BROKEN: A BULLY ROMANCE Novel by Moesha king

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Athena Marcos as always hidden in the shadows, never drawing attention to herself but that didn’t help one bit, Dylan Thompson,

James Miller and Tom Sanders have been her bullies since junior year began, she didn’t know the reason why,but they hated her very being. They did everything to make her life miserable.

No one went against them they could do whatever they wanted because their parents owned the town until she met him. Leo Smith did everything to protect is little brother and mother from their abusive father, not that is mother cared, she was never around.

they were once a normal family, but everything went downhill when his father lost his job. his brother and basketball were the only thing that made him sane until he met her Two broken souls find each other,

will Athena be able to face her demons? And will Leo be able to find out what true love felt like?

BROKEN: A BULLY ROMANCE Novel by Moesha king
BROKEN: A BULLY ROMANCE Novel by Moesha king

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