Clementine by Cherie Priest

Clementine is a series of The Clockwork Century (#1.1) that features Maria Isabella Boyd, and Croggon Beauregard Hainey. The book spans 201 pages and was written on August 19, 2010, by Cherie Priest.

Summary of Clementine

Due to Maria Isabella Boyd’s success as a Confederate spy, she is now too well-known to engage in any more espionage activity, and she has few job prospects. She grudgingly accepts a position with the Chicago branch of the Pinkerton National Investigation Agency after being exiled, widowed, and on the verge of starvation.

Her first significant duty is commissioned by the Union Army, adding insult to injury. In short, Uncle Sam isn’t happy that a government-subsidized cargo dirigible is being pursued ferociously through the Rockies. Military necessities are being transported on board the Clementine in a top-secret shipment that needs to reach Louisville, Kentucky right now.

According to intelligence, the relentless pursuer is a runaway slave who has been on the run from police for fifteen years and is wanted on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line. During that period, Captain Croggon Beauregard Hainey has broken into banks, stole war machines, and illegally distributed weapons as he traveled back and forth across the continent.

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It is now Maria’s responsibility to find him.

Although both he and she are hazardous targets, they decide to join forces when forces are working against them. He utilizes her contacts and she joins his crew. She obeys his commands. He heeds her counsel.

And someone, somewhere, will regret crossing any of them that day.

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About the Author

Cherie Priest is the author of two dozen books and novellas, most recently The Toll, The Family Plot, The Agony House, and the Philip K. Dick Award nominee Maplecroft; but she is perhaps best known for the steampunk pulp adventures of the Clockwork Century, beginning with Boneshaker. Her works have been nominated for the Hugo and Nebula awards for science fiction, and have won the Locus Award (among others) – and over the years, they’ve been translated into nine languages in eleven countries. Cherie lives in Seattle, WA, with her husband and a menagerie of exceedingly photogenic pets.

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