthouse Labs

The Lighthouse Labs is an online coding bootcamps with job placement in Canada with in-person classrooms in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Victoria, Ottawa, and Montreal.

Lighthouse Labs is a web development and data science online bootcamp based in Canada. Small class numbers and on-demand guidance from a community of over 40 full-time engineers characterize the bootcamps.

JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Node.JS, software architecture, and responsive design are all covered in the web development program, as well as computer science and software engineering principles. Python, SQL, machine learning, and deep learning are all taught at the Data Science bootcamp.

The Lighthouse Labs was founded in 2013 by a group of software developers who shared a love of coding, mentoring, and education.

Lighthouse Labs inspires students, launches careers, and contributes to the growth of Canada’s tech industry with the help of a bright team of teachers and mentors that see coding as the ultimate craft.

Click here to study at Lighthouse Labs.

#21. Pragra

Pragra offers part-time coding bootcamps with job placement for 4, 8, 12, 16, and 22 weeks in Mississauga, Canada, and Noida, India, as well as online.

Full-stack Java, machine learning, dev ops, Big Data, QA automation, Amazon Web Services, business analysis, and other coding curricula are available at Pragra.

With a combination of learning modules and project assignments, each Pragra tech bootcamp focuses on expediting the accumulation of technical knowledge and skills.

The Agile software development process is incorporated into the programs’ assignments. Pragra is also an IT consulting organization with knowledge of the most recent concepts and technologies used in the IT industry.

Click here to study at Pragra.


Can you get a job after a bootcamp?

Most bootcamps promise potential students a job when they complete the training. Enrolling with a bootcamp provider that provides this offer is an excellent method to ensure that you will receive assistance in finding work once you complete the course.

Does bootcamp count as work experience?

No, technically. Most recruiters will find listing bootcamp in your work experience part unusual, so put it in an education, projects, or supplementary area instead.

How effective are programming bootcamps?

According to a Stack Overflow survey, over 10% of software developers surveyed learned to code through bootcamps. While coding bootcamps may not be the best option for everyone, they can be a fantastic method to learn a coding language and other computer skills.3

How long does it take to get a job after coding bootcamp?

It’s usually a good idea to enroll in a coding bootcamp that offers a job guarantee so that you can start working right away. Getting a job after coding bootcamp normally takes two to six months, although it can be done faster if you gain more programming skills and practice job interviews.


A job guarantee might be very appealing when shopping for coding bootcamps. It removes the uncertainty of learning a new skill and assures learners that their investment will pay off.

You will find the right fit with 21 of the best coding bootcamps with job placement in 2024.

There is a program to match every student’s interests and expectations, from established bootcamps with years of expertise to up-and-coming programs that give cutting-edge skills and knowledge.



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