Billionaire Ex Wife Novel by Euphoria K

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Billionaire Ex Wife Novel Summary.

Raven Daisy Richards, accomplished fashionista and former runway model after suffering a cold rejection and divorce from her ex-husband who accused her of infidelity,

got over her past and moved on with her new life as a single mother. Suddenly, one day her present close-to-perfect life was upturned when the same ex came back,

and this time when he realized what a fool he had been in the past, was willing to do anything to gain back the forgiveness of his ex-wife _including suffering her rejection and horrible words.

The question remains: Is the tenacious fashionista willing to abide by her words of not allowing her ex-husband back into her life? Or will old flames be rekindled and ruin her five years of determined detachment?

Let’s journey together on this love story born out of hate, and rejection and finally led to forgiveness.

Billionaire Ex Wife Novel by Euphoria K
Billionaire Ex Wife Novel by Euphoria K

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