How to Apply For A Student Visa in China

No matter how long China study programs are, the Chinese Government has taken steps to ensure that all students will require a visa. 

International students can apply for either the X1 or X2 visa, depending on whether they plan to stay in China for more than 180 days. For your benefit, we’ve made the application process simpler.

You must apply for an X1 visa if you want to study in China for longer than 180 days.

Students who wish to study in China for less than 180 days must apply for an X2 visa.

You must always keep a current passport with you while you are in China.

The application for a visa includes a photo.

A photocopy and the original of your letter of admission from your Chinese university.

Depending on where you live, you might have to pay between £20 and £100 for a Chinese visa. Contact your university or the website of the Chinese Embassy in your nation for more information.

You will receive assistance from your university in applying for a visa. If you have any questions, you can contact the international office.

The next step is to apply for a residence permit, which you must do in person at the police station closest to your residence after you arrive in China. It would help if you also did this whenever you change hosting.

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Why Study Abroad in China?

One of the most popular places for international students to study abroad is China. This being the case, getting a China student visa seems to be made easy by the Chinese government.

With the hope of finding better employment opportunities in industries like tourism, journalism, academia, diplomacy, finance, trade, banking, and many more, many students decide to study in China.

International students who study abroad in China have the chance to experience life from a Chinese perspective. 

Students will have an advantage when exploring future career opportunities if they combine their knowledge of China and their native countries. 

Students will get first-hand exposure to developing global power. The knowledge acquired from studying in China will give you a competitive edge in job interviews.

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7 Reasons to Study Abroad in China in 2023

The Seven reasons why you should study in China are listed and explained below.

1. First-Hand Exposure

One of the most popular places for international students to study abroad is China. 

With the hope of finding better employment opportunities in industries like tourism, journalism, academia, diplomacy, finance, trade, banking, and many more, many students decide to study in China. 

International businesses are vying for the best Mandarin Chinese speakers to serve as executives for their ventures in China.

 Understanding the Chinese language and the benefits of speaking it are becoming more crucial as China emerges as an economic superpower.

2. Affordable tuition and scholarships:

China offers affordable tuition and living expenses for international students, especially compared to the US and other western nations. 

China is one of the most generous nations in awarding scholarships to international students. Scholarships from the Government, colleges, foundations, and businesses are available to help international students in various academic fields.

3. Learn from China’s development

All 56 ethnic groups in China have come together to form a single, multi-ethnic nation. 

People from all 56 ethnic groups in China have maintained close ties over the long course of historical evolution, evolved interdependently, communicated and merged, and stood together through good times and bad, forming the modern, multi-ethnic Chinese nation and advancing social development.

4. Enhance your global experience

International students are now permitted to work part-time or complete internships while studying in China after the Government changed the visa policy for foreign nationals. 

Suppose an international student in China with a residence permit gets permission from their academic institutions and the entry and exit administrative authorities. In that case, they are permitted to work a part-time job or complete an internship away from the campus.

5. Improve your career prospects

Students will have an advantage when exploring future career opportunities if they combine their knowledge of China and their native countries. 

Students will get first-hand exposure to developing global power. The knowledge acquired from studying in China will give you a competitive edge in job interviews. 

Students can show that they have a solid understanding of the Chinese market and the capacity to adapt to new cultures and environments in addition to internationalizing their resumes through their study abroad experiences.

6. Learn the Chinese language

A little under 20% of people worldwide speak Chinese. There are native Chinese speakers not only in China but also in Chinese communities abroad. 

Unlike most other languages, Chinese has a distinctive ideographic writing system that offers visual comprehension. Chinese grammar is pragmatic and logical, reflecting the unique way Chinese people think.

7. Discover Chinese Culture

Its lengthy and intricate history spans all dynasties, each with a distinctive culture. China is a significant nation with 1.4 billion people and one of the oldest and most enduring civilizations in the world.

Chinese history of feudalism begins with the Zhou dynasty and lasts until the fall of the Qing dynasty in 1911.

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What Are The Best Places To Study Abroad In China?

You’ve chosen to study abroad in China, and you clicked on the article that will assist you in choosing the city for your program because, let’s face it, not all Chinese cities are equal when it comes to studying there.

Therefore, it makes sense that choosing the best location for you to study abroad in China (not to mention the best study abroad programs there!) will take some time.

Below is the list of the Best Cities in China where you can Study in China:

  • Shanghai 
  • Beijing 
  • Hangzhou 
  • Chengdu
  • Hong-Kong 

What are the Requirements to Study Abroad in China?

It’s simpler than you might think to organize a study abroad program in China. Due to its excellent educational facilities, well-known science and technology degrees, and up to 30 top-ranked higher education institutions, the Asian nation has become increasingly prominent over the past few years.

For international students, China’s culture and traditions are also fascinating.

Required university application documents

  • Passport photo
  • Photocopy of a valid passport 
  • Photocopy of valid visa 
  • Personal ID card
  • Health certificate 
  • Certification of no criminal record 
  • Chinese/English language proficiency certificate.

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Do I Need A Visa To Study Abroad In China?

Yes, as an International Student, you must need a Visa to be able to study in China, even when you are on scholarship as a student.

It is advised not to apply for a study visa for China earlier than three months before the intended date of arrival there, but you should do so approximately one month beforehand. 

Generally speaking, all Chinese embassies operate very efficiently, and the time it takes to process a visa may be as little as one week.

Scholarships To Study Abroad In China

Are you considering studying in China but concerned about the cost? It will please you to learn that there are many scholarships available for international students who wish to study in China.

Continue reading to learn more about some scholarships available to international students who want to study in China. Some of these scholarships are funded by the Chinese Government, while others are funded by specific Chinese universities and a number of other outside organizations.

By generously providing a variety of Chinese scholarship opportunities, the Chinese Government works hard to draw more and more foreign students to Chinese universities.

Additionally, many Chinese universities offer fully or partially funded scholarships that pay the student’s tuition and housing costs. Visit the websites of the universities you are interested in to learn more about the scholarships they offer. 

The most sought-after Chinese scholarships for undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and Chinese language studies degrees are included in the list below. Now is the perfect time to apply for a Chinese scholarship to help fund your studies.

  • The Chinese government scholarships 
  • The Confucius Institute Scholarships 
  • The CAS-TWAS scholarship
  • The Chinese Government scholarships Great Wall program
  • The Chinese Provincial Government Scholarship 
  • The Chinese Government scholarships Bilateral Program
  • China Scholarship Council 
  • Jiangsu Government Scholarship 
  • Hubei Provincial Scholarships 
  • Government of Guangxi Scholarship for ASEAN Students

1. China Scholarship Council 

All international students who want to study in China are eligible for CSC scholarships. You must choose one of the 243 Chinese universities that are offering CSC scholarships by completing an online application.

2. Jiangsu Government Scholarship: 

The Jiangsu Provincial Government established the Jiangsu Government Scholarship to entice international students to study in Jiangsu. The scholarship will cover the entire cost of your tuition, registration, lab fees, internships, housing, health insurance, and required textbooks.

3. Hubei Provincial Scholarships: This scholarship is available to students pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree in any subject offered by a Hubei university that is a part of the province’s scholarship program.

4. Government of Guangxi Scholarship for ASEAN Students

The People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region established this scholarship in 2010 to provide funding for international students from ASEAN nations who wish to pursue bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD degrees in one of Guangxi’s universities.

The scholarship covers the cost of tuition, books, and other educational materials, as well as housing, health insurance, and living expenses for one month.

5. Confucius Institute Scholarships

 For foreign students looking to enrol in a Chinese university between the ages of 16 and 35, the Confucius Institute’s main office is offering seven different types of scholarships.

The scholarship offers options for undergraduate and graduate students, and it pays for tuition, housing costs, a monthly stipend, and comprehensive health insurance.

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What Are The Best Programs To Study Abroad In China?

Programs that involve studying in China almost always include language immersion components. Chinese is the world’s most spoken language and is becoming more significant in global trade. 

If you learn Mandarin while studying with the best, you’ll have a job waiting for you when you graduate. You’re aware that you want to study in China, but you still need some assistance selecting a program.

Below are a few Programs in China.

  • CET Greater China
  • Chinese language and Culture 
  • Semester at Sea
  • Social Science 
  • International Business 
  • Internship in Hong Kong 

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Do You Have To Speak Chinese To Study Abroad in China?

In general, speaking (Mandarin) Chinese is not a requirement for studying abroad in China. There are available international programs. Nevertheless, learning some Chinese will make adjusting to local life and Culture much easier for you.

It can sound a little intimidating to live in China for an extended period of time without knowing the language. You might feel anxious about beginning your study adventure with no prior knowledge of Chinese.

But it is not a necessity in China to know their language before you can be able to study there, you can cope because most of the programs are done using English.

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How Much Does It Cost To Study Abroad In China in 2023?

Generally speaking, undergraduate studies in a public university in China cost between US$2,000 and US$10,000 per year depending on the university and major.

The price varies between private universities up to 30,000 USD annually, and for MBA degrees even up to 40,000 USD annually.

To obtain more precise information about each program, visit the official websites of the universities in which you are most interested.

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How To Pack For Study Abroad In China?

China is without a doubt a very hospitable country. China is home to some of the best hospitality in the world and a plethora of regional cultures.

The secret to a stress-free trip is ensuring you have everything you need. The best China packing list emphasizes bringing only a small number of high-quality, functional items.

The best interactions with Chinese involve the ability to improvise, which is much easier to do if you’re not constantly worried about and burdened by your possessions.

The following items are necessities for studying in Italy:

  • Important paperwork
  • Clothes\sShoes\sMedications
  • Toiletries\sElectronics
  • gift for the hosts (if you choose to)
  • other crucial components

What Are the Steps To Prepare You For Study Abroad In China in 2023?

Knowing the steps to prepare yourself to study efficiently abroad is the best so that you will have good preparation. 

I believe these few Steps will help you prepare more for China Abroad study as a student.

  • 1: Establish and follow a learning plan!
  • 2: Remember to take a break.
  • 3: Make notes?
  • 4. Review your lessons
  • 5: Always seek clarification and assistance with your studies.
  • 6: Get past the language barrier
  • 7: Handle money and cash
  • 8: Become accustomed to Brazilian working hours
  • 9: Travel and mobility
  • 10: Prioritize safety.


Which place is the best to study in China?

One of the best cities in China to study Mandarin Chinese in Beijing. 

How much does a student visa cost in China?

For Americans, the visa itself costs $130 USD, while it costs $30 for citizens of other nations. 

How can I get a scholarship to study abroad in China?

All international students who want to study in China are eligible for scholarships. 

What is the process to study in Italy?

You must be up to 17 years old and must have completed 12 years of schooling.


Studying Abroad in China is a good thing and it has a lot of benefits attached to it not only the Education aspect but other things in the country that you will get to explore and know more about.

China has all it takes both Academics and other good things involved that students need to enlarge their intellectual horizons.


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