Bloodline Of Witches Novel by Victoria Clement

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Bloodline Of Witches Novel Summary.

“I love you Merga, I want you to be my queen and rule by my side, no other woman but you” He whispered into her ears, warm and his voice overwhelmed with nothing but pure love.

Merga closed her eyes, his words broke her but enkindle her heart with so much affection, “But you are a king and also human, I am a witch and humans are witches are sworn enemies from old,

this isn’t possible Robert” she replied and her words shattered her heart into thousand pieces, tears rolled down her cheeks.

With both hands on her face, Robert placed his lips on hers, a wave of true love passed through his veins and he felt a knot in his stomach.

Slowly, he let go of her lips and both had their eyes locked together, “I will never give up on you Merga, Never!” He vowed.

Merga, a beautiful witch met and fell in love with Robert, a handsome human king. But how will a love built on hatred survive?

Bloodline Of Witches Novel by Victoria Clement
Bloodline Of Witches Novel by Victoria Clement

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