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15 Best Boarding Schools in Mexico

As a Mexican, we understand that you are really particular about knowing the best boarding schools in Mexico to enrol your child in this session.


Mexico is a nation in southern North America that is formally known as the United Mexican States. 

It shares borders with the United States to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the south and west, Guatemala, Belize, and the Caribbean Sea to the southeast and the Gulf of Mexico to the east.

Boarding Schools in Mexico are numerous, and most are doing well, both private and public.

This article will discuss the 15 Best Schools in Mexico 2023.

Every parent out there wants to give their children the best. That’s why most parents are curious about the best school to enrol their children in.

One of the main concerns for many international families moving to a new country or city is finding the right school for their children. They can be confident that they will have access to a wide selection of private international schools to choose from. 

Academic credentials earned by Mexican students are acknowledged and respected all over the world. 

International students studying in Mexico can enjoy a distinctive cultural experience in a beautiful setting thanks to the country’s diverse, hospitable, and vibrant society. 

Studying in Mexico is a great way to get into prestigious international universities.

Are There Boarding Schools in Mexico?

There are good Boarding Schools in Mexico, both private, public, Christian and therapeutic most of them are recognised for their good services.

Enlisted below are the 15 top-ranking boarding schools in Mexico.

  • Eton School
  • Escuela Lomas Altas
  • Pinecrest International School
  • Colegio Del Bosque School
  • Swiss School of Mexico, A.C.
  • Colegio Peterson S.C.
  • the Churchill School S.A. de C.V.
  • Middle and High School LOGOS
  • Sierra Nevada School
  • Bridgehill Elementary School 
  • British American School
  • International College of Mexico
  • Pupa House
  • 16. American High School in Mexico City, Mexico

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How Much Is Boarding Schools in Mexico?

The typical size of financial aid grants that a school offers should also be considered when assessing a school’s affordability.

Depending on the amount of aid a school can offer (which also depends on your family’s financial situation and eligibility for aid), schools with higher tuition costs may be less expensive.

Annual tuition rates for N/PK/K in the 2022–2023 school year are as follows (in Mexican pesos): $123,200; for grades 1-6: $154,500; for grades 7-9: $180,000; and for grades 10–12: $183,400. 

Additionally, there is an admission fee of $79,000 for all new students and an annual inscription fee of $79,000 (based on the number of children in the family) Grades N/PK/K–6 are $98,000, while grades 7–12 are $49,000.

(payment depends on the number of children enrolled per family). (All prices are given in pesos (MXN)).

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Are There Affordable Boarding Schools in Mexico?

Affordable schools in Mexico are quite a few, most are military schools and public schools.

Being Affordable doesn’t mean that they are not good schools, most affordable schools are recognised in the state for their good works.

Some Affordable schools in Mexico;

  • Colegio Peterson S.C 
  • International American School of Cancun
  • Modern American School

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools in Mexico?

Best means that out of the numerous schools in Mexico, these few schools are seen as extraordinary amongst them because of the quality of education they give to their students.

Are you relocating to Mexico with your kids and require information on the top universities and colleges? 

The good news is that you will have many options to choose from because various levels of public and private education are available throughout the country.

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Without exaggeration, boarding schools in Mexico not only ensure that your child receives a safe education, but they also ensure that your child receives a comprehensive education.

1. Eton School

Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle, and High School programs are available at Eton School Mexico. 

We take great pride in an inclusive, coeducational learning community that values diversity and accepts families from various cultures, nationalities, religions, and ideologies. 

By supporting fundamental human rights, which serve as the cornerstone of their diverse and multicultural spirit, the school fosters universally ethical and moral values.

The school provides students with a top-notch and thorough bilingual (English/Spanish) academic program that encourages meaningful learning experiences and supports young people in realizing their full potential in a supportive environment.

John Miller, the current Head of School at Eton, has more than thirty years of experience and has worked as a foreign educator in Brazil, Mexico, and the United States.

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2. Escuela Lomas Altas

The classrooms at Escuela Lomas Altas are hives of activity where students work with and learn from their teachers and each other. 

They acquire knowledge through doing, participating actively, and giving it meaning through reflection, cooperation, and research.

A sustained learning pattern emerges when academic material is presented in ways that excite students’ minds and senses. 

A space is created where the child can participate in the development of new ideas and have his or her background and prior knowledge validated. 

In this sense, the teacher acts as a facilitator, encouraging the students to develop knowledge that is pertinent to them and their physical and social environments.

Escuela Lomas Altas, a private institution, aims to give students the knowledge, ideas, and attitudes required for their holistic development. 

In a globalized world, they mould the lives of lifelong learners with an international mindset.

The inquiry-based curriculum builds on students’ prior knowledge, takes advantage of their natural curiosity, and satisfies their desire to actively participate in their education while giving them free rein to express their creativity. 

The teacher is viewed as a facilitator who recognizes different learning preferences and adapts and designs activities to account for these nuances. 

They think education should be enjoyable and works best when it is highly individualized. 

They have chosen to remain a small school to accomplish the latter, enabling individual attention for all students through a 1:6 teacher-student ratio.

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3. Pinecrest International School

They are an international bilingual school with a high academic level that seeks to train Christian leaders with the tools to unleash their full potential, capable of facing the challenges they will face in life and contributing to the good of their family and society.

Pinecrest International are part of the Semper Altius Schools Network, with more than 60 years of experience implementing the Comprehensive Training model in 18 countries worldwide.

They seek to develop their student’s capacities by following international standards, offering personalized attention, using technological resources ethically and productively, and forming solid spiritual, human, intellectual and apostolic principles in their students.

Two models guide their steps.  Their educational model reflects this essence: the mission, principles and purposes that have characterized them for over 65 years.  

The pedagogical model is how they conceive the learning of their students. 

The latter recently got an update, moving away from traditional methods.  Their model focuses on learning and not on teaching, that is to say, they want students to be the protagonists of their learning history and to learn in a collaborative, active and reflective way.

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4. Colegio Del Bosque School

They seek that their graduates possess a sense of transcendence, ethical behaviour, numerical and verbal skills of excellence, solid scientific training, positive action leadership, understanding of diverse cultures and optimal handling of languages ​​and communication technologies. communication and information.

The most important colleges and universities worldwide will prefer their graduates, creating direct agreements with them.

Colegio Del Bosque School will operate with international standards and certifications, measurement schemes and continuous evaluation that ensure the results.

They also offer state-of-the-art educational facilities and environments that favour the development of students’ academic, artistic, cultural and sports skills.

Another feature is a partnership with international schools that assist them in mastering a second or third language and being connected to a Network of Universities where students can pursue their higher education, in the event of a change of address. 

This is in addition to the benefit of providing their students and their families comprehensive global training in 37 cities in the Mexican Republic and 16 countries.

They have a close relationship with five international schools in the United States, Ireland, and Switzerland that provide annual and summer programs so that students can experience life in another culture and master a second or third language.

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5. BridgeHill Elementary School

A quality school is what is intended. 

constitutional, utilizing all available human and material resources and maximizing the teaching-learning process to achieve a thorough education that enables the student to develop academically and emotionally a values-rich awareness.

Through a thorough education that equips the student with the skills needed to face life and accomplish their goals and objectives, “BEST” School aims to provide a clear projection of the future. 

All of these will make their society, country, and planet better.

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6. Swiss School of Mexico, A.C

Colegio Suizo de México provides students with a rigorous academic education within a European educational framework that will help them become global citizens.

Their goal is to develop competently, 

multilingual individuals who will positively impact the world by providing them with a cutting-edge, multicultural education that draws on the best aspects of Swiss, Mexican, and other cultures.

By fostering the cultural and educational ties between the two nations and giving the Swiss community a sense of belonging, the Swiss College of Mexico has aided in the growth of relations between the two nations. 

It has successfully brought them together in a setting where the customs of both nations are upheld in the same spot.

Since academic excellence is an essential component of their teaching methodology, academic performance is crucial for Swiss schools of México students.

The learning process is guided by assessments, which are demanding and complex. 

The Swiss school of México evaluates students using a uniform and transparent standard while constantly encouraging them to view education as an opportunity for personal growth rather than a duty.

Everyone has a responsibility to contribute to the educational process.

At Swiss de México, teachers and students have a trusting working relationship. While the teacher supports the student’s learning process and facilitates the student’s feedback, the student strives to gain the necessary knowledge through a European educational system. 

Fathers and mothers also receive accurate and unbiased academic information.

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7. Colegio Peterson S.C.

With four campuses in Mexico City (Cuajimalpa, Lomas, Paseo, and Pedregal) and more than 1,850 students ranging from preschool to high school, The Peterson Schools are a private, nondenominational, and international group of non-profit schools that offers individualized and fully bilingual coeducation.

They work hard to instil a passion for learning in each of their students, whether in a dynamic classroom, playing a sport, using their creativity in art while interacting with friends and teachers, or learning how to manipulate and responsibly use technology. 

All of these things together make up the Peterson Community.

The growth of students’ abilities and skills forms the basis of the Peterson Schools Educational Model. 

It offers a cutting-edge curriculum for the instructive-learning process.

They have also incorporated digital technologies into their program. This gives both the staff and students the resources they need to succeed in their academic and professional endeavours.

The Peterson Schools mould students into exceptional citizens who can act responsibly toward their environment and community. 

Their goal is to assist them in developing into responsible, positive, and forward-thinking citizens.

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8. Sierra Nevada School

The small school environment at SNACS encourages individualized learning through play, exploration, and choice. 

The personalized learning model encourages greater academic achievement and student engagement. 

Public charter schools like SNACS combine individualized, challenging, and community-based curricula with the best of inclusive, accessible learning.

A significant portion of SNACS students—46.73%—identify as people of color, reflecting the vibrant Reno neighbourhood in which they are located. 

Every student has the right to attend class and learn there in a welcoming and safe environment. 

All students, family members, and staff are expected to act in a way that fosters a sense of school community using kindness because SNACS is a bully-free zone. 

Kindness counts. All students, families, and staff are expected to collaborate in teaching their students how to treat one another in all contexts, particularly at school. 

This handbook offers advice for students on adhering to school regulations, kindness and what it looks like, breaking regulations and what to do about it, and recognizing and dealing with bullying issues.

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9. British American School

A 1998-founded educational institution became a Nord Anglia Education family member in 2013. 

Nord Anglia Education, which has its global headquarters in Hong Kong and a regional office for North America in Chicago, Illinois, runs 42 schools with more than 34,000 students in over 30 countries, including 10 schools in the United States in Washington, D.C., Charlotte, Chicago, Houston, Boston, New York, Windermere, and Coconut Creek. 

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The International Baccalaureate and the English National Curriculum are offered in a distinctive combination at each Nord Anglia Education school in the United States.

In addition to the US curriculum, the schools also offer the IB Diploma Programme and the IGCSE.

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10. The Wintage School

The Wingate School is a coeducational, lay British international school with a strong emphasis on developing human values in Mexico City. 

Children from all cultural backgrounds can receive instruction at a school that meets the highest standards in a supportive environment.

The teachers at Wingate are capable of customizing their lessons for each student. 

Each child is truly unique, and while acknowledging this empowers them to believe in their abilities and self-worth, it also enables teachers to provide more individualized support when necessary.

They set students up for access to universities and career pathways around the world, transition, and any educational or career path they choose. 

Children who graduate from Wingate are frequently regarded as “native English speakers,” giving them a significant advantage in both their professional and personal lives.

They constantly teach and encourage their kids to be kind, respectful, self-reliant, and forward-thinking. 

They are highly sought after as employees and business partners because of this, along with the excellent education they receive at Wingate, and they are admitted to universities around the world. 

When students leave Wingate, they have a much higher chance of success in life due to their high levels of academic achievement as well as the interpersonal skills and extracurricular knowledge they acquire there.

Wingate School

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What Are The Private Boarding Schools in Mexico?

Individuals own lots of private schools in Mexico, these schools, or groups of persons and most of them in Mexico are doing pretty well.

The few enlisted Best Schools in Mexico are all private, enlisted below are a few good private schools if you are looking for any.

  • Westhill Institute
  • The Churchill School S.A. de C.V.
  • Colegio Peterson S.C.
  • Primaria British Tecamachalco

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Are There All Girls Boarding in Mexico?

All girl’s schools in Mexico are pretty much both private and public and Christian inclusive.

There are more Girls’ schools than All boy’s schools in Mexico for reasons best known to them.

Examples of All girl’s schools in Mexico;

  • Sierra Nevada School
  • Modern American School
  • Colegio Alemán Alexander von Humboldts

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Are There All Boys Boarding Schools in Mexico?

There are few All boys schools in Mexico, not doing much of them, but a good number of them, and they are all doing great, most of them are private while others are military.

If you are looking for a boy’s school to enrol your male child in, consider these few for him;

  • The Edron Academy
  • Eton School
  • Sunset Bay Academy
  • Winpenny School

What Are The Military Boarding Schools in Mexico?

Military schools are not like other schools, this is the school where they train the kids to be soldiers to defend and protect the country.

This school is for kids with the vision of entering the military.

Some of these schools are;

  • Heroico Colegio Militar
  • Military Transmissions School
  • PDMU
  • Colegio Militar

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What Are The Christian Boarding Schools in Mexico?

Christian schools are more religious schools, in these schools, they instil in the kids the teachings of the Bible and Jesus Christ, and their teachers train and guide the kids not only in the classrooms but outside the classrooms about the ways of the Christians most of them end up being Priests and reverend sisters.

Examples of Christian schools in Mexico;

  • BridgeWay North American School
  • Bethel International Christian Academy
  • Galaad Christian Academy

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What Are The Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Mexico for Troubled Youths?

Unlike other regular Schools, therapeutic schools are not so much in Mexico, and this type of school is not like other schools.

Therapeutic schools are mostly for disturbed youths who need utmost care and are made available to help the kids.

Examples of these schools;

  • Sunset Bay Academy
  • Northridge School Mexico
  • Westhill Institute

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Knowing the Best is always the best thing to do, I believe after reading this article, you now know enough about the Top ranking schools in Mexico at the moment in case you have plans of enrolling any of your people in any of the schools.


Is attending boarding school worthwhile?

Parents who barely have time to take good care of their children often send them to boarding schools where they are usually well cared for, as boarding schools have a lot to offer both students and parents.

Parents board their kids at boarding schools for what reasons?

Most teens struggle academically or medically, so sending them to a boarding school where they have more of their fellow students’ company occasionally helps them. Most often, though, they do so because of the child’s stare.



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