Billionaire Twins Seduction Novel by faithuba

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Billionaire Twins Seduction Novel Summary.

How was the interview? Where are you able to choose the person for the job?”. Asher asked me. “I think so and not only that, I think I might have found a new sub.” I dropped the bombshell.

Asher stopped what he was doing and stared at me. I dropped her resume for him to check the basis about her. “Are you sure?” Asher asked me.

“I am. She looks so innocent, sweet voice, shy and lots. She is a natural born submissive.” I said as I picked her face again. “If you say so then. Invite her tomorrow so that I can see for myself. Then we will decide from then.” Asher said.

Asher and Aspen, the billionaire twins, need a new submissive. They finally found one who happens to be their new personal assistant Lisa.

Since they don’t want to scare her away by coming on to her, they decided to seduce her into accepting to be their sub.

Billionaire Twins Seduction Novel by faithuba
Billionaire Twins Seduction Novel by faithuba

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