Billionaire’s Replacement Wife Novel by Snowmoon

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Billionaire’s Replacement Wife Novel Summary.

“I need you to pretend as my wife,” my eyes widened upon hearing those words from him. He was serious, not even a tinge of sarcasm can be seen on his face.

“W-What?” I asked again, making sure if heard it right. He leaned on the swivel chair and crossed his arms while staring at me, “I’m willing to pay you any amount, you name it.” ~~~~ I am Paula Edwards,

a twenty-year-old girl who lives with my grandmother who is not really my grandmother. She just took me in and raised me after seeing me in front of a church back when I was still an infant.

I didn’t get the chance to know who my real parents are, I don’t know what they look like or why they decided to leave me there. I just had an agreement with Mr. Voltaire Farusco, the Billionaire and the richest man here in New York who just lost his wife after a plane crash.

I met him in a bar, that night when I decided to get drunk and be crazy after my boyfriend named Jake broke up with me. It was the same night when Mr. Farusco decided to get drunk too because of his wife.

And because he thought that I was his wife, he grabbed me in the middle of the dance floor and kissed me passionately as if there was no tomorrow. And you know what happened after that.

A week has passed and four men in black suits suddenly arrived in front of the University I am studying at and told me that their boss wants to see me because he has something to talk about.

I agreed with his plan, I agreed to pretend as his wife because I need the money. No strings attached.

Billionaire's Replacement Wife Novel by Snowmoon
Billionaire’s Replacement Wife Novel by Snowmoon

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