Captured And Broken Luna Novel by Goodness_Chiamaka

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Captured And Broken Luna Novel Summary.

Warning! Mature Content ”I was so shocked when his firmed strong hands curved my sexy curvy waist in a tight grip and he held me up and slammed me to the wall.

I would admitted he was so handsome and I didn’t bargain for this. He spoked to me about mate and I shivered and next he slammed me to his bed to show me an example,

No! he want to had s*x with me and his eyes spoked it all.” ***** Luna Lawson, a 22-years old female was the only surviving daughter of her father the late King Lawson, Ruler of Sunfield City.

The city was destroyed and burnt to ashes by the dragons, as they were superior beings and claimed to ruled the lands. The Almighty king of the Dragons, king Mikel Diego had abducted all the humans females and what he used them for, Luna didn’t knew.

He breathed out fire and brimstone out of his mouth and nostrils. He was dangerous and a killer. Luna travelled far away with her remaining people, hidden as the dragons kidnapped and r*ped their women,

forcing the humans to birth more baby dragons. She trained day and night with sword, killing any dragon that came her way, until she was finally captured and taken to their Dragons king.

Would she be abled to survive and get her revenge?. Read to find out.. An interesting love story between a human and a dragon shapeshifter.

Captured And Broken Luna Novel by Goodness_Chiamaka
Captured And Broken Luna Novel by Goodness_Chiamaka

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