Bloody Obsession Novel by Knighted

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Bloody Obsession Novel Summary.

I’ll drink until she breaths her last. Seth Orisis, descent from Ancient Egypt was betrayed by the only woman he loved. He is fearless, cold, manipulative, and emotionless.

His only purpose is to live In the shadow, quench his thirst and get his vengeance on those who wronged him. Until he meets Dawn Atkins.

Dawn has been through hell and after years of putting up with people trying to take advantage of her, She becomes a fiery-spirited and no-bullshit kind of girl.

She is the definition of what Seth hates and despises. Especially her eyes, they were just the same as the woman’s who thrust a dagger through his chest.

She turned out to be immune to his powers, she also baffles him and like the predator he was, he needed to unravel his prey especially since her blood was a special bred that was wanted by all vampires.

With the threat of his rival clan looming and a new interest blooming in his dead heart, would he fight for love or would he stay cold-hearted and quench his thirst with her blood while ripping the world to shred?

Bloody Obsession Novel by Knighted
Bloody Obsession Novel by Knighted

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