CalArts Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admission 

CalArts is one of the nation’s most selective universities, so you might not be accepted even with stellar grades and test scores. There’s no need to feel bad if you don’t get in; CalArts’ acceptance rate is only 27%. 

At CalArts, the faculty-to-student ratio is an impressive 5 to 1. Considering that the national average is 15 to 1, that’s pretty good. 

It’s encouraging that there will be more chances for one-on-one interaction between students and professors at the school.

What to know about CalArts

CalArts is still thriving as an exceptional institution where theatre students can study alongside filmmakers, animators, dancers, musicians, writers, and critical thinkers who are always pursuing new creative endeavours. 

Theatre education is being transformed by top-notch faculty and staff on various platforms and opportunities. 

One of the top theatre training institutions in the country is the CalArts School of Theater, which is committed to the creation of fresh voices and forms.

 The school’s mission is to educate the whole person, creating a community of citizen artists who are ready to enter any field of endeavour and transform it. 

As the school provides a variety of opportunities for students to pursue successful careers after graduation, students are encouraged to develop professional experiences and relationships.

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What is CalArts Acceptance Rate in 2023?

For those enrolling in Fall 2021, CalArts has a 29% acceptance rate. They accept 686 out of 2,364 applicants into the school. 

CalArts is relatively challenging to get into, given the acceptance rate (lower than the national average). 

With 206 students enrolled out of the 686 who were accepted, the yield also referred to as the enrollment rate, is 30%.

Entrance exam scores are optional and advised, and recommendation letters are needed to apply to the CalArts program. 

The following tables and graphs examine CalArts’ admissions data, including test results, eligibility requirements, and statistics.

California Institute of the Arts has a 23% acceptance rate. 23 out of every 100 applicants are chosen. 

This demonstrates how selective the school is. 

You have a very good chance of being admitted if you meet the GPA, SAT/ACT, and other program requirements of the California Institute of the Arts. 

Even if you meet all other admissions requirements, your chances of being accepted are extremely slim if you don’t meet your GPA or SAT/ACT requirements.

  • Animation, interactive technology, video graphics, and special effects 17.9%
  • Acting 13.3%
  • Fine/studio arts10.1%
  • Technical theatre/theatre design and technology 8.3%
  • Music theory and composition 7.3%
  • Dance 6.4%
  • Cinematography and film/video production6.4%
  • Photography6.4%
  • Graphic design 5.5%
  • Music performance4%

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What is CalArtsTransfer Acceptance Rate in 2023?

California Institute of the Arts admitted 695 transfer students in 2019. The school accepted 179 students. 

Consequently, 25.76% of transfers are accepted at the California Institute of the Arts. 

This demonstrates how challenging transferring to the California Institute of the Arts is. 

Transfer students make up more than one-third of the first-year students at CCA. 

Transfer applications are accepted at CalArts for the fall and spring semesters.

 In addition to having articulation agreements with many CA community colleges, CCA completes the California IGETC curriculum. 

Over 500 transfer applications are submitted to CCA annually, and over 300 are accepted. 

It’s still worthwhile to apply, and if you qualify, you might be one of the lucky ones.

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Is CalArts hard to get into?

In no way! The acceptance rate at the California Institute of the Arts was 24.93 last year.

 However, take note of any recent changes to the level of acceptability. As you can see, it’s a little simpler this year to get into the California Institute of the Arts than last. 

The California Institute of the Arts’ acceptance rate is a very high indicator of the true level of competition, not your likelihood of admission. 

As a general rule of thumb, use the acceptance rate to create a list of 10–15 schools that fall into various competitiveness categories.

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Does CalArts Require Test Scores?

Standardized testing requirements vary from school to school. 

The SAT or ACT are typically required, and many schools also demand SAT subject tests.

To apply to CalArts, you must take the SAT or ACT. 

More importantly, a strong application requires achievement.

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CalArts’s SAT Requirements 

The average SAT score at Cal Institute of the Arts is 1160, which results from the math and reading sections (1600 scale). 

For a closer look at student performance, see the graph below. It’s also interesting to see how the average test score has changed over time. 

The pattern over time enables one to determine whether the California Institute of the Arts competition is increasing or decreasing.

CalArts’s ACT Requirements 

Please note that CalArts does not require ACT scores as part of the application process.

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What are the Admission Requirements for CalArts

Registration Fee: The California Institute of the Arts charges a registration fee of $65 for undergraduate students and $85 for graduate students (graduates). 

Undergraduate applicants who submit their applications after the preferred deadline must pay an additional $75 fee.

  • Submission of a complete application with a portfolio
  • International academic references
  • Recommendation letter
  • Results of English language proficiency. (IELTS, TOEFL)
  • Copy of the title page of the passport

The official website allows applicants to fill out their applications and electronically add requirements. 

Transcripts must be submitted in hard copy by applicants from Bulgaria, Colombia, Cuba, Cuba, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Palestine, and Russia. 

For Indian applicants, a three-year Indian bachelor’s degree equal to a US bachelor’s degree is acceptable as long as you earned it in the first division and the university has received an “A” rating from the NCAA. 

The minimum admission requirements are a final or preliminary degree certificate and an annual grade report.

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Transfer Requirements for CalArts

  • A 2.0 minimum average. 
  • Authentic transcripts After high school graduation are all required for transfer applicants. To transfer academic credits earned at non-US institutions, applicants must submit a translated evaluation of their post-secondary (college) transcript, according to CCA (s). 
  • SAT scores are not necessary. 
  • Recommendation letters: You’ll need one letter of support. Additional letters submitted may be academic, artistic, work- or volunteer-related, but the letter of recommendation must be from an academic source.
  • Essay: You must submit an essay with your application. The main factors that influenced your decision to major in art, architecture, design, or writing should be discussed in your essay. It also needs to explain how you plan to give back to the CCA community. 
  • Application cost: USD 70 
  • Interview: Although it is not necessary to have an interview, prospective students are encouraged to do so at National Portfolio Days, college-sponsored events, or a scheduled meeting on campus. 
  • Other conditions: It is necessary to submit a portfolio of creative work through Slideroom at Visit the school’s website at to learn more about the portfolio requirements.

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What GPA do you need to get into CalArts?

The California Institute of the Arts has a 3.34 average GPA. A GPA The California Institute requires a GPAe Arts

. The California Institute of the Arts is very selective, as evidenced by this average GPA. 

Schools in this range frequently attempt to increase their prestige and selectivity. 

Although we can’t predict what California Institute of the Arts application readers will think, we predict that they will want to increase their average GPA from 3.34 to 3.51 this year. To be safe, we advise aiming for a 3.51 GPA.

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How to Apply to CalArts

  • Write a fantastic essay demonstrating something to the California Institute of the Arts that isn’t apparent from the rest of your application. Check out this for a step-by-step tutorial on how to write the best college essay.
  • Get character-appropriate teacher evaluations. Get at least one recommendation from a faculty member in your major department if you declare it on your Cal Institute of the Arts application. 
  • Apply before the cutoff date. Too many students wait until the very last minute to submit their applications; during that limited window of time, too much can go wrong. 
  • The California Institute of the Arts system may be broken because many applicants submit their applications on the final day. Don’t risk the extra stress this can cause by submitting your application a few days early.

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Alternative to CalArts

  • Boston college, chestnut hills 
  • Drexel University, Pennsylvania
  • Lafayette College, Easton
  • Buckner University, Lewisburg
  • Haverford College, Pennsylvania

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is the Graduation Rate at CalArts? 

The first-time full-time student retention rate at CalArts is 48%, which is higher than the national average of 33.3%. 

What Is the CalArts Tuition? 

The average net cost of attending CalArts is $50,412. Since the net price varies by income bracket, how affordable a school is for you will largely depend on your needs. 

What Is CalArts’ Retention Rate for Freshmen? 

How many full-time students a college or university prefers to have returned for their sophomore year is indicated by the freshman retention rates. 
This percentage is 60% at the California Institute of the Arts, which is just under the 68% national average.


The admission rate is 29.02%, and the exit rate is 30.03% for the academic year 2021–2022. 253 men and 433 women out of 872 applicants to CalArts were accepted. 

Among them, the school has 73 men and 130 women enrolled (autumn 2021).



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