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15 Best Boarding Schools in South Dakota | Rankings

South Dakota lies in the Midwestern United States region; it also has many boarding schools and is one of the country’s most diverse regions.


Children who attend boarding schools live on the campus while receiving formal education. Also, “boarding” refers to “room and board,” meaning housing and meals. 

Their operation, norms of conduct, and ethics differ widely because they have been around for many centuries and are now spread across numerous nations. 

During the academic year, students at boarding schools learn and live with their classmates, as well as perhaps teachers or administrators. 

Some boarding institutions also accept day students, who attend school during the day and spend the evenings with their families away from campus.

Keep reading to discover all about the best boarding schools in South Dakota!

Are There Boarding Schools in South Dakota?

In South Dakota, there are a good number of Boarding schools, both public and private, but most people want to know the best, and every parent would want to give their children the best. 

And Below are the best 15 Boarding schools in South Dakota:

  • Flandreau India School
  • Freeman Academy 
  • Sunshine Bible Academy 
  • Red Clown Indian School 
  • St Francis Elementary School 
  • Marty Indian School 
  • Trinity Lutheran School 
  • All Saits school
  • Crazy horse school 
  • Cow creek tribal school 
  • Great plains Lutherans
  • Rapid city Christian School 
  • Pierre Indian learning Centre 
  • Tiospa zina tribal school 
  • Bethesda Lutheran School 

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How Much Does Boarding Schools in South Dakota Cost?

The average private school tuition in South Dakota is $3,825 per year 2023

The average annual tuition for private elementary schools is $3,735, while the average annual tuition for private high schools is $7,253.

St. Joseph Elementary School, which charges a tuition of $1,250, is the private school with the least expensive fees. 

Sunshine Bible Academy, which charges $11,018 in tuition, is the private school in South Dakota with the most expensive fees.

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Are There Affordable Boarding Schools in South Dakota?

There are Affordable Boarding Schools in South Dakota, But they are mostly public than private.

If you are looking for an Affordable Boarding school to enrol your child, check below to see a few Affordable Boarding Schools in South Dakota. 

  • Sunshine Bible Academy 
  • Freeman Academy 
  • Sioux falls Lutheran 
  • Holy spirit school 
  • Sfc school 
  • St Joseph Elementary School with tuition of $1250 yearly

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools in South Dakota 2023?

South Dokota has great Boarding schools for students to be in comfortably but there are ones that are considered the best out of the numerous Boarding schools in South Dakota.

Here are the Top ranking Boarding schools in South Dakota and all you need to know about them.

1. St Francis Elementary School 

Since they opened their doors in 1948, kindness, respect, and Catholic Christian principles have served as their cornerstone. 

Catholic primary school St. Francis School welcomes students of all religions. They work hard to build a robust, child-centered, secure learning environment that equips young people with the skills they need for a bright future based on solid academic training and Christian ideals.

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More than 1,500 students have gone through their doors, many of whom went on to lead powerful, prosperous lives.

Furthermore, Many of their graduates have achieved valedictorian, salutatorian, or honor student status, demonstrating how the lessons learned at St. Francis benefit students throughout their whole careers.

Their teachers promote a top-notch curriculum and are highly qualified and state-certified. Their low staff turnover rate is evidence of the commitment and love these people have for instructing kids at St. Francis School. ​

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2. Freeman Academy 

Through Anabaptist ideals, Freeman Academy weaves Christ’s call into every learning.

We hope to encourage students to think critically by integrating knowledge with faith, service, creative expression, and practical experiences.

Each student at Freeman Academy develops the special talents that God has given them in a secure, loving, and artistic setting.

Instead of just teaching for grades, tests, or college applications, Freeman Academy prepares students for lifelong learning.

They emphasize critical reading, writing, listening, and critical thinking. Although they are a college-preparatory institution, learning is something they value on its own and not just as a means to an end. 

They emphasize the development of creativity throughout all of our programs, fostering the imagination as a crucial component of learning.

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3. Cow Creek Tribal School 

Their district has grades K–12 and is 196.2 square miles in size. Additionally, students from nearby reservations attend. They are working to have a beneficial geographic and economic impact on student populations given the high poverty rate.

 The Crow Creek Tribal School District has about 600 pupils enrolled. They provide courses through online learning, other forms of technology, and an alternative high school. 

Their faculty and students actively participate in mentorship programs to foster interpersonal connections, cultural sensitivity, and the encouragement of wise decisions. They take great pride in the accomplishments of their students, staff, and diverse ethnic population.

They have the honor of instructing intelligent and enquiring Hunkpati Oyate youngsters. If you’re new to the area and want to learn more about our cultural practices,academics, teaching staff or anything else.

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4. Bethesda Lutheran School 

Students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin are eligible to enroll in and participate in all programs, services, and activities at Bethesda Lutheran School.

In the administration of its admissions policies, educational policies, and other school-administered programs, it does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin.

Additionally, Bethesda provides full-time Christian education through its primary school, which is accredited by the Lutheran Church, its preschool, and its year-round child care and enrichment program for parents and kids from the church and the neighborhood.

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5. Great plains Lutherans 

The South Dakota Department of Education has approved GPLHS and also received full accreditation from the National Council for Private School Accreditation and WELS School Accreditation (WELSSA) (NCPSA).

They would be delighted to share their passion for education and their goal of helping parents raise their children to be devoted followers of Christ for life.

The ministry of Great Plains Lutheran High School has a long history of receiving substantial contributions. In fact, without this kind of support, they would not be able to perform what they do in the manner that they do it.

Their Annual Support Goal fills the difference between what a family pays in tuition and the real cost of educating each youngster.

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6. Trinity Lutheran School 

The Trinity Lutheran School is a Christ-centered institution that educates children from preschool through eighth grade in a family-oriented environment. 

Furthermore, it aims to raise up well-rounded, lifelong Christians. This implies that we give kids a range of chances to discover and advance their abilities in the classroom, their talents, their religion, and their life skills.

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The school is an intentional outgrowth of the church that offers a high-quality education that is based on Christ’s love.

They also think that education goes beyond the four walls of the classroom. This covers extracurricular activities, family gatherings, outdoor education, field trips, and more.

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7. Crazy Horse School 

Crazy Horse was built in the 1960s so locals wouldn’t have to send their kids to boarding schools for Native Americans. Its current structure was built in 1975. 

The tribe council put the education board’s operations on hold in 2005. At the time, residents were pushing for the dissolution of the school board. 

It had 334 students in 2015.

It received a grant for suicide prevention in 2016.

Crazy horse is a K–12 institution run by a tribe in Wanblee, South Dakota. It has connections to the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) also, it is contained the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

One of the five high schools providing a high school program within the reservation’s limits is this one.

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8. Sunshine Bible Academy 

Beyond the classroom, students at Sunshine Bible Academy will be immersed in a caring community that promotes mutual respect, cultivates connections, and fosters spiritual development.

Furthermore, students at Sunshine Bible Academy are usually equipped to apply Scripture to every aspect of life, strengthen their relationship with Christ, and form strong personal beliefs.

Students at Sunshine Bible Academy also are stretched academically and given the tools they need in all subject areas to achieve in their studies and honor God in their endeavors.

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9. Rapid City Christian School 

Students of any race, color, natural born, gender, national and ethnic origin are admissible to all the rights, benefits, programs, and activities normally provided for students at the school by Rapid City Christian School.

The school relocated to Bible Fellowship Church in 1988. The hunt for a permanent location started when steady controlled development brought the student population near to the facility’s maximum capacity.

Also, in the administration of its admissions rules, scholarship and loan programs, athletic and other school-administered programs, and educational policies, it does not discriminate based on race, color, natural born gender, or national or ethnic origin.

Admission decisions are made based on applicants’ parental and spiritual commitment, performance on entrance examinations, and academic history.

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9. Tiospa Zina Tribe School 

This is a Tribally controlled school and they have always been seen as the best because of the way things are been done on the school.

They Give students access to a high-quality, culturally relevant education that equips them with the knowledge, abilities, and attitudes required to seize the opportunities of the future, lead their communities and sovereign nations to a prosperous future while preserving their distinctive cultural identities.

Being one of the top ranking Boarding Schools in South Dakota shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone because of the recognitions they normally get and most students that graduated from there are seen to be successful in their different fields of study.

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10. Flandreau India School 

Flandreau India School is off-reservation and run by the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE).

This particular off-reservation boarding school is one of four that the BIE directly manages.

Also, it has grades 9 through 12-4 It is the oldest continually running Indian residential school in the country, having opened as a Presbyterian mission school in 1872. 

Children who belong to tribes that have received federal recognition are eligible. In 2002, 95% of applicants were accepted by the institution. Children with disabilities that the school could not accommodate were typically the only ones who were not admitted.

The federal government pays for students’ tuition, room, and board. This is in accordance with its treaty obligations for creating the reservations and maintaining peace following the Indian Wars.

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Are There Elementary Boarding Schools in South Dakota?

There are quite few Elementary Boarding Schools in South Dakota, both private and public, are you looking for the Top Elementary Boarding Schools in South Dakota,below are few I can recommend for you. 

  • St Francis Elementary School 
  • Holy spirit school 
  • Freeman Academy 
  • Christ the king school etc 
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What Are The Public Boarding Schools in South Dakota ?

South Dakota has some good public schools that are doing well and recognized.

Most public schools in South Dakota is cheaper because most times there are freewill donations and programs too that help in the payment of the academic Tuitions.

If you are looking for public boarding schools to get your child into,then check below to see some.

  • WoonSocket public School 
  • North Western High school 
  • Platte giddes public high school 
  • Lyman high school 

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What Are The Private Boarding Schools in South Dakota?

Private Boarding schools in South Dakota Are quite a lot, though a good number of them find their way into the top-ranking Boarding Schools in South Dakota today, and they are mostly expensive.

Students in private boarding schools are belived to be more exposed to more sophisticated academic activities than the public boarding schools,so parents belive it worth the pay since most parents wants the best out of their kids.

Here are some private boarding schools in South Dakota:

  • Sfc schools
  • Acton Academy Sioux falls 
  • ACE Academy Sioux falls 
  • Trinity Lutheran School etc

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Are There All Girls Boarding in South Dakota?

South Dakota has very few All girls Boarding School which will be listed below continue reading..

Some of the top ranking Boarding Schools in South Dakota Are All Girls.

Here are the few;

  • Sfc Schools 
  • St Elizabeth secondary school 
  • Takini school 
  • Cheyenne 
  • Eagle Butte school 

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Are There All Boys Boarding School?

There are Boarding Schools in South Dakota that admit only boys and there are very few number of them.

If you are looking for All boys boarding school to enrol your boy child in,  then you are reading the right Article….

Check out these few:

  • O’gorman high school 
  • St Lawrence All boys school 

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What Are The Military Boarding Schools in South Dakota?

Military Boarding Schools in South Dakota Are very few.

Unlike other schools it is very different and difficult to enter most times.

Below is an example of a military Boarding School in South Dakota.

  • Royal military school 

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What Are The Christian Boarding Schools in South Dakota?

Christian Schools are religious schools (missionary schools), and some are enlisted as a few of the top-ranking schools in South Dakota.

Also, Christian schools often go beyond the classrooms to teach the students and instill good beliefs about Christianity and other things they need to know.

If you are looking for Christian School to enrol your child in then keep reading, this article is right for you.

Here are some Christian schools in South Dakota. 

  • Mitchell Christian School 
  • Aberdeen Christian School 
  • James Valley Christian School 
  • Missouri Valley Christian Academy 
  • Watertown Christian School 

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What Are The Therapeutic Boarding Schools in South Dakota for Troubled Youths?

Is your Child Troubled in any way and you feel incapacitated to take good care of him or her, then Therapeutic Boarding Schools are the best option you have as a parent.

Enlisted below are the best Therapeutic top ranking Boarding Schools in South Dakota.

  • Abbott house Inc
  • Agape Boarding Therapeutic school
  • Havenwood Academy 
  • Sundance Canyon Academy 

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the 15 best Boarding schools in South Dakota 2023 enlisted above are the high ranking schools and they are recognised because of the good services they render.

I believe after reading this article you will get to know all you want to know about the best Boarding schools in South Dakota, their cost of Tuitions and all it takes to get enrolled in any of them.


Are Therapeutic Boarding Schools in South Dakota Affordable?

Therapeutic Boarding Schools in South Dakota can be afforded, there public Therapeutic Boarding Schools that are Affordable and mostly Christian Therapeutic Boarding Schools are more affordable because most times the members of the church do free will donations to reduce the academic Tuitions for students to afford.

What is the most expensive Boarding School in South Dakota?

Sunshine Academy is one of the most expensive Boarding Schools in South Dakota year 2023; from the Tuition of $11,018 per annum, none of the schools match up to that.



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