Billionaire Darling Wife Novel by juweiriya aliyu

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Billionaire Darling Wife Novel Summary.

“You can’t do this, Kimm” she cried as she got caged under him. “You are my wife and you are his mistress, so i have more rights, moreover i have tried,

i waited so long for this” he said and with that he smashed his lips on hers, kissing her hungrily, even when eyes were watching them angrily from the keyhole.

Meet Kim Bum, a billionaire whoms father is also a billionaire not just even a billionaire but a deadly mafia, he was staying on his own before when something suddenly brought him back to his father’s house.

No one know why he decide to return back to his father house except him. He had a rare disease, which make him run away from women, he stays away from anything concerning the opposite gender.

Not until he met her, a lady that tied the bound of father and son with danger who is she? What is her aim in the family?.

Billionaire Darling Wife Novel by juweiriya aliyu
Billionaire Darling Wife Novel by juweiriya aliyu

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