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15 Cheap Coding Bootcamps | Best Value Online Coding Bootcamps

Coding bootcamps are less expensive than college degree programs; many students find it challenging to finance programs that cost upwards of $15,000.


Cheap coding bootcamps can help you if you wish to enroll but aren’t prepared to bear the financial strain of exorbitant tuition costs. 

These cheap coding bootcamps can be completed for as little as one semester at a university while still giving you the technical edge you need to succeed in the tech sector.

This article will discuss cheap coding bootcamps, including full-time and part-time choices. We will also review the skills you will learn and the jobs you can apply for once you graduate. 

Are Coding Bootcamps at University Cheap

Regarding the cost of coding bootcamps at universities, it’s important to consider a few factors. While some coding bootcamps affiliated with universities may offer more affordable options than other private bootcamps, the term “cheap” can be subjective.

University-affiliated coding bootcamps often provide a range of pricing options depending on the program’s duration, intensity, and additional support services offered.

It’s worth noting that the cost of bootcamps at universities can vary significantly depending on the institution and the specific program.

In general, university coding bootcamps offer advantages, such as access to university resources, expert instructors, and a potentially strong alumni network and industry connections. These factors can contribute to the program’s overall value, even if the tuition may not be the lowest available.

While cost is important, evaluating the curriculum’s quality, the instructors’ expertise, and the graduates’ success rate in securing job opportunities is essential.

A coding bootcamp that provides a comprehensive education and robust support system can be a worthwhile investment, even if it may not be the cheapest option.

When considering coding bootcamps, it’s essential to weigh the cost against the value and opportunities they provide. It’s a good idea to research different bootcamp options, compare their pricing structures, and consider your budget alongside the quality of education and support they offer.

The goal is to find a coding bootcamp that aligns with your learning objectives, provides a strong foundation in coding skills, and sets you up for success in the tech industry.

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Skills You Can Learn Through Cheap Coding Bootcamps

Cheap coding bootcamps provide practical training and in-demand skills that can help you advance in your career. There are some more fundamental skills that all coding bootcamps cover, even though the specific skills you learn will depend on the sort of bootcamp you attend and the particular provider. 

Coding Skill: No matter whatever bootcamp you choose to enroll in—cheap or expensive—you will undoubtedly learn how to code. Each discipline’s most popular coding languages are the main emphasis of bootcamp programs, and your bootcamp may cover two or more distinct languages. 

Analytical Skill: You will gain strong analytical skills as you learn programming fundamentals. Any inexpensive coding bootcamp will improve your capacity for analytical reasoning and problem-solving.  

Overall IT Knowledge: Cheap coding bootcamps expose you to various technologies, whether you’re training to be a software engineer or data scientist. By doing this, you will develop your technical knowledge in general and gain experience with various well-known software applications.

There are bootcamps accredited for students in UK, US or Canada. Here are 21 of them: 21 Accredited Coding Bootcamps Existing in USA & Canada

15 Cheap Coding Bootcamps

Now let’s get started with 15 cheap coding bootcamps that you don’t want to miss out on;

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#1. Altacademy

ALtacademy is one of the cheap coding bootcamps out there. Because Altacademy’s coding bootcamps have always been online, they are experts in flexible online learning.

They provide three distinct bootcamps: full-stack, front-end, and backend development. Mentor sessions are only available during office hours and only to those on the premium path.

Click here to join Altacademy.

#2. Fullstack Bootcamp

Fullstack is another bootcamp on our list of cheap coding bootcamps. Fullstack’s bootcamp, which follows a project-based framework, aims for you to depart with four projects in your portfolio by the conclusion.

They provide a variety of coding courses, with a focus on pair programming, which is a beneficial concept for web developers.

Click here to join Fullstack Bootcamp.

#3. Coding Dojo

Coding Dojo is one of the cheap coding bootcamp you need to try. This bootcamp claims to teach more full-stack programming languages (Python, MERN, and Java) than its competitors.

They also provide lifetime access to their career services so you can use their platform long after graduation.

Click here to study at Coding Dojo.

#4. Springboard

Springboard is a well-known bootcamp. However, it is also amongst the cheap coding bootcamps. This software engineering course is far longer than the normal bootcamp.

It includes front-end and backend programming (Python, Flask, and SQL) and Node and Expresses to construct applications.

In addition to a job guarantee, Springboard offers a deferred tuition scheme, which means that after paying a deposit, you don’t have to start paying back the remaining until you start your new web developer job. 

Click here to join Springboard.

#5. CareerFoundry

CareerFoundry, which has been entirely online since its inception, includes an integrated learning platform and the assistance of a dedicated tutor and mentor throughout the program.

During the Full-Stack Development Program, you’ll study using a hands-on, project-based curriculum culminating in a fully-fledged professional portfolio.

They also provide an employment guarantee, with 96% of qualifying alumni finding work in technology within six months after graduation.

Click here to study at CareerFoundry.

#6. Wild Code School

WCS is certain to make the list of cheap coding bootcamps. WCS will no longer offer a full-time web developer program after 2023; instead, it will only provide a 3-month intense coding bootcamp that may be in-person or online.

It will concentrate on instructing you in HTML, CSS, wireframing, and using APIs. They offer a free introductory coding course for you to test out and employability coaching, and they are also available in French.

Click here to join Wild Code School.

#7. General Assembly

The online coding bootcamp programs offered by General Assembly, which has campuses throughout the US, are taught similarly via Zoom and Slack.

The strategies and workflows that students will come across as freelance web developers are the main focus of their software engineering course.

Click here to study at General Assembly.

#8. Le Wagon

Le Wagon is also on our list of cheap coding bootcamps. They provide in-person bootcamps worldwide, but sadly not in the United States. However, they have an online coding bootcamp in either English or French.

The atmosphere and extensive alumni network have received positive reviews on bootcamp comparison websites like CareerKarma and CourseReport, and students appear to like them particularly.

You learn the basics of programming in the course, emphasizing front-end development and web design.

Click here to study at Le Wagon.

#9. Flatiron School

Flatiron is a popular bootcamp but also one of the cheap coding bootcamps. Their online software engineering bootcamp includes live lectures and covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Ruby, and Rails.

The company is typically an in-person operation with campuses across the US.

Click Here to study at Flatiron School.

#10. WBS Coding School

German-based WBS provides full-stack web and app development courses full-time and part-time. In addition to their online coding bootcamps with live teaching seminars, they also provide a hybrid option in which you spend the final three weeks of your studies on their campus in Berlin.

German citizens may be eligible to enroll in their coding bootcamp for free, much like with CareerFoundry.

Click here to study at WBS Coding School.

#11. Udacity

Their Introduction to Programming course is geared toward novices and teaches HTML, CSS, Python, and JavaScript. Instead of being sold as a bootcamp, it is sold as a “nanodegree.”

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Each of these languages begins with a game that students must complete to put their knowledge into practice. After completing this, you can build on your knowledge with various web development nano degrees.

Click here to study at Udacity.

#12. 42

42 is a free coding bootcamp with campuses in Silicon Valley and Paris. The school takes pride in the lack of teachers; instead, students learn from peers and mentors who are seasoned IT experts.

For those looking to study programming, coding, and software engineering, this is a fantastic free coding bootcamp.

Click here to study at 42.

#13. The Data Incubator

Programs in data science and data engineering are available through the Data Incubator. Experienced programmers who easily write code in Python and, ideally, another programming language work best at the Data Incubator.

The coursework is created to give students the highly specialized knowledge and abilities they need to become seasoned experts. 

Students who use the fellowship scholarship application process can have a free online coding bootcamp. Each cohort has a set number of seats accessible for free in an online coding bootcamp, and the scholarship is only open to full-time bootcamp participants.

Click here to study at The Data Incubator.

#14. freeCodeCamp

This free online coding school, freeCodeCamp, offers front-end and full-stack development coding credentials.

This online training course has a 1,600-hour JavaScript curriculum and is self-paced. The demographics of freeCodeCamp are unique.

It’s an excellent place to get free coding training for adults because about 80% of its coding community is over 25.

Click here to study at freeCodeCamp

#15. Kenzie Free

Last but not the list is of cheap coding bootcamps is Kenzie Free. Online access to the free self-paced coding course from Kenzie Academy is accessible. With Kenzie Free, aspiring programmers may gain knowledge from an elite bootcamp without making any financial commitments.

The training introduces JavaScript after covering the fundamentals of HTML and CSS. Anyone interested in coding can learn more about it through the mini-courses offered by Kenzie Academy.

Through Kenzie’s free coding lessons, students gain useful skills and determine whether they want to pursue a career in technology.

Click here to study at Kenzie Free.

Cost of an Online Coding Bootcamp

A quick and inexpensive approach to getting a high-paying career is to finish any of the cheap coding bootcamps.

The price of online coding bootcamps varies according to the program’s length, the number of students enrolled, the services offered, and other elements.

The average tuition for the bootcamps we evaluated for our rankings was $10,762. According to the  National Center for Education Statistics, this expenditure is similar to just one year’s tuition and fees at a typical public, four-year, in-state institution in the United States.

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Does Cheap Coding Bootcamp Mean Poor Quality?

Regarding cost or educational quality, not all bootcamps are created equal. However, low-cost bootcamps don’t always equal subpar education.

You can learn to earn the most money value by studying in advance. You can research the percentage of students who graduate and how many of them were able to obtain employment in their field following graduation.

Be cautious if a bootcamp doesn’t include the data in an easily accessible location. Verifiable student outcomes are the best guarantee of receiving a quality education because cheap coding bootcamps lack college-level certification.

The Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR) offers a standardized system for tracking and reporting student results. Transparent student outcome data is guaranteed by bootcamps with CIRR certification.

To analyze your options, consult the CIRR results, the bootcamp’s website, and feedback from previous participants. Find out how many students completed their degrees on schedule and how long it took them to locate employment in their field.

Even their starting salary is included in the data. Even if a bootcamp may offer this information on its website, the CIRR makes sure it is true and verified.

How the Best Coding Bootcamps Compare: Average Cost per Student

54% of coding bootcamps cost more than $10,000, according to Statista data. Although many programs are more cost-effective than college, $10,000, $15,000, or $20,000 in tuition fees may be more than some students are prepared to bear.  

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But choosing cheap coding bootcamps, like the cheap coding bootcamps mentioned in this post, enables you to get the same in-demand skills for much less. In fact, the average cost of a coding bootcamp from the programs mentioned in this post is only $5,425, which is far less expensive.

Additionally, even some of these cheap coding bootcamps include career counselors, fundamental skills, and advanced courses in various coding disciplines, so you don’t have to give up quality just because you are on a tight budget. 

How to Find the Right Coding Bootcamp for You

Finding a bootcamp that meets your requirements and goals can be time- and effort-consuming with many bootcamp providers. Here are a few things to think about while limiting your options.

#1. Understand Your Time Commitment

You should consider how much time you can and are willing to devote to your education before enrolling in a bootcamp.

While some part-time programs may recommend between 15 and 30 hours per week, some full-time programs may prescribe upwards of 60 to 90 hours per week. Part-time bootcamps could last six to ten months, and full-time programs could be finished in as little as 12 to 14 weeks.

While some bootcamps may permit completely flexible deadlines and study schedules, keep in mind that many need synchronous attendance and group collaboration.

#2. Consider Job Placement Opportunities

Similar to a typical college degree, completing a bootcamp does not ensure you will land a specific career. However, job placement services are available at all the cheap coding bootcamps on our list.

Many also list significant employers like Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon. Examine whether the employers of a potential bootcamp match your hobbies and career aspirations.

If a student cannot find a suitable job within a certain amount of time after graduating from a bootcamp, they may be eligible for a tuition refund. Some bootcamps also offer job guarantees.

Many employment guarantees require graduates to apply to a specified number of positions each month, and rejecting an offer from a position that qualifies could void the guarantee. Read the details of a potential bootcamp’s job guarantee because they can differ between programs.

#3. Keep Your Future Goals in Mind

Which cheap coding bootcamps do you consider should be influenced by your future objectives? An immersive, full-time bootcamp with a job guarantee can be what you’re looking for, for instance, if you want to enter the workforce as quickly as possible.

You might prefer a self-paced, part-time bootcamp if you want to keep working while attending. Similarly, look for bootcamps collaborating with the companies you want to work for on hiring.


What is free vs. paid coding bootcamp?

Although hundreds of free and paid programs are already available, premium coding bootcamps generally offer a much wider curriculum, individualized support and tutoring, and career placement assistance for the job search.

Is paying for a bootcamp worth it?

This may be the case depending on what you hope to gain from the bootcamp. A free coding bootcamp is a fantastic alternative if you want to test coding to see whether it’s for you.
However, the real-world curriculum, professional assistance, and accreditation of the appropriate bootcamp are undoubtedly worthwhile. If you’re serious about jumping to a career in coding, you can start with cheap coding bootcamps.

Does Google hire bootcamp grads?

Simply said. According to a recent CareerKarma report, Google was the only company hiring bootcamp graduates, particularly developers, after Amazon.
However, as the tech skills gap widens, many businesses are hiring graduates of bootcamps, such as financial behemoth JP Morgan Chase, which employed around 2,000 software engineers in late 2022.


The finest cheap coding bootcamps are the best option since they provide a setting where you can study, experiment, make errors, and learn from them without fear of criticism or financial burden.

They’re the perfect approach for determining whether a web development career is right for you before making a sizable commitment that would make your choice final. 

With the help of this article, you should now be much more aware of what to watch out for and be able to identify a few potential cheap coding bootcamps to look into further.



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