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15 Best Boarding Schools in Ireland

As part of its educational policy, there are many boarding schools in Ireland.


Ireland is a nation whose history is inextricably linked to the growth of the global education sector.

After all, even during the Dark Ages, Irish monks travelled to other nations to teach children throughout Europe. 

Ireland is now a popular destination for international students, and the best private schools provide top-notch educational services.

Today, elite boarding schools in Ireland allow students to receive a top-notch education that satisfies rigorous British standards.

Ireland’s schools offer top-notch instruction that equips students with the knowledge and skills they need to continue their education.

In reality, every boarding school and boarding house in Ireland has excellent amenities. 

Students can access spacious, comfortable campuses and opportunities for creativity and athletics. Practically all students participate in clubs and coteries to further their talents and skills during their free time.

Are There Boarding Schools in Ireland?

High school boarding schools, elementary school boarding schools, and other types are all present in Ireland.

The best and highest ranked boarding schools in Ireland as of right now 2023 are listed below.

  • Villiers School
  • Wesley College Dublin
  • The King’s Hospital School
  • Dundalk Grammar School
  • Alexandra College Dublin
  • Blackrock College
  • Rockwell College
  • Rathdown School
  • Clongowes Wood College SJ
  • Kilkenny College
  • Wilson’s Hospital School
  • The Royal School
  • Brookfield College
  • Sligo grammar school
  • Midleton College

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How Much Is Boarding Schools in Ireland?

In prestigious boarding schools in Ireland, secondary education costs range from 16,000 to 32,000 euros per year. 

While maintaining the high quality of educational services offered, the cost of education in the best private boarding schools in Ireland is typically less expensive than that of secondary education in the UK, USA, Canada, etc.

The typical annual day fees range from €4,000 to €7,000; however, the cost of boarding can significantly raise these fees, up to more than €15,000 for the academic year.

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Are There Affordable Boarding Schools in Ireland?

There are varieties of boarding schools that are affordable, both private and public.

If you are looking for an affordable boarding school for your children,  then consider these enlisted.

Some affordable boarding schools in Ireland 2023;

  • Glenstal school
  • Reilly Education 
  • Villiers School

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools in Ireland?

Studying at a boarding school means a full stay (accommodation, educational process, extracurricular activities and walks) on the institution’s territory.

Everything you want to know about the top-rated boarding schools in Nebraska will be covered in this article.

We will discuss the top-ranking schools in Nebraska to provide you with more information about the schools and how they operate.

1. Villiers School

Villiers School is an Irish coeducational school. 

The educational institution carefully preserves and supports traditional Christian cultural values and British educational traditions while actively introducing modern technologies and methods into the learning process, focusing on the practical application of knowledge in the modern world. 

Villiers School welcomes students from all over the world: the multicultural environment makes children feel more comfortable and liberated, promotes cultural exchange, and allows you to quickly make new friends and overcome communication barriers.

The educational institution underwent extensive modernization several years ago, and its equipment now fully meets modern educational standards.

There are multifunctional scientific laboratories for practical studies, a diverse sports infrastructure, and IT classes.

The vast majority of graduates – approximately 90% – gain admission to the best universities in the UK and Europe, including the most prestigious and ranked institutions (such as Cambridge).

The school’s strongest academic directions are economics, German, and modern technologies.

Each student is assigned to a specific teacher, who assists the student in adapting and studying, and is always willing to provide valuable advice or recommendations to aid in developing the student’s abilities and talents.

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2. Wesley College Dublin

Wesley College combines the best traditions of the past with modern, cutting-edge facilities. 

The College has over 900 students and is a co-educational day and boarding school. While students from the major Protestant denominations are given priority, the College takes pride in its inclusive community spirit and welcomes students of all faiths.

Wesley College is dedicated to academic success. Students are given a diverse curriculum and are taught by a professional and dedicated faculty. 

They also provide a variety of extra-curricular and sporting activities in the belief that they supplement a good general education and benefit the whole person.

The College has excellent facilities on a large site at the foot of the Dublin mountains, making it the ideal environment for students in their care.

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3. The King’s Hospital School

King’s encourage their students to be the best they can be and reach their potential inside and outside the classroom by providing excellent teaching talent and a strong emphasis on enrichment activities.

As a caring community, they go beyond just being a school. They encourage inclusivity and support cultural diversity in their multicultural, co-educational environment, where they welcome people of all faiths.

They want the students to graduate from the institution with a passion for learning, a strong sense of integrity, responsibility, independence, and a zest for life. 

We encourage you to embrace the educational journey that The King’s Hospital School has in store for you. 

The King’s Hospital School strives to offer a learning environment where students can achieve their individual best by their potential and abilities.

Each student’s intellectual, creative, and cultural growth is of great value, and every aspect of school life flows to foster this development.

They think that learning should focus more on critical thinking and information evaluation than memorization. 

They teach subject integration to their students. Additionally, they provide a broad and evolving selection of subjects, extensive specialized facilities, and highly experienced teaching staff.

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4. Dundalk Grammar School

Dundalk, County Louth has an independent school called Dundalk Grammar School. 

The school has primary and secondary divisions and is coed. It is one of the few schools in Ireland that provides instruction to students from the time they enter kindergarten (4 years) until they reach high school age (18–19 years). 

An eight-year primary program is available at the junior school. Most students enrol in secondary school at age 12 and complete the Junior Certificate, Transition Year, and Leaving Certificate programs over a six-year cycle.

All secondary school students (12 to 18 years of age) may board at the school five days a week during the academic year. 

On-campus lodging is available from Sunday night to Friday night. Boarding students who live nearby can attend class on Monday morning if they so choose.

A Head of Boarding and a group of resident staff members working under the guidance of the resident Headmaster look after boarders.

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5. Alexandra College Dublin

At Alexandra College Dublin, they know that education should lead to developing a sound body and mind.

They have been assisting girls in developing into young women for more than 150 years, preparing them for both their personal and professional lives with a balance of knowledge, experience and values.

The world’s future depends on the education of girls most time. 

To change the world from what it currently is to what we want it to be, we need women in every single area of life. 

By the time they turn 18, they have created wonderful young women who are capable of being assertive without being aggressive, standing up for what they believe in, and being whoever they need to be and whoever they want to be. 

to have good manners, respect others, and know how to have fun. They have girls who are both characters and have characters. In addition to being good girls, they also teach girls how to live good lives.

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6. Blackrock College 

In Williamstown, Blackrock, County Dublin, Ireland, there is a voluntary day and boarding Catholic secondary school for boys ages 13 to 18- Blackrock College (Irish: Coláiste na Carraige Duibhe). 

Jules Leman, a French missionary, established it in 1860 as a school that later expanded to include a training facility for the civil service.

The college is self-contain with boarding and teaching facilities in 56 acres of parkland and is located 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) from Dublin’s city centre. 

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As of 2021, Blackrock is run by the Congregation of the Holy Ghost in close collaboration with a team of lay staff. It can house about 1,000 day and boarding students.

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7. Rockwell College

The 12- to 19-year-old students who attend the Catholic Irish Boarding School Rockwell College (College of Rockwell College) participate in a team-based learning environment. 

The quality of instruction, the professionalism of the faculty, and the welcoming environment at Rockwell College have helped students from all over the world develop harmonious, morally upright, and intellectually developed personalities while also allowing them to fully reveal their talents and abilities.

The school’s academic standards are well-known for being stable and very high; for example, according to 2013, each graduate received at least two invitations from universities! Graduates also easily enter the most prestigious, privileged universities in Ireland, the UK, and the rest of the world.

The traditional British GCSE program is taught at Rockwell College and functions as a prep site for the SAT and ACT exams (US required tests required for admission to US universities). The statistics provide these facts

Additionally, the school is renowned for its excellent, thorough work with parents. 

Each student’s family receives regular updates, including information on their academic performance, extracurricular accomplishments, suggestions for future study and development, and guidance on selecting a future speciality, faculty, and university.

The institution is proud of its graduates, many of whom have established lucrative careers and are well-known not only in the UK but also elsewhere in the world.

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8. Rathdown School

Girls and boys are welcome at Rathdown School in South Dublin, Ireland, from Preschool (3 years old) to Leaving Certificate level (18 years of age).

They offer a wide range of academic subjects in small classes and a varied and extensive extracurricular program.

They are an independent, fee-paying school for boys and girls that educates boarding and day students from Dublin and students from other parts of Ireland and the world.

Their Junior and Senior Schools are located on 16 acres of lush grounds in Glenageary, County Dublin, on a hilltop with views of the Wicklow Mountains to the interior and the sea at Dun Laoghaire. 

With accreditation from the Boarding School Association, it is conveniently located near Dublin City, the surrounding counties, and Dublin Airport.

The journey through Rathdown School is smooth and full of learning opportunities. Our school’s campus is alive with young people who are self-assured and competent, and ready to take on the world.

Families and students from all traditions, and religions, are welcome there. 

Their student body is inclusive and diverse, giving each student equal value and attention.

At Rathdown School, students get an excellent education and make great progress. Your child will be motivated and expected to give everything they can. 

They strive for the highest standards because they think that learning and teaching should be stimulating and enjoyable for students of all abilities.

Your child will receive a challenging and fulfilling educational experience tailored to her needs, regardless of whether she is the most academically gifted, a good all-arounder, or needs additional help in some areas. 

Teachers are qualified and committed individuals. They also provide various extracurricular and sporting opportunities because they think they enrich a student’s overall development and support a strong general education.

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9. Clongowes Wood College SJ

A prestigious boarding school, Clongowes Wood College, is located in the Co. Kildare countryside, thirty kilometres from Dublin. 

Clongowes, a Catholic school in the Jesuit tradition, works to support students as they develop a deeper appreciation and knowledge of their faith and its role in their lives.

Your son will have the chance to board at Clongowes and live in a friendly, active community where he can reach his potential safely. 

Their community of 450 boys from Ireland and abroad call Clongowes home away from home because it is a welcoming and joyful place.

The boys can board with them every month for seven days with extended weekends off. 

On Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, parents frequently drop by to watch sports; on Sundays, when the boys can go home for the day after Mass, parents are welcome to drop by to visit their sons. 

Families are encouraged to participate in school activities such as planning events, attending church every Sunday, and playing sports.

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10. Kilkenny College

In Kilkenny, in the South-East of Ireland, there is a coed, independent Church of Ireland secondary school called Kilkenny College.

It is Ireland’s biggest co-educational boarding school. Most of the school’s students are Protestant (Church of Ireland), though other denominations are welcome.

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The Butlers, a local aristocratic family and former supporters of the school, had their family coat of arms incorporated into the college’s motto, Comme je trouve, which translates to “As I find” in French.

 It is meant to inspire grit, push through hardship, and meet challenges head-on.

As the largest co-ed boarding school in Ireland today, Kilkenny College also serves as the neighbourhood school for a sizable number of day students from the city and its environs, and it welcomes students from a diverse range of cultures and traditions.

The Diocese of Cashel, Ossory, and Ferns’ Church of Ireland (Anglican) school is located there. The best educational resources are combined with a family atmosphere, making it one of the best schools in the nation today.

Academically, the College is on par with Ireland’s top universities. Thus, students are ready to enter a dynamic and ever-changing nation both intellectually and socially.

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Are There Elementary Boarding Schools in Ireland?

There are quite a few elementary schools in Ireland; however, most are private and receive excellent ratings.

The following elementary schools are suggested if you’re looking to enroll your child there in Ireland:

  • Oatlands Primary School
  • Hedley Park Montessori School
  • Glasnevin National School

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What Are The Public Boarding Schools in Ireland?

However, Ireland’s public schools differ from other states in some of these areas.

The majority of Ireland’s public schools are listed as among the Best in Ireland for 2023, and there are numerous testimonials on the fact that the state’s government provides excellent care for the children enrolled there.

Therefore, if you are considering enrolling your child in a public school in Ireland, we strongly advise you to do so since it is a wise decision and comes with a host of government benefits.

Some public schools in Ireland;

  • International School of Dublin
  • Villiers School
  • Nord Anglia International School Dublin
  • Mount Anville Secondary School

What Are The Private Boarding Schools in Ireland?

There are many private schools in Ireland, but only a small number of them are successful and well-recognized. 

Individuals or groups of individuals typically own private schools.

Private boarding schools are frequently quite expensive to meet the needs of the students and obtain everything else required for the school to operate effectively; as a result, the school is expensive and challenging to afford.

Some private schools in Irelan;

  • Midleton College
  • The King’s Hospital School
  • Alexandra College Dublin
  • Rockport School

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Are There All Girls Boarding Schools in Ireland?

There has always been an all-girls boarding school in Ireland. Even though there aren’t many of them, the existing ones are flourishing.

Numerous testimonials attest to the kind of excellent education they offer and the success of their graduates.

Examples of All girl’s schools;

  • Our Lady’s College
  • Alexandra College Dublin
  • Sancta Maria College
  • Muckross Park College

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What Are the Military Boarding Schools in Ireland?

In contrast to regular schools, military boarding schools are created especially for young people who want to join the military.

There aren’t many of these facilities in Ireland because they differ greatly from standard boarding schools.

In contrast to other institutions, military boarding schools train students for the military.

Some military Boarding Schools in Ireland;

  • Headfort School
  • Glenstal Abbey School
  • Cathal Brugha Barracks
  • National Maritime College of Ireland

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What Are The Christian Boarding Schools in Ireland?

Ireland has many Christian boarding schools, most of which are accredited.

Christian schools develop students’ religious convictions in order to help them learn more about Jesus and the Bible.

Examples of Christian Schools in Ireland;

  • Saol Christian School
  • Christian Brothers College
  • Irish Bible Institute
  • Mary Help of Christians G.N.S.

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What Are The Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Ireland for Troubled Youths?

Only a few therapeutic boarding schools for troubled youth are available in Ireland.

These schools are created to care for children who are not typical and who require the highest level of care; therapeutic schools are designed to do just that.

Ireland therapeutic school examples;

  • Claus – therapeutic programs for children with a wide range of difficulties
  • The Red Door School
  • Glenstal Abbey School

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The Best boarding schools in Ireland for 2023 are those that are highly regarded for offering excellent services.

After reading this post, you should have all the information you need about the top boarding schools in Nebraska, their tuition rates, and what is required to enrol in any of them.


How much is the average cost of schools in Ireland?

The average private school tuition in Ireland is $5,338 per year, which is very affordable.

Is boarding school a necessity for every child?

Boarding school is not a necessity, it is a choice, and depending on the kind of situation you are in, there are successful people out there that didn’t go through boarding schools.



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