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15 Best Boarding Schools in Dallas, Texas

It would interest you to know that there are many quality boarding schools in Dallas, Texas.


Texas has a large number of different private and boarding schools. Private and boarding school operations are not subject to TEA (Texas Education Agency) oversight; 

Boarding schools may or may not be accredited, and graduating seniors from boarding schools are not required to take achievement tests. 

To demonstrate to parents that the boarding school is concerned with academic performance, many of them obtain accreditation and administer achievement tests.

Texas doesn’t let you down if you’re looking for a little entertainment. Texas offers more than just academic excellence; 

It also provides various other activities such as sports, music, art, and outdoor recreation. Students who live on campus can work hard in class and then play even harder!

In Dallas, Texas, 29.574 students will attend 112 private schools for the 2023 academic year (there are 376 public schools, serving 221,207 public students). 

In Dallas, Texas, 12% of all K–12 students attend private schools, compared to 5% statewide.

Are There Boarding Schools in Dallas Tx?

The primary benefit of boarding schools over day schools is that they naturally instil a sense of punctuality and discipline in the students. 

Children attending boarding schools must adhere to and maintain a wake-up, study, eat, and sleep schedule. 

Keep Reading to Discover the Best Boarding schools in Dallas Tx and some details about these schools.

Enlisted below are 15 Top ranking Schools in Texas Dallas 2023;

  • Coach Carter Impact Academy 
  • Heartlight Ministries
  • International Leadership of Texas
  • Marine Military Academy 
  • New Hope Boys Home
  • St Stephen’s Episcopal School 
  • Still Creek Ranch 
  • Texas Academy of Math And Science 
  • The Brookhill School 
  • The Episcopal School of Texas 
  • Thrive Girls Ranch
  • San Marcos Baptist Academy 
  • The Hockaday Academy 
  • Ursuline Academy of Dallas
  • Mesorah High School For Girls

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How Much Does Boarding Schools in Dallas, Texas Cost?

Texas boarding schools’ prices in 2023 are typically primarily influenced by the level of service they offer. But it’s important to remember that the kind of school is frequently another element that affects how much you pay for boarding school in Texas.

For instance, public high school boarding services are unquestionably less expensive than private institutions. The average pay for Texas boarding schools may also increase or decrease with the addition of services and lodging options.

In Dallas, Texas, 60% of private schools have a religious affiliation (most commonly Catholic and Christian).

In conclusion, the average annual boarding school tuition is $38,850. While some colleges may continue to charge as little as $20,000 or less, more expensive schools may charge as much as $60,000.

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Are There Affordable Boarding Schools in Dallas, Texas?

Your Child’s Education is an Investment that will repay you for the rest of your life and his life too.

So invest in your child with Good schools, there are good affordable boarding schools in Dallas, Texas, a few Private and mostly Christian, Public schools are usually affordable for most parents out there, but not all public schools are worth it.

Some good affordable schools in Dallas, Tx;

  • Founders Classical Academy – Carrollton
  • The Episcopal School of Dallas
  • Golden Rule Charter School
  • St. Mark’s School Of Texas

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools in Dallas, Texas?

Being considered the best involves everything you provide or provide for. In this situation, the students’ environment is crucial because it affects their functioning and comprehension and shapes their mindsets and behaviours.

1. Thrive Girls Ranch

A Christian boarding school for girls ages 12 to 17 who misbehave and have trouble with risky or self-destructive behaviours. 

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Thrive Girls Ranch & Home is a reasonably priced, year-round facility.

They assist girls in developing into mature, gracious, and responsible young women. The Central Texas therapeutic residential program emphasizes academics, has licensed counsellors on staff and provides a therapeutic environment. 

To help girls transition into a life where they thrive, girls also benefit from vocational training and mentoring.

A boarding school called Thrive focuses on each girl’s attitudes and behaviour in addition to getting her academics and grades back on track. 

They significantly impact girls’ lives by assisting them in overcoming life-controlling issues and destructive behaviour. 

In this year-round Christian boarding school, girls work on their education while meeting regularly with a therapist and their mentors. 

They stand up and even take additional courses to upgrade their GPS. To help these troubled girls develop maturity and respect for others.

Their goal is the restoration and healing of families. Once a month, they invite parents to bring their daughters to campus. 

These family days allow families to mend fences within the friendly campus atmosphere. 

Additionally, parents can interact with the staff, other parents and other staff members while also getting wise advice.

Thrive Girls Ranch & Home offers a full range of therapeutic services. In contrast to traditional therapy, counselling is ongoing in their program. 

They think that, with the right application, every experience can be therapeutic. 

Every experience is a beneficial therapeutic lesson, whether your daughter is working with horses or learning in a classroom. 

Your daughter can mature and acquire character, integrity, and respect for others without being in a therapist’s office. 

In addition to conventional counselling sessions, they also provide equine therapy, a potent therapeutic technique that is uncommon in most programs.

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2. Coach Carter Impact Academy

Coach Carter is the idea of high school basketball coach Ken Carter, who gained notoriety with the release of the 2005 film Coach Carter. 

The academy enrols about 150 students in grades 8 through 12, with room and board available to 65 students. 

He is renowned for prioritizing academic success for his teams just as much as basketball success. 

In 2009, Carter opened his Impact Academy in Marlin’s tiny, rural Texas town. The school offers lengthy academic days that last from 6 am to 6 pm in an effort to develop self-discipline. 

They expect the students to take care of their daily responsibilities, like laundry and preparing meals. Additionally, students run a store and barbershop on the school’s grounds.

This school is recognised for their level of Academy Qualities, which they tend to give to their students; it is not a surprise that it was a month the top ranking schools in Texas Dallas 2023 Academic year.

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3. Marine Military Academy

private boarding school for boys in grades 8 through 12 that prepares them for college. 

The academy, based in Harlingen, Texas, was established in 1965 and modelled after the US Marine Corps. On campus, there are 26 faculty members and about 225 students.

The school, which is located on what used to be the Harlingen Army Airfield, provides a challenging curriculum, honors and AP courses, and dual enrollment for college credit. 

Regardless of their skill level, cadets must take part in extracurricular activities. The Military Academy differs from other academies, in that students are heavily involved in the Junior ROTC program daily rather than just once a week.

The curriculum aims to instill discipline and leadership qualities. Depending on a student’s status at the time of enrollment, tuition can range from $18,050 to $34,700.

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4. New Hope Boys Home

A reasonably priced boarding school for troubled boys, ages 12 to 17, situated close to Dallas, Texas. 

Boys who struggle with life-impacting behaviours, addictions, or attitudes can find life transformation at New Hope Boys Home.

The overall objective of this School is to see boys prepared to return to a normal and healthy lifestyle, whether that be in college, the ministry, or the workforce. Every young man should ideally follow God, according to their ideals.

They have a supportive relationship with a nearby church, which offers a church home as well as financial support for the mission and work of New Hope Boys Home. 

Boys and staff participate in missions projects and attend services. As part of the program requirements, boys also go through the Teen Challenge discipleship curriculum.

Their goal is the restoration and healing of families. Every month, they invite parents to visit their sons on campus. 

These family days allow families to mend fences within the friendly campus atmosphere. Additionally, parents can interact with other parents, our staff, and receive godly advice.

They think that helping teens who are overcoming life-controlling issues get their academics back on track significantly impacts their lives. 

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Students who are enrolled in New Hope Boys Home attend the accredited private school to complete their secondary education. 

A licensed teacher oversees the boys’ work, and tutors are available for additional support.

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5. Still Creek Ranch

With Still Creek filling the void, children in need can find a caring family and a secure home.

Still Creek has developed a distinct approach to child restoration over the past 30 years, producing adults who have positive interpersonal relationships, financial independence, and a constant desire to seek God.

Educate kids about the saving power of Jesus Christ so that their lives will be transformed in a real and lasting way. ​

Offer an education that will lead to future opportunities. They break the cycle of homelessness and crime by making opportunities for college, trade school, and careers.

They teach responsibility and a solid work ethic to help students navigate life’s many challenges. This fosters a culture of perseverance and civic responsibility. ​

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6. The Brookhill School

The diverse student body at Brook Hill, a private, Christian day and boarding school in Texas, will test your ability to collaborate with others. 

Their instructors at Brook Hill prepare students to achieve academic success and pursue higher education. 

Their three pillars of emphasis are Education, Potential, and Character. They are more than just academics, sports, and the arts. 

They are a community that engages God’s words by using and discovering their Student’s gifts, talents, and abilities.

One word can describe boarding school life: opportunity. You will have access to faculty at Brook Hill who can assist you in reaching your potential. 

You will make friends for the rest of your life with students from various backgrounds and cultures. 

More adventure, challenge, fun, culture, acceptance, and community than you ever imagined is waiting for you. All of this will influence your worldview and aid in your ability to envision a better future. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that opens up a lifetime of possibilities.

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7. Episcopal School of Texas 

Both boarding and day school options are available at the school. The Independent Schools Association of the Southwest has accredited it.

The academic, spiritual, athletic, and military standards form the foundation of the school’s guiding principles. 

The Corps of Cadets program is well-known across the country. Fourteen graduates, including General Douglas MacArthur, have attained the rank of general.

The school provides a demanding academic curriculum with advanced placement options.

Students can explore interests outside of the academic curriculum by joining a variety of clubs. 

The student teacher ratio is 10 to 1 with a total enrollment of 465 students. Day school tuition is $20,905 while boarding school tuition is $41,520.

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8. San Marcos Baptist Academy

is a fully accredited coeducational Christian school that accepts day students in PreK–12 and borders in grades PreK–12. 

In order to prepare students for success in both college and life, their college preparatory curriculum is created to engage and inspire them. 

The boarding school in Texas, which is situated in the stunning hill country, enrolls students from all over the world, the United States, and Texas. 

San Marcos Academy has offered a history of excellence in private school education since 1907.

The SMA Experience is much more than just books and grades, even though academics are the main focus of every weekday at the Academy. 

Their goal as a premier boarding school in Texas is to see each student grow as a complete individual—mentally, socially, physically, and spiritually. They offer a range of opportunities and experiences outside the classroom to support this process.

San Marcos Academy’s academic program is created to help students succeed in school and in life. 

Their faculty and staff are committed to delivering content through a Christian worldview lens and meeting each student’s unique needs. 

There are three academic divisions at San Marcos Academy: the Lower School (grades PreK–5), the Middle School (grades 6-8), and the Upper School (grades 9-12).

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9. The Hockadays School

Founded in 1913, it is situated in Dallas, Texas. Northeast Dallas, in a residential area, is home to the school’s 88-acre campus. 

It is a private school for girls that prepares them for college. Both a day (K–12) and boarding program are available (8-12).

Daytime tuition is $21,415 per year, boarding is $46,350 per year, and tuition for international students is $49,850 per year. 

All students have access to financial aid; the average endowment is $16,260.

The Independent Schools Association of the Southwest has accredited the school. The daughters of former president George W. Bush are notable alumni.

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10. Heartlight Ministries 

This Christian boarding school serves troubled teens and their families without profit. 

Both boys and girls are welcome to enroll in the program, which runs throughout the entire year. The number of residents is 48.

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A phone interview and the completion of a three-form packet, which includes an application and a medical history form, are requirements for admission. 

An in-person interview serves as the admissions process’s last step.

The campus offers many different amenities, including separate lodges for boys and girls, a conference center, a lake house, and more.

This Christian boarding school provides academics, group therapy, counseling, and a peaceful environment for healing. It encourages making choices that will result in a healthy, fruitful life.

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What Are The Private Boarding Schools in Dallas Texas?

There are many reasons why parents decide to send their children to a private school. 

Parents’ desire to make sure their kids are receiving the academic programs necessary to prepare them for college is one of the primary causes. 

The availability of extracurricular activities and athletic programs could be another factor.

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Are There Elementary Boarding Schools in Dallas Texas?

This primary school serves children between the ages of four and eleven. Primary education comes after preschool and comes before secondary education.

Elementary schools are all regular schools in Dallas, Texas, so many elementary schools are in the State.

Few Elementary schools in Dallas Tx;

  • Mockingbird Elementary School
  • Lakewood Elementary School
  • John S. Armstrong Elementary School

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Are There All Girls Boarding in Dallas Texas?

Many students choose single-sex schools because not every student can succeed in a coeducational setting. 

These crucial developmental years, especially for girls, can be greatly improved by attending the right school.

It’s difficult to fully understand the atmosphere of inspiration and support that is fostered at an all-girls school unless you’ve actually attended one for a while. 

When a school is only allowed to educate girls, the pedagogy changes, and the science behind how a woman’s brain functions as well as how girls develop and grow all become part of the core educational paths laid out for students.

There are numerous of All girls Boarding School in Dallas, below will be enlisted few;

  • Ursuline Academy of Dallas
  • Mesorah High School For Girls
  • Solar Preparatory School for Girls

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Are There All Boys Boarding Schools?

There are many top-notch boys boarding schools in Dallas Tx, and your son may thrive in a setting where boys are the only students. 

Boys’ schools offer students a well-rounded education as well as extracurricular opportunities like sports and the Combined Cadet Force. 

Some boys’ schools allow girls to enroll in the sixth form, and the majority of schools host joint activities with girls’ schools, such as concerts, outings, and competitions.

Are you looking for All boys boarding School in Dallas, then look out for these few;

  • St. Mark’s School Of Texas
  • Jesuit Dallas
  • Bending Oaks High School

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What Are The Military Boarding Schools in Dallas Texas?

Military schools are government-funded institutions for young people to defend the nation. They excel academically while going through military school training.

They emerge from school as soldiers in various fields to defend the country.

Due to the fact that they are not like other regular schools, these schools are not typically as numerous.

Example of military school;

  • Texas Challenge Academy (TCA) Recruiter
  • Herschel Forester Field

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What Are The Christian Boarding Schools in Dallas, Texas?

A Christian education prepares students to comprehend biblical truth and then confidently share their faith with others. learning to defend oneself.

The majority of the large number of Christian boarding schools in Dallas Texas are accredited.

Some Christian Schools;

  • Scofield Christian School
  • The Cambridge School Of Dallas
  • Coram Deo Academy – Dallas Campus

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What Are The Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Dallas Texas, for Troubled Youths?

Your best option as a parent, if your child is troubled in any way and you don’t feel qualified to care for them properly, is therapeutic boarding schools.

Sometimes having a challenging child can be upsetting and stressful, especially for parents who work.

Example of Therapeutic school;

  • Equest Therapeutic Horsemanship
  • The Hockaday School

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What Are The Public Boarding Schools in Dallas Texas?

Only with a strong public education system that gives every student a sense of community and the best opportunities for success will the country be able to thrive. 

Only with strong leaders will there  be a strong public education system.

Examples of public schools in Dallas Texas;

  • Harmony School of Innovation – Dallas
  • Sudie L. Williams TAG Academy
  • Dallas Environmental Science Academy Middle School

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After reading the above mentioned in the article, we believe you now understand Boarding schools and the top ranking Boarding schools in Dallas, Texas. 

Dallas, Texas, consistently provides a high-quality education, which keeps it at the forefront of international research and makes it a firm favourite with international students worldwide.


Are Boarding Schools better than Residential (Day)Schools?

Well, it depends on how you see it, both are good, but Border is more preferable in terms of full concentration in academics.

What Age Is Appropriate for Boarding Schools?

It is advised that your child should be 10or 13 years old before sending him or her to a boarding school.


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