Bodyguard for Hire Novel by Just Bae

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Bodyguard for Hire Novel Summary.

Paulina Moretti Daughter of the church. Innocent. Immaculate. Devoted. In light of the killing of her brother, her faith has now been tested.

It was all over messing with a mob boss’s wife while in Sicily which led to her brother’s murder. His son, Danny, is in the custody of my grandfather, Paul Moretti – a top boss in the Sicilian Mafia.

Nobody knows why he’s holding Danny against his will. The only thing Paulina knew was that she had to get her nephew back home to the United States in spite of the risks.

Ricardo Barone I was hired by Paulina to act as her muscle to help her rescue Danny Moretti. Sadly, my soul is dark. I know Paulina’s grandfather well but my contractor does not.

That’s the way I like it. From the moment I set eyes on Paulina, I knew she would be mine eventually. I know that I must put my focus on the task at hand or we will die.

A dangerous mission lies ahead. The clock is ticking. The rescue operation has now begun.

Bodyguard for Hire Novel by Just Bae
Bodyguard for Hire Novel by Just Bae

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