Billy Gardell Weight Loss & Surgery? See how much weight lost

William Billy Gardell Jr, better known as Billy Gardell was born in SwissvalePennsylvania, on the 20th of August, 1969. He is an actor, stand-up comedian, and voice artist. Billy Gardell got his first shot in the industry at the age of 19 when he was called to open a show for comedian George Carlin.


He is popularly known for his role as Mike Biggs, a Chicago cop in the hit TV series Mike and Molly, in which he played alongside actress Melissa McCarthy. He was the lead actor on Mike Molly, which was on TV for six years from 2010 to 2016.

The actor has a filmography of over 50 movies from the year 2000 till the present day. He also lent his voice as a voice artist in the animated film; Ice age: Mammoth Christmas. The American stand-up comedian has been married to Patty Gardell since 2001, and together the couple has one child.

In today’s article, we will talk about Billy Gardell weight loss journey and break down how Billy Gardell lost more than 140 lbs in a short period of time. Excited to know the secrets? Then read carefully till the end.

However, In a nutshell;

Billy Gardell lost over 140 pounds by excluding unhealthy food habits from her diet and lifestyle. Moreover, the Mike and Molly star now weighs about 209 pounds, whereas previously he was 350 pounds.

Billy Gardell Weight Loss Journey

Mike and Molly was a show about two overweight people falling in love after meeting at an overeaters anonymous meeting. It is not impossible to think that Billy Gardell’s weight was a criterion that was considered in choosing him for the part.

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Although as the show progressed, the actor decided to lose some of his trademark weight. He disclosed in an interview that he was worried at first about how his weight may affect the premise of the show nut he had the full support of the show’s creator, Mark Roberts.

He said, “Look, man. Just take care of yourself. We will write it as you go.

Billy has said that the support he received from people around him helped make this weight loss journey easier.

Billy Gardell Weight Loss Surgery? How much weight has billy gardell lost.
Billy Gardell Weight Loss Surgery? How much weight has billy gardell lost.

At the worst point in his life, Billy Gardell weighed 350 pounds. This weight was a culmination of the unhealthy habits that the actor had held on to for a while, including drinking and smoking.

Talking about his habits, the actor said, “I feel like my life has been about quitting things.

However, being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes was the wake-up call he needed to actively take care of his body. In 2011, he enlisted the help of a therapist and a dietician to keep manage his weight. He said in an interview that working to keep the weight off was not an easy mission for him. In his words, “I grew up fat.”

The show Mike and Molly went to win many awards, including an Emmy. The success of the show, however, did not protect the actors from criticism from viewers.

In response to an article that criticized the show Mike and Molly and suggested that watching two overweight people in a romantic situation was repulsive.

He said, “You think I have never heard fat jokes before? I learned a long time ago about life that, hey, sometimes some people just ain’t going to like your face. That there thing.

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Billy Gardell has been very open about struggles with his weight all his life. The actor says that he has always been chubby and growing up, and he had to learn not to feel so bad about it.

William Gardell’s weight loss journey has been an open one. Sometimes it feels like we struggled alongside the actor. This is because of how open he has been throughout his journey. When asked, Billy Gardell has never hidden any details about how he dealt with what he describes as one of the more difficult things he has ever had to do.

Billy Gardell Weight.

Billy Gardell now weighs about 209 Pounds or 94 Kilograms, with his height at 5 feet 11 inch. Indicating his BMI is 29.1 m/kg2 now. Meanwhile, he is still overweight, however, he is way more fit than ever.

Since 2011 he started the Billy Gardell weight loss journey to live better, and he has said severally that it has not been easy. The actor once said that he has struggled with his weight all his life, and even as he got older, the struggle didn’t automatically become easier.

However, trading his old unhealthy habits for new ones has gone on has done wonders for him. When last asked about how he felt about his weight.

He said, “I am happier and healthier, and that’s most important for me.

Height5 feet 11 inch
Weight in Pounds209 Pounds
Weight in Kilograms94 Kilograms
BMI29.1 m/kg2
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Shoe Size10 US Size (Approx)

How Did Billy Gardell Lose Weight?

William Gardell had to seek professional help. He employed the services of a therapist, dietician, and personal trainer even though he had some bad days.

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He disclosed that “There are some days when I feel like rolling in a pizza” he followed by saying that keeping the positives in mind has helped him stay focused.

He once spoke about his personal trainer with Craig Ferguson in an interview. “I got a trainer. It’s this little Russian guy named Kristi. He is really stocky and just no emotions, which I respond to.

He also revealed that during one of his Las Vegas shows that CBS hired a trainer for him.

The need to lose weight for Gardell was beyond the need to look good on camera, and it was more importantly about the fact that he needed to be healthier.

Billy Gardell Weight Loss Surgery

Billy Gardell did not undergo any surgical procedures to lose weight. Instead, the American stand-up comedian attributes his weight loss to efforts put in by professionals in creating a perfect exercise and diet routine, which he followed religiously.

The actor who said that his highest weight ever was 350 pounds has managed to keep his weight within a healthy range so far and keep his diabetes in check.

The Conclusion

Everyone faces minor to major health issues in their life, even nothing unexceptional for our favorite celebrities. However, the real winners are those who fight with those problems and overcome from the problem.

Similarly, because of overweight and unhealthy food habits, Bill Gardell got infected by Type 2 Diabetes. This is the time when he realized that he should now take action and change his food habits.

So he did change his daily routine and food habits by adding healthy alternatives, which resulted in losing more than 140 pounds of extra weight in a very short period of time and making him more fit and strong against the diseases Diabetes. Now he is leading a healthy lifestyle.


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