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15 Best Boarding Schools in Iowa | Cost, Types

Students interact with teachers more at boarding schools. Boarding school gives students the chance to develop close relationships with their teachers, in part because of the more intimate environment and lower class sizes.


In Iowa, boarding schools perform far better than day schools in terms of a child’s total education. As a result of professors guiding the class all day, students find learning to be more fun.

In Iowa, boarding schools are another important consideration. These academic institutions are the best and most prestigious in the entire globe. 

The traditional and contemporary educational approaches are combined at boarding schools in Iowa, which attracts a large student body. Extracurricular activities at boarding schools in Iowa can ensure that your child will learn about and have the opportunity to develop any latent talents.

This article will effortlessly enrich your desire for veritable information about boarding schools in Iowa. Let’s engage!

Are There Boarding Schools In Iowa?

Undoubtedly, Iowa has boarding schools.

Iowa has a lot to offer boarding school kids in addition to having high academic standards. Every student will find something adventurous to do in Iowa, whether it is ziplining, roller coasters, or long-distance riding.

Christian boarding schools, junior boarding schools, therapeutic boarding schools, co-ed boarding schools, all-girls boarding schools, all-boys boarding schools, military boarding schools, private boarding schools, day boarding schools, weekly boarding schools, and international boarding schools are just a few of the boarding schools in Iowa (IA).

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How Much Do Boarding Schools In Iowa Cost?

A small number of boarding schools are located in the state of Iowa. One is a member of a certain religion. The combined enrollment of the two residential institutions is less than 100, therefore admittance may be challenging.

The cost of attendance at boarding schools is around $29,000 per year, which is less expensive than many other boarding schools around the nation.

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools In Iowa?

There are a few options of boarding schools in Iowa available for you. These are the boarding schools in Iowa:

  • Maharishi School
  • Scattergood Friends School
  • Rivermont Collegiate

#1. Maharishi School

One of Iowa’s finest advanced boarding institutions is Maharishi School. What started as a single groundbreaking school in 1981 has expanded to become the world’s leading example of a special kind of holistic education.

The Maharishi School’s college prep curriculum is based on the idea of maximal awareness.

Even if your school has the best faculty, buildings, curriculum, and technology, how much can be accomplished if students arrive to class anxious, worn out, or distracted?

In a society of virtually continual external stimulation, it also gives people a moment of inner silence and a connection to their genuine authentic selves.

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#2. Scattergood Friends School

Scattergood is one of the top boarding schools in Iowa and is located in West Branch, Iowa, a city near Iowa City. From Chicago, it takes around three and a half hours to get there by automobile. From Minneapolis and St. Louis, it takes about five hours.

Scattergood offers college-preparatory coursework that includes progressive classes, experiential learning, and more one-on-one, reflective assessment.

Students also learn how to live a happy life via work on the farm, on campus, and in seminars that explore both the fine and practical arts.

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Adventure and personal development can be found on service and outdoor trips at one of Iowa’s top boarding schools.

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#3. Rivermont Collegiate

The Pre-Kindergarten program at Rivermont is the beginning of a child’s formal education. It aids in the crucial transition from learning at home to learning in a bigger group.

In their program, they support learning for kids by guiding them via play in a stimulating environment. Children pick up new skills.

Hence Prekindergarten is an extremely crowded setting. During everyday play, students roam about the space and examine several creative centres that are located in various locations.

The foundation on which their kids build their lives—rather than the aim they choose for themselves—is college readiness.

In the future, when global economies will become more intertwined and competitive and necessitate cross-cultural comfort, as well as the capacity to cooperate, settle disputes, and address shared challenges, Rivermont Collegiate prepares students for success.

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Best Boarding Schools Close to Iowa

We have discussed the best boarding schools close to Iowa for you to make up for the small statistics of boarding schools in Iowa. Here are the outstanding boarding schools close to you:

#4. Cotter High School

The location of this is Winona, Minnesota. Both a boarding school and a preparatory school are managed and run on the property. In Winona, it is the only high school that is Roman Catholic. It began as a boys’ school in 1911. Then it changed to the coed.

Students from grades 9 through 12 are educated there. Students at Cotter High School experience a sense of belonging and well-being thanks to the personnel. The fundamental principles of education are their main area of emphasis. They devote all of their time to teaching and preparing their students for the future. Smaller classes are available so that professors can spend more one-on-one time with each student.

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#5. Hillcrest Lutheran Academy

Fergus Falls, Minnesota is home to this esteemed residential school. It was started back in 1916. Boys and girls from all over the world are housed in separate dorms at this private, Christian institution.

The Minnesota Nonpublic School Accrediting Association, the Association of Christian Schools International, the Minnesota State High School League, the Minnesota Independent School Forum, and the Christian of the Lutheran Brethren of America have all granted accreditation to Hillcrest Lutheran Academy. The private school currently offers grades 7 through 12.

Holistic instruction is used at Hillcrest Lutheran Academy. Basketball at Hillcrest Lutheran Academy is well-known. It is situated near the Otter Trail River in a rural environment. 

Middle school students pay $3990, while high school students pay $8125 in fees. A $30 application fee is added to the additional $5900 cost of living in a dorm. For those who qualify, the school offers a free and reduced meal program and financial aid. The Comets are the team’s mascot.

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#6. Lakeside Boys Academy

For boys ages 14 to 18, Lakeside Boys Academy is a less expensive but very successful therapeutic residential school. We assist teenagers in overcoming problems that are controlling their lives, addictions, and destructive behaviour. For guys who require it, premium detox, rehabilitation, and addiction counselling are available as an extra service. 40 guys from throughout America are housed on our campus’ 47 acres.

The best chance for rehabilitation from either or both behavioural problems and addictions at the same time is provided by Lakeside, enabling boys to actually turn their lives around and go back on the right road.

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#7. Minnesota State Academies

The Minnesota State Academies are two distinct institutions. There are schools for blind children among them. Children who are deaf attend the other school.

Every one of them is a state-run public school. These educational institutions were founded in 1863.

They concentrate on these special needs kids from birth to age 21.

Both of the schools are situated in Faribault, Minnesota. Just one mile separates them from one another. On the bluffs above the Canon River, they are situated. Each of these institutions has around 300 students enrolled.

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The Minnesota State Academies are coed institutions as well. Activities at the school for the blind include swimming, chorus, and drama.

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#8. St. John’s Preparatory School

In Collegeville, Minnesota, there is a Catholic and Benedictine coed day and boarding school.

It was established in 1857 by the monks of St. John’s Abbey and is the state’s first secondary institution. There are classes for students in grades 6 through 12. beginning in ninth grade, boarding.

It has been recognized as an International Baccalaureate World School in terms of academics. It is associated with St. John’s University and has a shared campus with them.

Every semester, students enrol in one college course. The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools has granted St. John’s accreditation.

The price of tuition for boarding students, which includes housing, board, and extracurricular activities, is $33,870. The cost of tuition for day students is $14,995, which covers all extracurriculars. Scholarships that are merit- and need-based are available for financial assistance.

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#9. Conserve School (Wisconsin)

Wisconsin’s Land O’Lakes is where Conserve School is situated. Vilas County’s Land O’Lakes is an isolated rural area with only 1 other private school to pick from. 

The fact that Conserve School is a private coed residential school with an emphasis on environmental education sets it apart from other schools. The Conserve School is a nonsectarian institution in respect of its religious inclination. The main school facility is situated on a private 1200-acre estate bordered by lakes and forests. 

Eight lakes are open to students, and five of these are exclusive student-only private lakes. There are currently 60 students, both male, and female, living in green structures. The school boasts 22 miles of outdoor tracks and a plethora of leisure facilities for outdoor activities.

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#10. Wayland Academy

This private, coeducational school serves students in grades 6 through 12 and is situated in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. The school still attracts a diverse student body, with nearly 20% of international students and 15% of students from underrepresented racial groups. 

The majority of students commute from adjacent towns, while over three-quarters live in dorms that were designed specifically for them. Wayland Academy has 220 students enrolled with a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:7, according to the most recent data. 

The average class size at the school is 15 or fewer students. The 65-acre main campus is home to a large number of historic structures. The main Wayland building, which houses the primary student dorms, is arguably the best of these.

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#11. Oaklawn Academy

The all-boys Oaklawn Academy, established in 1984 by the Roman Catholic monastic order the Legionaries of Christ, relocated to Edgerton, Wisconsin, in 1986 with the enthusiastic support of its alumni. 

Oaklawn is a $35,793 yearly private, international elementary boarding school with 216 students in grades 6 through 9. Traditional academic courses are provided by 22 staff members, in addition to a large selection of sports and extracurricular activities, weekly outings, and lengthy trips, including a 10-day trip to Rome. 

The Academy, which is deeply rooted in the Catholic faith, also holds Mass. Personal integrity, morality, and service are integrated into each day’s curriculum at Oaklawn Academy in addition to a focus on academic excellence.

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#12. St. Lawrence Seminary High School

All-male boarding school St. Lawrence Seminary High School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, educates its pupils for future vocations in the Roman Catholic Church.

Students must be male Roman Catholics to enrol.

In 1860, two Swiss priests created the high school, which now enrols 200–220 pupils, the majority of whom come from diverse backgrounds.

The school has tightened admissions standards, but it still looks forward to its annual field day, which started as a custom in 1907.

Over 1,500 of the 5,000 alumni who graduated after receiving their degrees went on to become priests, and 3,500 lay alumni joined different professions while continuing to serve as active members of the Catholic Church.

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#13. Thomas Jefferson School

TJ imparts to pupils in grades 7 through 12 the skills necessary to function as global citizens.

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Furthermore, via the best college-preparatory curriculum imaginable and in a nurturing environment, kids develop a sense of accountability for their academic progress as well as a desire to beautify and educate the world.

Since 1946, TJ has allowed high-ability students to experience intellectual challenges as well as to develop their personal and civic responsibility. Because of the small class sizes, students are encouraged to engage in meaningful dialogue.

Additionally, day students and boarders from all around the world including the United States

accommodation are shared. The students get the opportunity to hone their leadership abilities through sports and clubs.

Also, note that this school’s annual tuition is $62,600 for boarding students.

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#14. Missouri Military Academy

Missouri Military Academy (MMA), a private, all-boys institution that offers a post-graduate year and helps students be ready for college, was founded in 1889 and teaches students in grades 7 through 12.

Moving on, MMA educates young men from all over the world who are seeking career and college preparedness programs in a structured military setting that is focused on fostering grit and self-assurance.

It is situated in a peaceful and secure area of rural Missouri.

However, MMA’s 360 Education promotes academic excellence and success, character development, physical development, personal drive, and leadership training to enable young men to take charge of their own lives and their futures.

Also, take aware that the annual tuition for boarding students at this school is $38,000.

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#15. Chaminade College Preparatory School

A private Catholic preparatory school with two campuses, Chaminade College Preparatory is located in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California, in the United States.

The high school, Chaminade College Preparatory, is named after Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, the founder of the Society of Mary, and the middle school, Chaminade College Preparatory, educates students in grades 6–8.

Additionally, it is located in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles. It is on the list of secondary schools that have received approval from the University of California.

Also, take note that the annual tuition for boarding students at this school is $20,695.

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Are There Private Boarding Schools In Iowa?

Private boarding schools admit a certain number of pupils which will make for a closer and more bonded mode of learning. These are the private boarding schools in Iowa:

  • Maharishi School
  • Scattergood Friends School
  • Rivermont Collegiate

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What Are The Affordable Boarding Schools In Iowa?

Iowa has affordable boarding schools so you don’t have to bother about the tuition cost. These are the two affordable boarding schools in Iowa:

  • Maharishi School
  • Scattergood Friends School

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What Are The Elementary Boarding Schools In Iowa?

The development of the whole kid is the goal of elementary boarding school. The fundamentals of time management and how to balance their involvement in chores are taught to children who live away from home. 

This is an elementary boarding school in Iowa:

  • Rivermont Collegiate

Frequently Asked Questions

What institution is the best in Iowa?

The top public school system in Iowa is Johnston Community School District. One of the largest districts in the state, JCSD has around 7,400 students enrolled and consists of five elementary schools, two middle schools, a high school, and a variety of other buildings.

What is the ideal age for boarding school admission for a child?

While there isn’t a predetermined age range for this, it is thought to be between 8 and 13 years old. Children are on the verge of becoming autonomous and capable of taking care of themselves at this age. Additionally, they are aware of when instructions are presented and make an effort to comply with them. 14 Apr 2022

Are boarding school students more successful?

Additionally, studies have indicated that boarders feel more prepared than their colleagues for college and university. Furthermore, they are more likely to rise to more important positions in their careers and communities, obtain advanced degrees like a Master’s or Ph.D., and earn these degrees.

Should parents enrol their children in boarding schools?

As opposed to relying on a family member, boarding schools encourage students to manage their daily tasks, academic assignments, financial spending, and eating habits independently. This helps kids become more mature, responsible, and thoughtful as well as autonomous.


The purpose of the Iowa Academic Standards is to equip students for the rigors of higher education and careers. They exhibit priorities for the knowledge and abilities needed to study in the K–12 system.

Boarding schools in Iowa are created to give kids a learning environment where they may focus on their studies, develop, and realize their full potential. Make your decision, then act on it!



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