CEO’S Contract Wife Novel by Faith _writes

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CEO’S Contract Wife Novel Summary.

Mabel Russet , an extremely beautiful, eloquent and hardworking lady, she had the perfect figure everyone envied. But her life was far from being perfect .

The 21 year old talented chef was abandoned by her mother in an orphanage when she was younger.

She struggles to fend for herself up until now. And then there’s Dwayne Ford, 26 year old handsome, billionaire CEO of Ford establishment, an international skincare  company.

He’s ruthless , Arrogant and could get all he wants without stressing except one “A perfect wife” . He meets with Mabel in a not so good situation and things kick off from there.

What happens when Dwayne’s career goes down to ground zero and his first ever true love goes missing , can he bear his losses and move forward?!

Would Dwayne and Mabel path ever cross again?! What exactly happened to Mabel? Join this story to find out!.

CEO'S Contract Wife Novel by Faith _writes
CEO’S Contract Wife Novel by Faith _writes

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