BORN OF THE SEA Novel by Shyra Kay

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BORN OF THE SEA Novel Summary.

Detective Jessie O’Brien is used to cases about illegal items docking at the local marine port,some easy to handle and others life threatening.

She is however always ready for anything except this one time. This time she receives something different. Something that comes with much intrigue and wonder.

And for the first time during her service in the local police department,she is clueless of what action to take because right there in front of her eyes is a woman.

A woman beaten by the harsh conditions of the sea,a woman coiled up in a corner scared to death. How did she get there all alone? And in a container supposed to be holding illegal drugs she was supposed to bust?

And most importantly,what is she supposed to do with her? Two women from entirely different worlds unite to fight against a common crime which affects them in different ways,yet so similar.

Family should be the backbone of every person’s happiness but to them,it is the source of their very tribulations. They must fight to make sure that they bring this evil to an end and on their road towards that,

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they realize that they share a connection deeper than either of them can fight and they both have to find a way to stay alive if only to save this one perfect cheese piece even though fate might just have other plans for them.

BORN OF THE SEA Novel by Shyra Kay
BORN OF THE SEA Novel by Shyra Kay

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