Claiming Her Novel by SimplyTola

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Claiming Her Novel Summary.

This story revolves around a young girl Mia who was fortunate and unfortunate at same time.

Mia attended a high school reunion to meet her high school crush whom she had not seen for years. Unfortunately, She entered the wrong private room and ended in a man’s bed.

No young girl ever had plans of Getting pregnant out of wedlock and so was our Mia. Mia later discovered she was pregnant for the unknown man and didn’t have the courage to flush out her baby.

She felt she was gonna strive too take good Care of her baby on her own. Meet Zenith a young handsome guy whose parents were so wealthy and needed him to get married as soon as possible.

But one thing Zenith and his family didn’t know was Zenith already had a son somewhere.

What happens when Zenith finds out and he didn’t just want his Son but also his baby Mama?

Claiming Her Novel by SimplyTola
Claiming Her Novel by SimplyTola

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