Cardinal: Advent of the Sloth Novel

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Cardinal: Advent of the Sloth Novel Summary

The world of Ariadne is vast with more to see and more to find than meets the eye…

Magic is plenty and cultivation so great that legends speak of those few existences that cut the heavenly bodies of the gods from the celestial skies…

But there is more to Ariadne than mere strength, than mere power, there are histories ancient, gods who walk the lands, royals, nobles and commoners who are forever in strife…

In this world with thousands of realms each born from the great cataclysm that set the stage for ‘the seventh age’ to be born, there exists the Sacred Lineage of Royals who rule a hundred realms, this lineage being of Mercurion.

It is here that Lucian our reincarnated vestige of the past shall be born, born to be called ‘Prince 786’ of the Merurion Empire…

Strife exists in many forms and in this Sacred line in which even a name must be earned, strife is a double-edged sword that now brings the once so Great, the once so Sacred lineage of Mercurion down to its knees from within…

But be warned… There is much unseen, much unknown of the reality you see, of the Prince called 786…

Welcome to Ariadne!!! A world in which all truths can be revealed.

Cardinal: Advent of the Sloth Novel
Cardinal: Advent of the Sloth Novel

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