BREAKING POINT Novel by Whendhie

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Five years after the death of her husband, Penelope Hampson meets Jeremy Gilbert at a party, and the attraction between them is just so intense.

Four months later, things had moved really fast between them and Penny is so much in love with Jeremy… And Jeremy loves her too—well, at least he says he does.

But the problem is that Jeremy could not…. Or would not ask her to marry him. He seems to want the whole relationship package Except the responsibility.

The thirst that kisses could not quench…. Was Jeremy right? Should Penny give in to his demands. The attraction between them had now grown into a throbbing, scorching flame of desire.

She could no longer be satisfied with just those passionate, disturbing kisses. And Jeremy was a man. He wanted more much more than kisses.

BREAKING POINT Novel by Whendhie
BREAKING POINT Novel by Whendhie

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