Bounded To The Alpha Novel by Victoria Clement

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Bounded To The Alpha Novel Summary.

Amanda, a beautiful young Alpha watched her parents and pack murdered in cold blood right before her eyes.

She was captured by her attackers and made a slave, hated by the Alpha family. To Amanda’s disbelief, a few days before her 18th birthday,

she realized that her mate is no one else but the arrogant Alpha’s son, Michael, the man who murdered her parents.

With pain in her heart, she ran away from the pack after almost being killed only to cross paths with Denver, a strong ravishing Alpha of the most powerful werewolf pack, an Alpha who saved her life,

TWICE! But no matter where she went, Michael didn’t want to let her go. To him, it was disgust at first sight but gradually, his hatred blossomed into love.

Amanda swore never to be his, but what happens when she finds herself trapped between the two Alphas and a deadline vampire who wants her as their mate?

Bounded To The Alpha Novel by Victoria Clement
Bounded To The Alpha Novel by Victoria Clement

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