Bullied By The Lycan King Novel by Joy Apens

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Bullied By The Lycan King Novel Summary.

“You animal! Leave her alone!” My father screamed pulling at the bars but it had no effect on Axel he continued fondling my breasts and kissing my neck.

I could feel his erection push at my ass and my heart broke all over again. I was going to lose my virginity in front of my parents in the cruellest of ways.

Heir to the Lycan throne, Axel the Black is a tormented king. Captured by the wicked humans who sold his siblings and hid his parents,

he was abused until he overtook the humans and retrieved the Lycan throne back. Now, there’s one thing missing: a mate to continue the Lycan lineage.

He purchases breeders but his dark heart beats for one person. The human princess who was once his friend and now, his slave. Princess Violet remembers her old friend, Axel,

when her parents ruled over the Lycans with a strong hand. Now that Axel is back in power, she hopes that he will pardon her.

Except that her childhood Axel is gone and the Axel that makes her heart race is a vicious bully. Ruthless, savage and dominant. Not only that,

he hates her with a blinding passion and in revenge has made her his slave. But what happens when Axel finds himself falling in love with Violet,

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who is not his mate? Will things work out for them or will he continue to be the bully that he is? Book Two of the Lycan King Series.

Bullied By The Lycan King Novel by Joy Apens
Bullied By The Lycan King Novel by Joy Apens

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