Billionaire’s ONE Night Stand Novel by RA

Make sure you don’t overlook this captivating novel, Billionaire’s ONE Night Stand by RA.

Billionaire’s ONE Night Stand Novel Summary.

Chloe was the second daughter of the Bishop family, she was the girl who had it all breathtaking looks,

a foster father who loved her as much as his own biological daughter, and a fiance who was handsome and rich.

But nothing was perfect in this world. It turned out she also had a foster mother and sister who could ruin everything she had. The night before the engagement party,

her foster mother drugged her and plotted to send her to hooligans. Fortunately, Chloe went to the wrong room and spent a night with a stranger.

It turned out that man was the CEO of America’s top multinational group, who was only 29 but on the Forbes List.

After having a one-night stand with her, he proposed, “Marry me, I will help you to take revenge.”.

Billionaire's ONE Night Stand Novel by RA
Billionaire’s ONE Night Stand Novel by RA

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