Cinderella’s Love Story Novel by Rancho Nguyen

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Cinderella’s Love Story Novel Summary.

Abandoned by her mother, Vivian worked alone to raise her younger brother. Determined to change her life, Vivian becomes a cunning schemer when targeting Jaime Miro, heir to a fortune worth millions of dollars and a large company.

When Jaime falls in love with Vivian and marries her, her life becomes tense when she discovers that the mother who abandoned her before is now Jaime’s stepmother, and is about to become her mother-in-law.

Vivian takes advantage of her marriage to get her way, but when Jaime discovers she only married him for money, the peace in the house is destroyed, and she is thrown out.

That night, a fire broke out at Vivian’s apartment complex. Jaime thinks she’s dead, but two years later she reappears, will he get revenge?

Cinderella's Love Story Novel by Rancho Nguyen
Cinderella’s Love Story Novel by Rancho Nguyen

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