Bribing The Billionaire’s Revenge Novel by Tatienne Richard

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Bribing The Billionaire’s Revenge Novel Summary.

Liesl McGrath is an up-and-coming artist but for eight years she focuses on her husband as a devoted partner, adjusting her life and her career around him achieving his goal of becoming CEO by the age of thirty.

Her life is perfect until her glass castle crashes down. Her husband admits to infidelity with none other than her own sister and there is a child coming.

Liesl decides the best way to mend her shattered heart is by destroying the one thing he holds more important than anything else: his career. Isaias Machado is a billionaire first generation American he knows the value of hard work and doing what it takes to survive.

His entire life has been geared to the moment he can take the McGrath company away from the corrupted men who once left his family homeless.

When Liesl McGrath approaches the billionaire to bribe him with information set to ruin her ex-husband, Isaias Machado is chomping at the bit to take everything the McGrath’s prize including Liesl.

A story of love, revenge and healing needs to start somewhere and Liesl’s pain is the catalyst to the wildest rollercoaster ride of her life. Let the bribery begin.

Bribing The Billionaire's Revenge Novel by Tatienne Richard
Bribing The Billionaire’s Revenge Novel by Tatienne Richard

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