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15 Best Boarding Schools in Spain | Cost

Searching for the best boarding school? Do you desire the best education possible as well as memorable educational experiences? You will undoubtedly be happy with your choice if you look into this article on the best boarding schools in Spain 2023.


When referring to boarding schools in Spain, we only mean institutions that provide housing for students to attend to receive an excellent education and that are open to both domestic and foreign students. Boarding schools are becoming more prestigious in Spain and are comparable to those that are well-known in the United Kingdom.

At one of the boarding schools in Spain, completing high school boarding is simple. This nation is not just known for Gaudi and FC Barcelona, but it is also a fantastic place to study with the top education system in the world! Let’s delve in!

Are There Boarding Schools In Spain?

There are many boarding schools in Spain for you. Spanish boarding schools are well-liked and worth your investigation.

Spain, one of the most desirable nations in the world, gives the chance to experience an unmatched international education through its blend of cultures, arts, sports, and history.

Basic life skills are taught at boarding schools in Spain. While attending boarding school, students develop their ability to manage a variety of tasks. The development of the whole child is the goal of boarding school. The fundamentals of time management and how to balance their involvement in chores are taught to children who live away from home.

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How Much Do Boarding Schools In Spain Cost?

Spain has some of the least expensive boarding schools on the continent. Costs for European boarding schools range from $20 to USD 135k annually. 

The majority of the priciest boarding schools will be found in the UK and Switzerland. However, the least expensive boarding schools will be found in Southern Europe, specifically in Germany, Spain, and Eastern Europe.

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools In Spain 2023?

There are several boarding schools in Spain. We have limited our entry to these best fifteen among them:

  • Sotogrande International
  • San Patricio Toledo International School
  • King’s College Soto de Vinuelas – Madrid
  • Sage College
  • ES International School Barcelona – American School in Barcelona
  • El Castillo International School – Madrid (SEK)
  • International Private School of Catalunya – ISCAT
  • Lady Elizabeth Private School
  • SEK International Schools – Barcelona
  • Colegio Montfort Private School
  • Catalunya International Private School (SEK)
  • Kaptiva Sports Academy – Barcelona
  • Colegio Internacional Meres – Asturias
  • Real Madrid Football Camp
  • Sanchez-Casal Barcelona Tennis Academy

#1. Sotogrande International

The staff at Sotogrande International Boarding House is committed to taking good care of each student and helping them achieve their full potential. 

Sotogrande International Boarding House is an exceptionally satisfying and engaging place in which to live, grow, and learn since it offers superb housing, academic support, and an outstanding selection of extracurricular activities. This is one of the best boarding schools in Spain.

The boarding team’s mission is to encourage and challenge each person to realize their full potential and pursue their aspirations, and the boarding house offers a secure and friendly environment for doing so.

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Every area of boarding life is encouraged for students to participate in, fostering their growth and development into content, driven, and aspirational global citizens.

The price of tuition is from 11000 euros per term, this includes accommodation.

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#2. San Patricio Toledo International School

Modern boarding facilities in both the European and American styles are available to students at the International School San Patricio Toledo, which offers the greatest international education available in Spain.

They provide students between the ages of 14 and 18 with a comprehensive educational experience that enables them to develop critical communication and social skills, which is one of our school’s educational goals. 

The curriculum incorporates the Middle Years and Diploma Programmes of the International Baccalaureate with the arts, athletics, interpersonal relationships, civic responsibility, and languages: English, French, German and Chinese.

Within the three-hectare, school grounds are where our boarding facilities are located. This gives boarders quick access to the school’s facilities and guarantees that they reside on campus with the highest level of security and safety.

The tuition fee is 28254.00 € / year

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#3. King’s College Soto de Vinuelas – Madrid

Only 30 minutes from Madrid’s city centre, King’s College, Soto de Viuelas is situated in a green neighbourhood. More than 1600 students, ranging in age from 4 months to 18 years, attend the school, and up to 50 international students can live on-site. It has excellent air, train, and road connections, and the international airport of Madrid Barajas Adolfo Suarez is only a 20-minute drive away.

Through a wide choice of activities, the school accommodates the unique tastes of each student. The school itself has a variety of amenities, including an AstroTurf field, an indoor heated pool, a recently opened sports centre with a gym, horse-riding stables, an auditorium, and several outdoor sports fields.

The tuition fee is from 27138.00 € / year.

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#4. Sage College

Sage College is a mixed boarding school. It is thrilling to be based in Jerez de la Frontera (Spain), which will provide the finest of British education in a privileged location in the south of Spain. Sage College is built on the ideals of respect, academic excellence, and global thinking.

Students at Sage Language School succeed in learning the language to better their daily communication as well as to become ready for the official Cambridge exams.

To assist each student to attain their maximum potential, Sage Institution Academy provides customized academic coaching and reinforcement at the college (both in-person and online).

They participate in a wide variety of sports and dance disciplines among their extracurricular activities.

Tuition ranges from 810.00 € / month to 790.00 € / month.

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#5. ES International School Barcelona – American School in Barcelona

ES International School’s American School Barcelona presents a fantastic opportunity to acquire a priceless educational diploma of the American variety, in-depth academic understanding, along with rigorous physical education, while also residing in one of the best stunning cities in the world. 

The renowned Sanchez-Casal Tennis Academy, which yearly trains upcoming tennis stars, is on the grounds of the American school. For students aged 10 to 18 (grades 5–12), the school offers a chance to complete secondary schooling in the American system that mixes academic lectures and physical activity. Every aspect of studying is in English.

The tuition fee is 9950.00 € / year.

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#6. El Castillo International School – Madrid (SEK)

The renowned and esteemed Spanish general education school SEK Madrid provides students with efficient educational options. The integration of the most recent educational techniques, tools, and infrastructure in the teaching process helps to improve the effectiveness, pace, and comfort of the learning experience for students.

An institution’s bilingualism, which allows for simultaneous education in both English and Spanish, is one of its key benefits.

The price of tuition starts at 27000.00 euros per year.

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#7. International Private School of Catalunya – ISCAT

This educational facility was established in 2007 also with intention of offering local and foreign families a modern, top-notch education. The school follows the British educational model and encourages you to enrol in its GCSE and A-Level programs. It also offers an international education and the chance to study at prestigious universities in the USA and Europe.

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In 2019, the school constructed a brand-new boarding house for international students that is close by and situated in a gorgeous, quiet neighbourhood where you can fully appreciate the diversity of the local environment. ISCAT welcomes international students who are at least 15 years old to reside in a luxurious, up-to-date guesthouse. Excellent living accommodations and involvement in a distinctive student environment are guaranteed at ISCAT.

9104.00 € / year is the cost of tuition.

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#8. Lady Elizabeth Private School

One of the best and most distinguished boarding schools in Spain overall and on the Costa Blanca is Lady Elizabeth Private School. The good statistics of its graduates highlight the high calibre of education: students easily pass the entrance and final tests, and continue their studies at the top universities in Spain, the UK, and the rest of the world, even at the most prestigious faculties.

The Lady Elizabeth School features a specialized Boarding House with first-rate amenities, a staff that is compassionate, qualified, and on-site all the time, as well as a chef who prepares healthy, balanced meals each day.

Students learn to assume individual accountability for themselves, their beds and living spaces, as well as the daily decisions they make, in the boarding house. They will gain knowledge of responsibility for their own decisions and be ready to excel academically and in all other spheres of their development and growth.

The annual cost of tuition is €30,100.00.

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#9. SEK International Schools – Barcelona

A longtime embodiment of educational innovations, history, and traditions, SEK is an international educational centre. 

The primary objective of the school is to foster an environment that will support the growth of the abilities required for comprehensive, global, and in-depth education. Each student may reach their full potential because of the unique environment the school has developed.

In the centre of the national park, foreign students reside in a cosy home. Borders have a choice between full board and school housing from Monday through Friday. Boys’ rooms can accommodate 2-4 persons, while girls’ rooms can house just two students.

The monthly tuition fee is 2700.00 euros.

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#10. Colegio Montfort Private School

According to the daily El Mundo, the distinguished private boarding school Colegio Montfort is well-known not only in Madrid and the surrounding region but also throughout Spain. It is one of the TOP 7 greatest private educational institutions in the nation.

Children at Colegio Montfort receive a top-notch, comprehensive education from kindergarten through senior classes and graduation from the pre-university program. All education is bilingual; having a strong command of both languages makes it easier for graduates to enrol in the top colleges worldwide and to go on to have a great career in the global economy.

The annual tuition is 32000.00 euros.

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#11. Catalunya International Private School (SEK)

Although it has only been in operation for a little over 20 years, the famous private college SEK-Catalunya International School is already well-known in Spain and across Europe. 

It is a member of the SEK Education Group, which consists of 9 top-notch, well-known schools, and its shared high standards, support, and transfer of effective teaching strategies offer exceptional education in line with the European model.

On the board, young people between the ages of 10 and 18 are welcome. There are laundries and nice, comfortable homes for residents on the SEK-Catalunya campus: apartments for 2-3 people for boys and 2-beds for girls. Full-board, nutritious, and balanced meals.

15000.00 € / year is the cost of tuition.

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#12. Kaptiva Sports Academy – Barcelona

Since 2012, the U16 and U18 football players have been trained at the top residential football boarding school in Barcelona, Spain, known as Kaptiva Sports Academy Barcelona. 

The academy’s major objective is to provide talented players from around the world with an elite inclusive annual curriculum that will enable them to demonstrate their maximum capabilities through a highly integrated football program.

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According to SMAPSE specialists, studying and living abroad is a priceless experience that helps develop young men into better persons as well as better athletes. The advantages of such an encounter will be positively embedded in that person.

The tuition is €2199.00 every two weeks.

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#13. Colegio Internacional Meres – Asturias

North of Spain at Meres, Asturias, is where Colegio Internacional Meres was established in 1966. The educational facility provides a distinctive teaching style that integrates the IB with the Spanish curriculum. Academic achievement is a priority at Colegio Internacional Meres.

Children reside in contemporary homes that are fully furnished and equipped with everything needed for a permanent home. Every child has his or her bed, bedding, towels, desk, and school supplies. Boys and girls are relocated individually, taking into mind the age characteristic.

The annual tuition is 8000.00 Euros.

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#14. Real Madrid football camp

Football-loving kids from around the world can take advantage of the summer camp’s excellent combination course, which combines academics with rigorous physical training. The course is separated into a variant for players on the field and goalkeepers, a standard, and an extreme version. 

It is designed for all three summer months, and you may choose the duration yourself. Utilizing the methods and tools the author learned from the renowned Real Madrid team can help you attain your sporting objectives more rapidly and enhance your athletic performance and gaming abilities.

Young football players reside in cozy, comfortable rooms with 1-2 beds that have all the conveniences they need.

The price of tuition is 1050.00 euros per week.

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#15. Sanchez-Casal Barcelona Tennis Academy

For Spain and the rest of the globe, the Barcelona Tennis Academy Sanchez-Casal is frequently referred to as the “forge of tennis stars.” Many professional athletes, including Olympic and world champions Svetlana Kuznetsova and Elena Bovina, are among the Academy’s alumni.

Emilio Sanchez, a Davis Cup captain for his country and one of the top tennis players of the 1980s, founded the academy with Sergio Kasal.

Every Sanchez-Casal student resides on the campus of the Sanchez-Casal Academy. Younger pupils reside in welcoming homes, while older kids might pick lovely bungalows.

The annual tuition fee is 40920.00 euros.

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What Are The Private Boarding Schools In Spain?

Almost all boarding schools in Spain are privately owned. Some of them are:

  • Sotogrande International
  • San Patricio Toledo International School
  • King’s College Soto de Vinuelas – Madrid
  • Sage College
  • ES International School Barcelona – American School in Barcelona
  • El Castillo International School – Madrid (SEK)
  • International Private School of Catalunya – ISCAT
  • Lady Elizabeth Private School
  • SEK International Schools – Barcelona
  • Colegio Montfort Private School
  • Catalunya International Private School (SEK)
  • Captivava Sports Academy – Barcelona
  • Colegio Internacional Meres – Asturias

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What Are The Military Boarding Schools In Spain?

The military schools’ consistent organizational framework helps students with essential life qualities like commitment, responsibility, discipline, and self-motivation. These are the few military boarding schools in Spain:

  • Spanish Air Force Academy
  • Spanish Military Academy
  • Spanish Naval Academy

What Are The Affordable Boarding Schools In Spain?

The cost of tuition at boarding schools in Spain is often costly, although the following boarding schools in Spain provide affordable tuition:

  • Colegio Internacional Meres – Asturias
  • International Private School of Catalunya – ISCAT
  • ES International School Barcelona – American School in Barcelona

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Spanish schools offer free English education?

Spain’s public education system has high standards. As long as they have enrolled on the municipal register, or empadronamiento, at their local town hall, all children, including those foreigners, are welcome to attend these schools for free.

Is home education common in Spain?

In many nations, including the UK and the USA, homeschooling is quite popular, and families choose it for a variety of logistical, religious, and cultural reasons. This isn’t the case in Spain.

Is schooling expensive in Spain?

EU students who enrol in Spanish universities are eligible for free education there. Even with tuition, the annual costs for overseas students enrolled in undergraduate programs at public universities in Spain are reasonable at roughly 1,280 EUR/Rs 107618.

Do I need a student visa to study in Spain?

A student visa is not required for those who plan to study in Spain for less than 90 days. A short-stay visa can be necessary, based on the applicant’s nationality. The following relatives can apply for a visa to travel with the student: a civil partner or spouse.


We sure hope that you have completely explored these outstanding boarding schools in Spain. While expensive, boarding schools in Spain are excellent choices for you.

You can also look into the financial aid options for your schooling.



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