Brother After Dark Novel by Jerilee Kaye

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Brother After Dark Novel Summary.

Zach Reed swept me off my feet… For the first time in my life, I let go of all my inhibitions. We shared one magical kiss… and then one hot night.

I almost gave him my body… and I gave him all my heart. We made a promise to meet again and build a future together. I wasn’t looking for love… I have always guarded my heart.

But when I met Blaire Stewart, my world turned upside down. My body craved for her. My heart ached for her. I wanted to protect her, I wanted to possess her.

I wanted the world to know that she was mine. Zach was the guy I wanted like no other. Blaire was the girl I will go to hell and back for.

Until a family reunion shattered our dreams and tore us apart forever. When love touches on the forbidden… What will you do when the person you want the most Is the person you can never have?.

Brother After Dark Novel by Jerilee Kaye
Brother After Dark Novel by Jerilee Kaye

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