Blind Billionaire Bride Novel by Ebunoluwa Ademide

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Blind Billionaire Bride Novel Summary.

Blind Billionaire Bride

(They call it madness but he calls it love)

Ria Robert can only see the dark, she is trapped in the dark and not to mention that she has a past she is trying to forget and run from.

Her perception of men is cold and cruel. So how can she possibly love a man when she is bruised, scarred and physically blind?

Love is the least of her concerns. She only wants her sight, with that she can be a famous designer, the only thing she ever truly desired. As impossible as it sounds, she is ambitious and optimistic.

Her life changes when she meet a man and his goal is to bring her out of the dark.

Ian Bryant, a billionaire whose business is rated top one in America. He has everything; striking looks, intelligence, riches and women pooling at his feet. What more could a man want?

He wants her – The blind lady who intrigued him. The woman whose eyes are filled with pains yet manages to push on.

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The billionaire finds himself in a roller coaster fighting his primal desires for her, he has a thirst that only she can quench.

How will their story play out?

Blind Billionaire Bride Novel by Ebunoluwa Ademide
Blind Billionaire Bride Novel by Ebunoluwa Ademide

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