Caltech Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admissions 

Are you looking to know Caltech acceptance rate and some other requirements to secure admission into the school?

If you are interested in joining this institution then you must be informed of the Caltech acceptance rate. The California Institute of Technology is known as Caltech. It is a private research university in California that specializes in science, engineering, and other academic fields. 

The university undertakes ground-breaking scientific and societal research with the help of some of the world’s best brains and cutting-edge equipment. This article can help if you’re wondering how to find a place amidst the Caltech acceptance rate.

This article offers advice on how to make the challenging admissions process for this prestigious college easier. 

Caltech should be on your list of institutions to apply to if you’re a scientific or engineering student seeking a rewarding academic career path. 

You can read this article to find out how to apply to Caltech, what it takes to get in, and the Caltech acceptance rate.

What to know about Caltech? 

One of the most exclusive universities in the nation is Caltech or the California Institute of Technology. Students who want to compete must have test scores and grades that are much above average, with an acceptance rate of 2%. 

Both the Coalition Application and the Common Application are accepted by Caltech. The Institute demands an application essay, numerous short-answer essays, academic transcripts, teacher recommendations, SAT or ACT test scores.

Caltech’s admissions procedure is tough to get into yet very simple. You need only complete the brief application process. Although it can appear straightforward, the amount of competition makes it difficult. The acceptance percentage is very low since the school receives more applications than it can accept.

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What is the Caltech Acceptance Rate in 2023?

Based on the number of admitted students in the class of 2025, Caltech’s acceptance rate is 2%. There were 13,026 candidates in total, but only 270 were approved by the school. Due to a significant increase in applicants over time relative to the number of students it can accept, Caltech doesn’t disclose its acceptance rate. 

Is Caltech hard to get into? 

Admission to Caltech is competitive. The institution receives a large number of applications despite being one of the top science and research colleges in the world, which lowers its acceptance rate each year. 

You must be extraordinary and in the top five to ten percent of your class to get accepted into the school. 

Without this, the chances of receiving a positive ruling are slim. However, by polishing your application, you can raise your chances of being accepted. 

Only 244 of the nearly 8,000 freshmen who applied to Caltech’s most recent class were accepted, according to the class profile. Only the greatest performers are accepted due to the intense competition.

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Does Caltech Require Test Scores?

All applicants must submit their SAT or ACT scores to Caltech. 79% of accepted students who were in the admissions cycle for 2018–19 submitted their SAT scores. 

SAT Requirements

According to the admissions data, the majority of Caltech’s accepted applicants scored in the top 7% nationwide on the SAT. 

50% of applicants to Caltech received scores for the evidence-based reading and writing section between 740 and 780, while 25% received scores below 740 and 25% received scores above 780. 

50% of accepted students received math scores between 790 and 800, 25% received math scores below 790, and 25% received math scores below 800. A combined SAT score of 1580 or higher will put applicants in a particularly competitive position at Caltech.

The writing portion of the SAT is optional at Caltech. The admissions office will take into account your top score from each section across all SAT test dates since Caltech participates in the score choice program. 

For the 2020–21 admissions season, Caltech will no longer request SAT Subject test results from applicants.

ACT Requirements 

All applicants must submit their SAT or ACT scores to Caltech. 42% of accepted students who applied for admission in the 2018–19 cycle submitted their ACT scores. 

According to the admissions data, the majority of Caltech’s accepted applicants scored in the top 1% nationwide on the ACT. 25% of applicants to Caltech received a composite ACT score of 36 or higher, while 25% received a composite ACT score of 35 or lower. 

Please be aware that Caltech does not superscore ACT scores; only your highest composite ACT score will be taken into account. 

The disparities in section scores across all ACT test dates will be noted by Caltech if you have taken the ACT more than once. The ACT writing portion is not required for admission to Caltech.

GPA Requirements 

There is no minimum GPA requirement for enrollment at Caltech. To remain competitive, you should nevertheless have a GPA of at least 3.5. You should aim for a GPA that is close to 4.19, as it is the average GPA of admitted students at Caltech.

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What are the Admission Requirements for Caltech in 2023? 

Caltech, one of the country’s most elite universities, seeks students with grades and test results that are far above average. 

Caltech has a holistic admissions strategy, so the admissions representatives will be searching for more than just strong academic performance and great test scores. 

They’ll also look for difficult coursework, stellar recommendation letters, outstanding essays, and significant extracurricular activity. 

Although the admissions committee will read every word of your application essay and short answer responses, success in AP, Honors, or IB subjects will be crucial. 

Keep in mind that Caltech is seeking applicants who will contribute significantly to the campus community in addition to being outstanding scientists and engineers. All this bolster Caltech Acceptance Rate for the student.

Transfer Requirements for Caltech in 2023 

  • Fee for applications. The $75 application cost for the Caltech application procedure must be paid, or those who are financially unable to do so may request a price waiver. 
  • Application in the Common or Coalition. The Common Application, Coalition Application, or Questbridge National College Match are all options for submitting an application to Caltech. 
  • A transcript of grades. Transcripts from your high school and any other colleges or universities you have attended must be supplied. 
  • Report from a secondary school. Your high school counselor will submit this form to the institution to aid the admissions committee in determining if you would be a good match there.
  • Teachers evaluation. Caltech wants two letters of appraisal from key subject professors in place of letters of recommendation. both from humanities or social science teachers, one from a math or science teacher. It is advised that these letters come from professors who have instructed and assessed you in their classes. 
  • Essays for applications. In order to help the admissions committee better understand applicants as students, scientists, and people, the first-year application standards indicate that applicants must submit supplemental essays as part of the application process. It also determines whether they are a suitable fit for the institution.
  • TOEFL results. Except for individuals who speak English as a native language or who attended a school for two years where English is the language of instruction, this is a prerequisite for all overseas students. Caltech will accept the TOEFL as proof of English language proficiency. 
  • Statement of Intention for International Financial Aid. International students must submit this as part of their application because Caltech has to verify that they are aware of its financial policy and are receiving financial aid.

How to Apply to Caltech

You can apply to either the Regular Decision or Early Action programs at Caltech. The Early Action program at Caltech is not obligatory, so if you are admitted, you are free to apply to and think about other schools. 

Both the Coalition Application and the Common Application are accepted by Caltech. Application fees of $75 or a fee waiver must also be submitted by applicants.

Caltech maintains rigorous standards for its new class’s academic performance. Students must enroll in the most challenging English course the institution has to offer. 

The minimum requirement for domestic applicants is one course in American history or government. The institution requires a math curriculum up through calculus, and it is highly advised that students study it at the IB HL or AP level.

The admissions committee requires applicants to have studied at least one year each of physics and chemistry, preferably at the highest levels the school offers. 

Although it is not specifically compulsory, it is advised that you demonstrate your proficiency in biology through other courses. Caltech would like to see that you enrolled in any calculus-based science courses that your school may offer.

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What are the Alternatives to Caltech?


Strong academic credentials, relevant extracurricular activities, and exceptional math abilities are requirements for admission to Caltech. Caltech is a science and research university that places an emphasis on students’ intellectual prowess while also seeking those who question social norms, come up with original and innovative ideas, and have aspirational career aspirations in any or all of the STEM fields.

Caltech Acceptance Rate FAQs

How difficult is it to get into Caltech? 

Entry into Caltech is extremely difficult. It has a rather low acceptance rate that reduces yearly, therefore you must be exceptionally remarkable by achieving a high GPA and class rank. 

Is Caltech more difficult to enroll in than MIT? 

Due to the student capacity, Caltech is more difficult to get into than MIT. Although MIT often requires a good score on standardized tests, they have more space than Caltech.

Who enrolls in Caltech and why? 

Caltech accepts students that excel in the classroom, are resilient, are high achievers, and are creative. These pupils outdo the norm and are at the top of their high school class. 

Can someone with a 3.9 GPA get into Caltech? 

Because of Caltech’s lack of a GPA requirement, you could still get accepted with a GPA of 3.9. However, most accepted students have GPAs of at least 4.0.


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