Cast a Spell Novel by Isabella Moona

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Cast a spell Novel Summary.

“I have power, I have the strength, I have the magic and I am the prince of the princes,” Gerald Xin, blazing pure magic.

“I also have magic, I am intelligent and smart. But I don’t know what I am,” Kira Herman stared at him in question. My name is Kira Herman.

I was just a normal high school student getting exited about my graduation ceremony which would come up just a day before my birthday.

I was fortunate to be born amongst the top smartest people in the world and here I am in my home country, unbelieving the nonsense believes of normal students about supernatural nonsense.

Not knowing normality was just a left over advice from your parents. Everything changed when I got to the university. I met him.

When I meant him, I meant to say the most handsome guy I have ever laid my eyes on and another fact, he beats my IQ, SQ, EQ, AQ and CA.

He was my rival. Or not? I never did knew I was dragging scores with the prince of the supernatural world,

the demon prince who had ran away from home to become a human and my future husband…?

Cast a spell Novel by Isabella moona
Cast a spell Novel by Isabella moona

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