Bossy Daddy Novel by Sarwah Creed

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Bossy Daddy Novel Summary.

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I wasn’t sure that was true until I worked for the billionaire, Alec Brent. He looked hotter than fire, but ice runs in his veins. He was arrogant.

Treated me like I was his slave, much lower than even an intern. I didn’t come from his world, and he made me feel it every second I was around him. Small. Insignificant.

But, I was determined to get some experience, just so that I could get a good job after college. Then he tried to fire me. I found myself at the mercy of his twin brother, Carlton.

The nice one, the one that burned hot. But he’s a single daddy. To my delight, I soon found out that not only was he a single daddy, but a bossy one too.

Bossy Daddy Novel by Sarwah Creed
Bossy Daddy Novel by Sarwah Creed

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