CEO’S Obsession Novel by Chris.O

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CEO’S Obsession Novel Summary.

The story Circles the life of a young vibrant lady, beautiful and down to earth, Sophia Harper. She was caught in the middle of a very devastating love triangle between her boss Mason Jackson and her best friend Liam Hansen.

Sophia grew up together with Liam, they both went to the same high school, Did everything together, even as far as living together, but when Sophia got a Job, she was forced to move into the apartment the company provided for her, leaving Liam all alone.

Twenty seven years old Sophia typically had no idea of the feelings Liam had towards her, she sometimes thought that he(Liam) was only being nice because they were friends.

While Liam was trying to hide his feelings for Sophia, he had no idea that Sophia had eyes already on her boss Mason Jackson. The handsome CEO of Goodlife Paragon, who happens to be a billionaire, Rich and sophisticated.

Mason inherited his wealth from his parents as he happened to be an only child. Born with a silver spoon, he had no idea what pain and Suffering felt like, his Rude and arrogant nature made people fear him, including his employees.

Sophia, who became the newly employed secretary in the company, felt ignorant over Mason’s behavior, she began having a crush on him, making advances and wanting to express the way she felt towards him.

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The more she tried, the more she humiliated herself. Before she could realize that she was never the kind of classic girl Mason was searching for, it was already late.

Liam got a job in the same computer as Sophia, working as the marketing director, Sophia got upset that Liam didn’t inform her about the job and much more upset when she found out that Mary was the one who got Liam the job.

Mary happens to be Mason’s personal assistant and his supposed girlfriend. But she made Sophy’s life miserable when she found out that Sophy had a crush on her man.

Months went by, Sophy acted on her own, since she was not in talking terms with her best friend, she cut short her feelings for Mason, treated him like the CEO that he was without any feelings for him.

This got him worried pending the fact that he wanted to keep on being chased by Sophia. It was later on he realized he had feelings for her, her ignorance and silent towards him forced his feelings for her out, as she kept on ignoring him,

Mason became obsessed with her While he swallowed his pride and asked her out, it was at that moment Liam Confessed his feelings for her. Sophy was kept in a very hot situation of choosing either her best friend Liam or her Boss Masonry.

If she eventually chooses Liam over her boss, she may end up losing her Job out of Mason’s jealousy, but if she chooses Mason over Liam, she may also end up losing Her best friend forever.

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Will Sophia decide to accept Liam or Mason and face whatever consequences that comes after?.

CEO'S Obsession Novel by Chris.O
CEO’S Obsession Novel by Chris.O

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