10 Best Boarding Schools in Utah | Cost

A boarding school is a college-preparatory educational facility where students have the opportunity to live on campus while putting an emphasis on their academics. A boarding school is, to put it simply, a school and a home.

By a wide margin, when it comes to a child’s whole educational experience, the best boarding schools in Utah offer value comparable to day schools.

There are boarding schools in Utah specifically, and they provide only the best. They deploy the greatest teachers, handle students delicately, pay close attention to their needs, and instil academic greatness in children. They are also renowned for their welcoming academic settings and alluring extracurricular activities.

Are There Boarding Schools in Utah?

There are various boarding schools in Utah that offer students the best of both worlds: academics that prepare them for success after high school and the ultimate adventure.

Among the several boarding law schools in Utah, the following 10 are included.

  • Fieldstone Academy
  • Oakley School
  • Old West Academy
  • Provo Canyon School
  • Wasatch Academy
  • West Ridge Academy
  • Alpine Academy
  • New Haven
  • Gateway Academy
  • Diamond Ranch Academy

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How Much Do Boarding Schools in Utah Cost?

The majority of the top boarding schools in Utah are therapeutic boarding schools and Christian schools.

In light of this, the following details the tuition fees for Utah’s law schools:

Therapeutic boarding schools typically don’t publish their tuition information online because they aim to deter you from giving in to the temptation of comparison shopping. The truth is that your struggling kid may not benefit the most from the cheapest program. Although investing in a quality therapy program requires sacrifice, you should ask yourself, “If my son or daughter died tomorrow, what will I regret not doing?” Unfortunately, we have heard a number of tragic tales over the years when parents failed to intervene in time to save their teens.

For Christian boarding schools, the annual cost of attending a boarding school is roughly $40,000. That implies that some colleges charge as little as $12,000 a year, while others charge significantly more. There are as many costs as there are Christian boarding schools. The good news is that, despite the fact that some schools may have prohibitive expenses, there are many superb institutions that may be attended for a very low-cost thanks to various forms of financial help and scholarships.

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools in Utah?

1. Fieldstone Academy

The best academic recovery boarding schools in the country include Fieldstone Academy. It is a small residential school that strongly emphasizes academic challenges and imparts a strong emphasis on intellectual challenges and imparting valuable life values.   The goal of the school is to deliver education that is superior to that offered by both public and private institutions. Fieldstone Academy offers small class sizes, comprehensive in-class support, and after-school tutoring as necessary throughout the process. 

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Students can easily transition to higher education and the workforce because of the teachers’ use of creative and practical teaching methods at Fieldstone Academy. They will also benefit from the faculty’s careful use of technology.

Here are some unique characteristics of Fieldstone Academy:

  • Putting an emphasis on academic recovery and assisting students who have fallen behind
  • An environment where families reside
  • Absurdly small class sizes (2-3 average per class)
  • Individual focus from teachers and staff
  • Ranch work experiences (cows, horses, chickens, fences to fix, etc.)
  • We’re the finest at what we do and have years of satisfied parents and students to prove it.

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2.  Oakley School

The Oakley School is located in the Utah town of Oakley. In order to assist kids with unique emotional/behavioural challenges or recovery issues, the mixed-gender boarding school places emphasis on therapeutic community approaches. A recovery assistance program is also available. The monthly tuition at The Oakley School is $7,500, not including the $2,500 in entrance fees. Tuition assistance is offered via the Aspen Education Group Loan Financing Program. The educational program includes a curriculum designed to prepare students for college. To help students succeed, the program provides academic support, assistance programs, and an advisor. Family, school-wide, and dorm-specific treatment provide therapeutic and clinical assistance, as does individual and group counselling, family, and even clinical care.

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3. Old West Academy

 Old West Academy is a therapeutic boarding school located in Randolph, Utah. The school, which opened in 1986, offers a ranch setting for children with behavioural issues who are aged 7 to 14. During the day, students look after the animals. The evenings are devoted to studies. The curriculum used at Old West Academy is offered by the Calvert School and the Oak Meadows School, both of which have received approval from the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation. The school provides access to 3,000 acres of land, full-sized gym space for physical education, and horseback riding as leisure alternatives.

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4. Provo Canyon School

In addition to offering a top-notch academic program, Provo Canyon School in Provo, Utah, is a residential treatment school that focuses on meeting the needs of disturbed adolescents.

Between the ages of 8 and 18, this school provides both boys and girls with individualized care.

Licensed counsellors, therapists, nutritionists, and teachers who focus on the care of at-risk adolescents offer therapeutic services. This program provides guardians with parental support and helps in order to aid in the successful rehabilitation of their children.

This school offers gender-specific treatment programs and extracurricular activities in addition to addressing behavioural, mental, and drug addiction disorders. The satisfaction of a customized examination forms the basis of the admission requirements. There is financial support available.

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5. Wasatch Academy

Wasatch Academy is situated in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. One of the earliest private independent college prep boarding schools in the nation, it was established in 1875. Over 300 students from 24 states and 30 countries attend this diversified grades 9–12 coed school. A soccer field is flanked by a number of dorms and the Student Center, and it is situated in a picturesque rural 200-acre courtyard-style setting off I-15 near the foothills of the Wasatch mountains. In addition, a number of sports, including basketball, volleyball, and well-known snowboarding and skiing programs, are offered. Wasatch Academy is academically oriented, giving young people the skills necessary to prosper in the twenty-first century. The semester cost of tuition is $28,320.

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6. West Ridge Academy

 Utah is where West Ridge Academy is situated. Open since 1964, the school. Providing clinical services, it is a coed facility that supports students. Students who have fallen behind academically, show signs of depression, or have other mental health difficulties are admitted to the school. There is no church or religion connected to the school. Student-athletes are available. Soccer and basketball are a couple of such examples. The teachers assist in reunifying families because they are crucial to the school’s mission. Before 2005, West Ridge was a boys-only school. There are day programs available for pupils to participate in that offer mentors for younger kids and summertime activities. Nine to 17-year-olds can attend the school.

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7. Alpine Academy

 Alpine Academy was established in 2001 as a division of Utah Youth Village, a charitable organization founded in 1969.

Their Mountain View Campus, which is exclusively for women, and Lakeview Campus, which is solely for males, both have Utah licenses for residential treatment facilities. Each is acknowledged as a private institution.

Students who struggle in traditional educational settings and are not excelling at home can receive treatment and education at this accredited school.

Alpine offers students a calm and welcoming environment in which to process difficult therapeutic problems.

A therapeutic residential/boarding school for females is called Alpine Academy, situated in Utah. It costs $469 daily and is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission.

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8. New Haven

For young women between the ages of 12 and 18, there is a reputable therapeutic residential/boarding institution called New Haven. This facility is renowned throughout the globe for effectively treating a wide range of challenging emotional ailments, including anxiety, depression, school refusal, and many more. Girls between the ages of 14 and 18 who attend New Haven are given the tools they need to face the challenges of life. The word “powerful” comes to mind when I think of the women that visit New Haven.

One of the leaders of tomorrow is your daughter. She is a robust and knowledgeable woman. The campus-based school in New Haven is run by certified instructors that are enthusiastic about their work.

With a focus on honors and AP subjects, we’ll meet your daughter where she is academically and assist her in moving forward.

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9. Gateway Academy

Gateway Academy offers a safe and encouraging environment as well as a strong academic curriculum for young men battling with addiction, emotional difficulties, and behavioural issues.

This academy is mindful of the fact that each student learns in a different way and needs specialized instruction in order to realize his maximum potential.

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Teachers employ visual, aural, and kinesthetic learning modes in the curriculum to improve students’ executive functioning skills and advance their learning.

With a $16,040 yearly cost, it is certified by the Northwest Accreditation Commission.

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10. Diamond Ranch Academy.

Teenage boys and girls who are having academic, behavioural, or clinical difficulties can attend the therapeutic boarding school and licensed treatment facility known as Diamond Ranch Academy.

They offer a set of rules for residential care facilities for kids all around the state. The adventure at Diamond Ranch Academy begins with a week-long orientation.

During this phase, their crucial personnel takes the time to get to know every new student personally. Each area is emphasized to give your child a sense of the range of choices open to them.

Their teams of experts are still collaborating closely to give our children and parents the methods and skills required for mending interpersonal and familial bonds.

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What Are The Military Boarding Schools in Utah?

Due to the availability of 6 excellent military boarding schools in Utah, selecting an army academy does not have to be complicated. Students in Utah can take pleasure in going outside and exploring. Many students choose to go skiing or snowboarding over the winter break.

Below is a list of the military boarding schools in Utah.

  • Utah Military Academies
  • Brigham Young University AROTC
  • Military Schools in Utah
  • University of Utah AROTC
  • Utah Valley State College AROTC
  • Weber State University AROTC

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Are There All-Girls Boarding Schools in Utah?

numerous All-Girls boarding schools in Utah that attend to adolescent girls with life-controlling problems from all over the nation are listed below;

  • Uinta Academy
  • Eva Carlston Academy
  • Falcon Ridge Ranch
  • Wasatch Academy
  • City Academy
  • Crescent City Christian School
  • The McGillis School

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the ideal age for boarding school admission for a child?

When should a child start boarding school? It all depends on when your child is ready, but in the United States, students between the ages of 14 and 16 are typically accepted into boarding schools in the 9th and 10th grades. For students who are 18 or 19 years old, several colleges provide the option of a post-graduate year.

Does boarding school benefit children?

Compared to their peers in public schools, children have more choices over their schedules, activities, and free time; as a result, they learn to be more independent at a younger age.

Where can I look for the best boarding school?

Boarding schools are renowned for their exceptional academics, sports, and artistic programs.
Here is a quick list of things to think about when conducting your research:
educational programs.
class size
extracurricular activities
good, knowledgeable faculty.
programs with a focus.

Are phones permitted at boarding schools?

Showing our pupils that we care about them by setting aside individualized time and being available to them at all times is another approach to assisting them. Why boarding schools allow phone is a point that is frequently raised in this context. The truth is that, unless it is absolutely required, they typically don’t.


As you’ve read, there are certain drawbacks to boarding schools. That is why you ought to think about enrolling your child in one of the top boarding schools in Utah.

Through the employment of seasoned tutors, efficient administration, and a contemporary approach to learning, they are not only endowed with taste but also capable.


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