Branwen Novel

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Branwen Novel Summary

Lawrence Flyn was many things.

Served in the army during WW2, he took place in many battles. He wasn’t particularly strong or even incredibly skilled with guns. For the longest time he didn’t know why he lived, when so many friends of his died.

At the Omaha Beach, he saw so many of his fellow soldiers cut down by enemy fire and explosions.

During his time out of the army, many of his fellow soldiers had died from their debilitating injuries.

He found out though. He survived, not due to his skills or strength, but because of his unstoppable will and madness.

He hadn’t cared for his life since he was a young boy. Father leaving him with a sick Mother. He took any job a child could do but in the end, his Mother still died. Trying to move on with his life, he fell in love eventually. But she too was killed during their trip to Hawaii when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. He joined the army, not out of patriotism, but hate. His spite for the world grew like a fire from that day on. Hoping for himself to die in the war, he never got his wish.

The years went on but still, his spite never left him. It wasn’t until the year 2010 at the tender age of 95 that he finally saw his foolishness. All that bitterness and hate he carried made him miserable. Life was unfair, but one should never give up on the smallest chance to be happy.

In his retirement home he began to make friends with the other residents. Finding hobbies and talking with them.

Eventually, he got into anime. It was introduced by one of his friend’s Grandsons when he visited. He used the time he had left to indulge in the shows made by the Country he loathed until just recently.

He spent the rest of his days comfortably, waiting to be reunited with his Lover once again when he finally passed on in 2018.

That was what Raven Branwen remembered right after killing the Maiden to acquire her powers. She fell to her knees and shivered with tears in her magically blazing eyes.

“Wh..What have I.. done..?”

Branwen Novel
Branwen Novel

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