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15 Best Boarding Schools in Colorado

Excellence is a common factor in the boarding schools in Colorado 2023


In the opinion of the Colorado Department of Education (CDE), every student should receive a top-notch education and graduate prepared for success. 

Successful districts and schools are celebrated and used as role models while struggling ones get assistance and are subject to more demands. 

Colorado evaluates school and district systems based on their overall student performance, graduation rates, and the performance of historically underserved students, as state and federal laws require.

Colorado provides more than just academic excellence to its boarding school students. Boarding school students can benefit from Colorado’s outdoor adventures while attending school there. 

Colorado has it all, from hiking 14ers to kayaking gorgeous lakes to finding peace while camping.

Are There Boarding Schools in Colorado?

There is no denying that Colorado has a large number of boarding schools. In this article, the best schools will be listed and discussed.

The top 15 boarding schools in Colorado, are listed below:

  • Fountain Valley School
  • Steamboat mountain school
  • Colorado Rocky mountain school
  • Power Technical early college 
  • Champion Academy 
  • Belleview Christian preparatory school 
  • Accelerated school of denver
  • The link school
  • Devereux school 
  • Eaglewood School
  • Denver Jewish day school
  • Havenwood Academy 
  • K12 Academy 
  • Apogee cedar Park-Acton Academy 
  • St Stephen Episcopal School 

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How Much Does Boarding Schools in Colorado Cost? 

All private schools in the area

Colorado’s average annual private school tuition is $12,697. 2023.

The average annual tuition for private elementary schools is $11,354, and for private high schools, it is $15,903.

With a tuition of $1,011, Willows Child Learning Centres is the private school with the most affordable fees. 

Colorado Rocky Mountain School has the most expensive private school tuition in the state, costing $58,600.

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Are There Affordable Boarding Schools in Colorado?

Most parents can no longer afford the majority of expensive private boarding schools, so they look for more affordable options.

If you are one of these parents, we will give you a list of affordable boarding schools you can look into.

  • Colorado Timberline Academy
  • Humanex Academy
  • St. Mary’s Academy
  • Colorado Academy
  • Colorado Military Academy

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools in Colorado?

A school has everything necessary to be the best if it is labelled as the best.

There will be testimonials about the school from every direction, demonstrating that it is indeed what it claims to be.

Few top-ranked schools are currently located in Colorado, these schools will be listed in this article and also discussed.

1. Fountain Valley School

FVS is a place where you can be who you are. However that may look, and where you will be a part of a multicultural, international community of students and faculty who are passionate about learning but slow about how they go about it. 

Their core values of bravery, openness, self-reliance, curiosity, and compassion will empower you to take control of your education and write your own history.

You will be challenged by their all-encompassing liberal arts approach through problem-solving, experiential learning, and creative expression. 

Their senior capstone experiences will enable you to push your academic limits while delving deeply into a particular interest or important question.

Their breathtaking location on 1100 acres at the base of the Rocky Mountains offers a wealth of opportunities for traditional sports and activities inspired by their western way of life like climbing, mountain biking, skiing, and horseback riding.

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2. Steamboat mountain school

Coeducational K–12 Steamboat Mountain School offers boarding and day options for ninth through twelfth grades students. 

To increase students’ knowledge, foster their independence and confidence, and prepare them for fulfilling and fascinating lives, SMS combines academics and adventure, an excellent college-preparatory curriculum with extraordinary programs outside the classroom and around the world.

3. Colorado Rocky mountain school

For students in grades 9 through 12, Colorado Rocky Mountain School serves as a college prep program. It is a location for exploration, challenge, creation, engagement, and connection. One can feel at home there.

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Students at Colorado Rocky Mountain School are encouraged to learn in an environment where they can reach their full potential as individuals, members of their communities, and thoughtful participants in the global community.

Colorado Rocky Mountain School has faith in young people, their thoughts, perceptions, sense of adventure, and potential. 

Students can really flourish when given a connection to the natural world, fulfilling work, and chances to create and work with others.

They have built a school environment where students feel free to experiment and take chances, enabling them to grow remarkably and gain a wealth of self-confidence and compassion.

As a result, students not only excel in their academics but also come to understand their obligations to their communities, themselves, and the wider world.

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4. Power Technical early college

Pre-engineering, professional trade school Power Technical (PTEC) is one of the Boarding Schools in Colorado that accepts students in grades 6 through 14. 

In addition to strong academics, Power Tech provides 90 minutes of shop class each day (welding, construction, CAD, machining, HVAC, electronics, woodworking, engineering). 

Their main objective is to foster in students a strong work ethic, above and beyond developing strong academics and a fantastic trade program.

PTEC was established in 2016 and is a part of the Pathways in Technology initiative. The state covers two years of tuition at Pikes Peak Community College for our students who decide to take this route in order to obtain an Associate’s Degree in a Skilled Trade.

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5. Champion Academy

The Champion Academy assists underprivileged urban teens in overcoming their traumatic experiences and utilising them as motivation to advance as students, citizens, and future professionals.

The Champion Academy is an important addition to Rochester’s efforts to keep its youth on a path to responsible adulthood. Its Extreme Mentoring & Empowerment Model (EME Model) is what drives it.

Low-achieving teenagers are invited to join the group upon the recommendation of their teachers, school administrators, police officers, and other community members who are most familiar with them. 

Prospective members must have at least three research-based risk factors for dropping out of school and being a full-time student living in poverty in grades 7 through 12.

Each member of the EME Model pays their “dues” by exhibiting discipline, respect, and a consistent effort to improve in school, home, and community. 

Membership comes with a variety of benefits. The EME Model’s code of conduct is enforced through the use of standards of engagement and discipline that are appropriate to the culture.

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Students who attend the Link School gain confidence and access to opportunities they might not have found in a traditional high school. 

Their students receive a handcrafted education in the classroom and participate in projects and field programs. 

They also engage in spiritual study and service endeavours, which fosters their development as selfless, inquisitive learners.

Many teenagers today are seeking activities that will test, motivate, and connect them to a true sense of who they are as they enter the adult world.

In Link they are dedicated to giving every student that opportunity.

At least four times a year, their faculty hold formal one-on-one meetings with students to review academic progress and goal-setting. 

They concentrate on each student’s objectives, whether they are to enrol in college, locate a vocational school, or start working and how Link can help each one. 

The link school forms strong bonds with each of its cherished students because they only average four to six students per class.

They integrate academic learning with real-world experiences to better prepare their students for life after Link. 

Their faculty incorporate authentic learning into their lessons, enabling their students to learn more deeply by examining difficulties and issues found in the real world.

Link links individual projects, service learning, and global expeditions to classroom learning. They promote independent thought, curiosity, academic toughness, and the use of newly acquired knowledge in novel contexts in all of their students.

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7. Accelerated school of denver

Every student is unique, and Accelerated Schools is aware that not every student will respond well to the same teaching strategy. 

To ensure that every student succeeds, they offer individualised curriculum, social skill development, self-discipline strategies, college advice, career exploration, and social coaching.

They strive to provide each student with the tools to improve their overall academic skills, help them have a greater sense of self-worth, and help them be goal-oriented. 

This is achieved by offering a distinctive, alternative, and rigorous approach to learning. 

They support them and equip them with the skills necessary to be college-bound and capable of advancing to the next stage.

Accelerated Schools provides a highly competitive curriculum for students who require remediation and those who are gifted and talented. 

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Thanks to our special education scope, they can provide accommodations for students with ADHD, ADD, Bipolar, ASD, OCD, anxiety, depression, attachment disorder, ELL, etc.. We value every person who attends Accelerated Schools.

Every student’s enrollment is different, and they can begin at any time of the year. When attendance and academic requirements are satisfied and a student has demonstrated mastery of the subject matter, their studies are considered to be finished. 

The graduation date may differ from the customary end-of-May graduation because of this distinctive model.

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8. Devereux school

They think that young kids learn best by doing. As a result, the Nursery School curriculum is focused on age-appropriate, practical activities. 

In a secure and engaging environment, their students are given the chance to explore and make decisions.

As the kids advance to Kindergarten, the curriculum includes more sequenced instruction in fundamental subjects like reading, writing, and maths while allowing for more complex and rich content activities. 

Utilising themes offers a structure for incorporating content from various subject areas, including the arts.

Daily humanities, maths, and French lessons are also part of the curriculum, along with weekly science lessons, French immersion art, physical education, maker spaces, yoga, meditation, and trail walks, as well as twice-weekly chorus and theatre classes. 

Both advanced and beginning students can participate in the French program.

Daily French instruction is provided to all students as part of their curriculum. They firmly believe that exposing young children to language in a supportive setting will only make for a successful and fulfilling experience for them.

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9. Eaglewood School

Eaglewood School is a distinctive educational setting that offers children between the ages of 7 and 16 a secure and encouraging environment. 

They are a school for kids who are having trouble with mainstream education. Depending on their experiences and environment, young people mature at varying rates. 

Eaglewood School takes pride in being able to identify the feelings of its students. They challenge and teach young people how to manage their emotions while maintaining academic progress using thorough assessment packages and targeted work. 

Inadequate social skills, self-awareness, motivation, self-regulation, empathy, or any combination of these issues, among others, can be a problem. 

Through this work, young people can overcome personal obstacles to learning and life itself by growing socially and emotionally.

The combination of a student’s emotional quotient (EQ) and intelligence quotient results in a balanced student who can handle school and life (IQ). 

Some students might require more EQ support than academic subjects. Their staff understands that a student’s stage, not age, is what counts. 

They give students the chance to experience emotional challenges that will help them understand and grow in a supportive and expert environment. 

Young people who struggle with day-to-day management may find Eaglewood School to be a catalyst for change.

Eaglewood School, in collaboration with a child’s home school, provides full-time and part-time educational placements through which kids are encouraged to gain self-awareness to feel balanced and thrive when they eventually go back home.

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10. Havenwood Academy

The treatment of young women with complex trauma and attachment-related problems is the focus of Havenwood Academy, a long-term residential treatment facility. 

In addition to specialised individual therapies (talk therapy, EMDR, Neurofeedback, Brainspotting), experiential group therapy, family therapy, accredited education, animal-assisted therapy, and life-skills programming, their holistic approach to treatment also includes these components. 

In order to assist young women who might not otherwise receive assistance, they work to combine their cutting-edge trauma treatment with imaginative funding sources.

All of their therapeutic approaches, frameworks, and exchanges are trauma-informed and conducted with empathy, sensitivity, and care. 

Each treatment program is meticulously and specifically created to respond to the struggles and needs of each young woman. 

Their Treatment Team, which is made up of their Clinical Director, Therapists, Program Director, and Academic Director, carefully monitors every treatment plan. 

This team meets once a week to discuss how each young woman is doing with the program and how well her therapy is working.

Under the treatment team’s direction, they employ a multi-therapeutic strategy that includes weekly sessions of individual, family, group, and recreational therapy. 

They think of “treatment” as an integrated strategy combining therapy with education and life skills training to foster future success.

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Are There Elementary Boarding Schools in Colorado?

In Colorado, there are many elementary schools that are both day and boarding schools.

A select few of them are currently listed as Colorado’s top Elementary schools.

  • The Colorado Spring School
  • St Mary’s Academy 
  • Aspen Ridge Preparatory School 
  • Dawson School

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What Are The Public Boarding Schools in Colorado?

These are typically elementary or secondary institutions that provide free education, though most times not totally free,to all students in Colorado regardless of race or colour but basically by choice,and is not enforced on any one in the state.

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They receive full or partial funding from taxes.  though there are significant differences in their organisational structure and curricula. 

Primary and secondary education are typically included in state education (4 years old to 18 years old).

Examples of these public schools in Colorado;

  • Cherry Creek High School 
  • Stargate Charter School
  • Fairview High School
  • Watershed School

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Are There All Girls Boarding in Colorado?

The history of single-sex education in western education is extensive and unique. 

When you consider that only children from the upper classes received education in reading and writing, it also has a dark side. 

There are a good number of All girls schools in Colorado because they believe in the power of single-sex education.

Listed below are a few All girl schools in Colorado;

  • Beth Jacob High School
  • St. Mary’s Academy
  • Aspen Academy
  • Colorado Academy

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Are There All Boys Boarding in Colorado?

Boys take longer to mature than girls. In those early adolescent years, the stress of learning how to deal with and relate to girls regularly in a coeducational setting increases. 

At that precise moment, a boys’ school can step in and help students gain confidence without the social distractions present in a mixed environment.

Colorado believe in the power of single-sex education, that’s why there is a good number of All boys boarding schools in the State, both private and Public.

Boys frequently hesitate to participate in extracurricular activities like choir and orchestra at a coed high school. 

This would be regarded as unmasculine behaviour. You and your peers must collaborate to make a choir and orchestra possible at a boys’ school. 

One of the many things boys’ schools excel at is dispelling society’s stereotypes on what is considered appropriate activities for boys.

If you are in Colorado and you are looking for an All boy’s school to enrol your male child in,we suggest these few below for you.

  • Denver middle school 
  • Riverstone intl School
  • Lord of Life Lutheran School 
  • Flagstaff Academy 

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What Are The Military Boarding Schools in Colorado?

A military academy, also known as a service academy, is a college that trains students to become officers. 

Typically, it offers instruction within a military setting; however, the precise definition varies depending on the nation.

There are three different kinds of academies: those preparing officer cadets for commissioning into the state armed forces; 

pre-collegiate institutions awarding academic qualifications; university-level institutions awarding bachelor’s degree-level qualifications.

Military schools are not like regular schools,in Colorado there are only a few of them because they are not like other schools.

Example of military school 

  • Colorado Military Academy 

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What Are The Christian Boarding Schools in Colorado?

A school run by a Christian organisation or according to Christian principles is known as a Christian school.

The characteristics of Christian schools vary greatly from nation to nation depending on the political, educational, and religious cultures. 

All religious schools are private in some nations due to the strict separation of church and state; 

In other nations, there is an established church, and its teachings are an essential component of the state-run educational system; and in still other nations, the government financially supports religious schools of all denominations.

There is a good number of Christian Schools in Colorado both public and private.


  • Faith Christian Academy 
  • Evangelical Christian Academy – Secondary Campus
  • Denver Christian School | Preschool – High School
  • Heritage Christian Academy

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What Are The Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Colorado For Troubled Youths?

A residential school that provides therapy for students with emotional or behavioural problems is known as a therapeutic boarding school.

It can be mixed it can be a single-sex School depending on the school but mostly for Troubled Youths.

These kinds of young kids at the early stage require all the care, attention and treatment they need to get, now, it is difficult for most parents with these kinds of kids to cope.

That’s why these schools are made available, they are very few in Colorado since they are not regular kinds of schools, both public and private.

Examples of therapeutic schools in Colorado;

  • Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy
  • Steamboat Mountain School
  • The Joshua School
  • Fountain Valley School

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Best boarding schools in Colorado for 2023 are those that are well-regarded for their excellent offerings.

So confident that after reading this article, there will be a good comprehension of the best boarding schools in Colorado, their tuition costs, and the requirements necessary to enrol in any of them.


Do Colorado boarding schools offer affordable tuition?

Yes, Colorado, has many Christian, Public and private schools that are good and affordable.

Do Colorado military schools offer affordable tuition?

Yes, there are reasonably priced military schools in Colorado. The federal government mostly funds these schools; they are not private schools.

Is the Therapeutic school a regular school like others?

Therapeutic schools are where troubled children who are likely mentally, genetically, or psychologically challenged are properly cared for because they require close supervision. They are not like other regular schools because they are only for troubled children.



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