CEO Stepbrother’s Surprise Baby Novel by Veliciah

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CEO Stepbrother’s Surprise Baby Novel Summary.

There are many people out there, but in the end, it all comes down to only one person you can’t live without. Love is passion and obsession.

And when you love someone, you shouldn’t care what other people think, right? But what if the person I’ve fallen in love with is my stepbrother? Life brought us together,

but people are trying to tear us apart‚ what am I supposed to do? I want him. I can’t live without him. Yet I can’t be with him.

It would ruin his reputation and career, and other people’s opinions would mess with our heads. I should stay away, but time stopped when I met him.

CEO Stepbrother's Surprise Baby Novel by Veliciah
CEO Stepbrother’s Surprise Baby Novel by Veliciah

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